Internet Fraud Advisory Group
A not for profit group based in Britain.

  Internet fraud. Education is the best defence, please warn your friends.
Well done, you were right to be suspicious!! Most users of the Internet are nice people but, as in any large population, detestable creeps sometimes emerge from the shadows. Some notes on current fraud techniques follow but check the linked pages for more detail on the false names, company titles and methods used by the criminals:

The lottery fraudThe money laundering fraud, Fraudsters haunting dating/matchmaking websites, The fake job offer fraud.  The bank accounts they use. Who supplies the criminals with their UK telephone numbers?  A report on the mail service providers.  The fake loan offer fraud . The Nigerian service providers.  Why am I getting so much fraud mail?   How  Yahoo and others allow the fraud criminals to flourish. Why we need to attend to the Western Union problem.
The government seems too frightened to take the few simple steps required to slash the fraud figures and protect vulnerable people around the world.    

A painful duty - Exposing the British (and Irish) connection. What happened to my money? All 419 fraud victims should read this.

   Pictures of typical Internet fraud criminals based in the UK appear below. Britain can no longer offer refuge to so many foreign criminals and any political party which feels itself unable to take account of public feeling on this matter will be doomed. NB Britain's gaols are having trouble finding room for Nigerian criminals. Apparently they cannot be sent home to serve their sentences because the Nigerian prisons are not deemed to be up to European standards. Therefore, according to news reports, British politicians have decided to spend taxpayers' money on a new deluxe prison in Nigeria!  

Nigerian fraudsters jailed by London courtJanuary 2016 - Nigerian Dating Site Fraudsters Jailed by London Court - a link to the BBC report.

Most wanted - Bayo Lawrence Anoworin a Nigerian.... and WANTED - Bayo Lawrence Anoworin, 41, from Lagos in Nigeria. Anoworin (aka) John Bay, Roland Martins, Wemio Adeyemi and Adeyemi Awonorin was part of a gang that stole millions of pounds from NHS Trusts in the UK and Guernsey. He was given bail (!) and is now on the run.

adjarho_akpomedayeOn 12/09/2016 BBC's Crimewatch announced that Adjarho Akpomedaye from Nigeria was wanted for questioning "in connection to over 100 bank accounts which are believed to have received more than 9 hundred thousand pounds from cyber related fraud".

Overseas representive scam (fake job offer fraud). Do not accept an invitation to receive funds, keep 8-10% and then send the remainder to a foreign address via Western Union. American and British users of job seeker websites most at risk. U.S. victims have been arrested after banking (in good faith) the forged checks they received.  

Nigeria. Despite the false European sounding names and fake addresses in London, Holland and Spain, most of the criminally inspired junk mail you receive will have been sent by Nigerian criminals. Nigeria, in West Africa, is the world's 8th largest petroleum exporter, the world capital of child trafficking (UN report, 2004) and the centre of a huge criminal web. A July '05 report in the Christian Science Monitor noted that "According to the World Bank, corruption has meant that 80 percent of Nigeria's oil and gas revenues goes to 1 percent of the population, while 70 percent of the country's 133 million people still live on less than $1 a day". Ironically, Nigerians are the greatest victims of Nigerian fraud crime. An audit published in 2006 reveals that over a five year period there were huge discrepancies between the oil revenues declared by the Nigerian government and the amounts actually remitted by the international oil companies. Apparently, for at least part of the five year period, a previous president of Nigeria was the oil minister!  Reporting a 2007 fraud attempt to us, a European firm wrote "For our company the African continent is dead. We have taken the decision not do do business in Africa any more".

The "you are a lottery winner" is still their favourite approach (now closely followed by the fake job scam) but they will also target small Web businesses, placing orders with stolen credit cards. Traders soon find that they are charged back by the card company, but only after they have sent goods to Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, for example. (If you have recently reported such a fraud to the Nigerian authorities, the writer would like to hear from you. The criminals will sometimes ask for payment to bank accounts. I am especially interested to know details of these and will pass along relevant  information to the appropriate agencies.) Note: it would be wrong to tar all Nigerians with the same brush. As far as the writer can tell, the Muslims of the north are innocent of Internet fraud. The offenders are mainly from the south of the country and their base is Lagos. (Opinions vary as to whether members of the Yoruba or the Igbo tribes are the worst offenders.) Population numbers are unknown but Lagos vies with Mexico City for th

Trends & News

IMMIGRATION SCAM. We have seen junk mail trying to steer people to "". The site has all the hallmarks of a scam website. It uses a +1 (US) tel. no. but is very shy about providing a physical address. Please contact us if you have lost money ....

October 2017, UK. Morrisons voucher scam. You may answer a telephone call and find a woman with an Asian accent telling you that you won a supermarket prize. The scammers may well be calling you from an 0203 number e.g, 0203 1296538. Just hang up and report the number.

October 2017. If you offer accommodation rental on the Web you will attract the scammers. Look out for schemes like this:

From: Sebastian Cortes <> "As for the payment arrangement the Company I work for will be
responsible for financing all the expenses as it is an annual holiday and the payment will be made with a Cheque.

This Cheque will include all the traveling expenses of our trip such as the ticket fare and travel allowance. I believe if you are willing to give me your accommodation then I can trust you to send the balance to my traveling agent as soon as the check is cleared.

All you have to do when you receive the Cheque is to take it to the bank and deposit it there for clearance, which usually takes between 3 to 5 working days. Then you will deduct the rental fee and I will give you the details of the traveling agent to send our traveling expenses too......"

Outlay Games, Bachmann Group , Marlin Reynolds , TPG bet , head2headbet, Grainger Trust, QBetting - please see the alert at .

EAST TEXAS SCAMMER ALERT- Larry Gene Powell says he has worked as a private detective but his real work experience has been in perpetrating scams and frauds. He even seems to have a conviction for murder for hire. Please do not give him access to your personal information.

May, 2016. TMTRADINGINC.COM - a warning. The website offers Bobcat and Ferris equipment but we have a report that indicates this is a front for fraud.

tmtradinginc, Jl. Talasalapang 2 No 9, Komplek P&K Blok J1/9, Makassar 90221, Indonesia.

Google - yes, the shareholders will be happy to hear of the huge profits but they should know that Gmail is the biggest supplier of mail accounts to Internet fraudsters. We believe that one day Google will have to pay a huge price for not acting on reports to   

Feb. 2016 - re lottery scam - First Commercial Bank LTD 29 Wilson St,
London EC2M 2SJ,

US Craigslist users beware! Military families at risk. Nigerian scammers are stealing and modifying property rental details before publishing them on Craigslist. Often they will ask for contact only by text because they do not want to be betrayed by their African accents. They are stealing deposits from military families who often have to arrange for accommodation at a distance.

Vehicle decal scam. Many of us will have received junk mail offering payment for the display of advertising material on our vehicles. The scammers may send out payment by means of a forged check and immediately pretend that an overpayment has been made. They will demand repayment before the victim's bank identifies the forgery. Forgery is so rife that an American investigator says "Never accept anything on paper".


Nigerian scammer busted in UK

Godwin Nwaofor, a Nigerian "lottery" scammer jailed for 7 years at the Central Criminal Court, London. Another example of a foreign criminal exploiting Britain's lax immigration controls. See the full story at the Daily Mail website.

Martin Lenaris . May 2015 - News that a person using that name is a busy fraud criminal who targets women and offers fake loans.

Britain's National Health Service defrauded by foreign doctors (again). An article in the Daily Mail exposes the latest scam: "Dr Sukhendu Chattopadhyay prescribed drugs for his mother-in-law in Calcutta. He claimed he thought she was entitled to them. Dr Mustapha Tahir fraudulently obtained ADHD drugs worth £1,900 to sell abroad ..."

November 2014 - fake job scam. The scammers will demand payment for "DER Certifications" and visa fees. They use the address Doncaster Pharmaceuticals, Kirk Sandall Industrial Estate and

October 2014 - Warning - . Fraud criminals are asking intended victims to make payments via a website called .  

September 2014 - UK Telecoms scandal. We have started another survey of the UK 070 portable numbers favoured by the Nigerian scammers. The usual suspects supply the majority of these - Magrathea Telecommunications Ltd and Open Telecom International.

July 2014 - Nigerian scammers sentenced in the UK - but why were they allowed to stay in the country?

Frank Onyeachonam ,  Bernard Armah and Lawrencia Emenyonu were sentenced to 8 years, 6 months and 18 months respectively.

June 2014 - WANTED for bank fraud -  Maxwell Parsons. May have fled abroad. (They bailed him - what did they expect?)

Maxwell Parsons - bank fraud





A sample identity document forgery:

 419 forged id 2013


Do not respond to junk mail apparently from Harrisson Ukodo of

Why do the scammers like a Yahoo address? The auto response below was received after reporting an abuse incident to Yahoo:

"The original message was received at Sat, 5 Oct 2013 06:57:27 -0700 (PDT) from []

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
(reason: 554 rejected due to spam content)!!

----- Transcript of session follows -
... while talking to
>>> DATA <<< 554 rejected due to spam content, 554 5.0.0 Service unavailable "

Yahoo's penny-pinching helps the criminals once again!

MALAYSIA The 419 criminals are (Sept. 2013) telling victims to send money to Malaysian bank accounts and Western Union addresses. - there are several warnings around the Web, but we recently heard that it is infested with scammers claiming to be European girls travelling in Ghana. A good time to remind everyone NOT to send money to Ghana and Nigeria via Western Union after making contact on a website.

In the field of Internet fraud, good news is rare but we are pleased to note that Microsoft seems to be taking rapid action on abuse reports. Yahoo and Gmail are not responsive, however, so we can expect increased criminal abuse of their e-mail services.

Trying to raise capital? Beware sites purporting to bring you contacts from " Angel Investors ". Scammers will pretend to offer you all you require - but first you must pay!


UK telcoms scandal, the  UK 070 fraud telephone numbers. Magrathea Telecoms, Open Telecoms and Invomo Ltd. supply most of the numbers.  

Scammers want your e-mail account details. Please do not respond to mail which asks you to confirm your user name and password. They will pose as you and mail all your friends asking for money!

  Credit card scams. If you run a business website you may receive an e-mail order for goods, with an offer to pay via credit card. If the "customer" asks you to charge the card in stages, i.e. to split the transaction so that each amount is in hundreds rather than thousands, you should run checks. If the "customer" asks you to pay a "shipper" via Western Union - you should just run. 

145-157 St John Street, London, EC1V 4PY.
According to a BBC report, this is the address used by a company which sells its use as a registered office address. Because there does not seem to be an obligation to check that users of the service are legitimate companies, criminals are attracted to it. According to the BBC, the address is in common use among fake companies operating "boiler room" fake share scams. 


We are seeing an increase in reports of dating site scams. Please be aware that the fraud criminals flock to those sites and will send you photos they have stolen. They will ask you to send money (for imaginary hospital bills etc.) to Africa via Western Union. 

Football Agent scams. Fraud criminals have been using the names of FIFA licensed football agents. They will promise to arrange trials with famous clubs, and then demand payment for visa services or insurance. How will you know? The criminals will ask for payment via Western Union or MoneyGram. A good time to point out that you should never send money in that way, unless you know the recipient personally. Why do the criminals ask victims to use those services? 


Swindlers have started to infiltrate special interest groups where they can pose as a distressed member in need of a short term loan to pay for a flight home or medical bills in a foreign land. 

eNom - Often used by the criminals for their websites, e.g.

Western Union. We are seeing a large quantity of fraud mail pretending to be from Western Union, for example: Western Union Solicitors Fund Verification Department:

Cellphone scammers are very active. These details were reported in connection with one of the many scams where cheap mobile 'phones are the bait. KNIGHT HAVEN PROCUREMENTS LTD, MAKTOUM STREET, AL TOWER 1, OFFICE 507
DEIRA, DUBAI, ANDREW WOOD, . P_CELLPHONESDEPOT@YAHOO.COM, , Shola Scott 12 Trade fair complex, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 23401. Arthur Nguyen, 12 liberty road, pearland, Texas, Usa, 77584, Albert Carnes, WEST TRADING COMPANY LTD, Dr. Patrick Levy, Also reported: re Saha Clex re, electronicsblue point limited. 

UK bank news: Lloyds / Halifax  takes the lead, but not in a good way...

Look out for: Robert S. Mueller III, "Federal Bureau of Investigation", with addresses like

launched Rocketmail and Ymail . Lots of people seem to be registering but so far as we can see, many of them are fraudsters, e.g.,  

FedEx frenzy. Scammers are rushing to open mail accounts like these -,   Despite many abuse reports to Microsoft, they are still allowing these fake FedEx accounts. Yahoo just as bad ...

Australia: - the address
was used in recent fraud mail but host MELBOURNE IT LTD made it so difficult to report that they must be accused of aiding and abetting the criminals. They also host(ed)

ATM CARD / Swift Card - much fraud mail contains references to these. 



If you are buying or selling goods or a service on the Web - take care (especially if you advertise something on CraigsList or Loot). The criminals are likely to make you an offer! They will send you stolen or forged cheques. You will spot some strange requests for shipping and payment. They are using "Alert Pay" and "AlertPay International Money Order" in their mail. Let the writer know if you are in doubt, but a request for movement of funds via Western Union will strongly indicate a fraud attempt .

The following details have appeared in advance fee fraud (419) e-mails:

Alliance Financial Services , Alliance Financial Institution,,  Bola Martins, Alfred Funbi, Abuja - Nigeria. Maxi Henderson  Roben W Ham, re UNITED NATION SECURITY VAULT (GHANA). James Usman,, FIRST INLAND BANK PLC, Nigeria., Maryanna Jonatan. Alex Rashford.  OMEGA FINANCIAL TRUST GUIDE COMPANY,  ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Col JUAKIN DAMINAH,  Dave Miller, Sleuth Investigative Services,, hosted by technovia ltd, Pixie Technologies, Nigeria., Afopa Matthew.  Sebastian Cortes <>.  Barrister David Afisu,  Reverend Elijah Edward, Anthony's Anglican Church,  Gracia N. Hoff,  Peter Anderson,, Kenny Louise, Sunsetsecurity Post Company,,  Daniel Okwu , Christopher Rienth  DANNY ORELLANA, ASESORIAL AND INVESTMENT, PHOENIX E.I.R.L, PSJ.LOS TULIPANES Nº 47 V AMSTERDAM, BUIN, SANTIAGO,  ANTHONY KWAMI ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM, 7 Rue De la Liberation, Doualaseme, Lome, Republic of Togo,  Komi Zongo,  DANIEL ETIM,  Westkin Asssociates, Barrister Houman Mehr,  Dr.Hawkins Giles, Data as Service Ltd,  Dr. Maikanti Baru, NNPC,  Barrister KINGSLEY FRED,, 9 Nelson Street,
BD1 5AN London.  Rev. John White, Belvic Inustry, Engr Daniel Odoh, Co-operative mining Nig Ltd.  Rev Pastor Jude Ude,  Manfred Engstler Esq., Tel : +447087642496.   Barrister Bertolomy Malacky barr-bertolomymalacky@outlook.comRiverslane Construction Ltd, fake job scam.  Gen Susan Helms  Kamil Agakhanov,  Dr. Desmond Bruss, Ecobank International Ltd.,   BARR. SOLOMON ATKINS  Bobby Scott <>.  Girard Nelson, Daniela Royal Hotel Management,,, Ayree Grey, Priscilla Royal Hotel, Orlando, Florida. African Clearing House, 1545 9th Ave San Diego, David Efieong.  Babber Bank corporetion <>.  Ibrahim Salami, Equality and Justice Chambers, Charles Juntikka  Dimitris Toomer,, Barrister Usen Mantu
Email:  Barrister Lucas Adjo, CMC Law Firm, Lome, Togo,  Barrister Ottaka Agu  IYAMAH SYLVANIUS,  SUN YUN FIRM, 915 Wilshire Blvd #165 Califonia USA. Williams solicitors, Williams Okoye,, 154 - 160 Fleet Street London, EC4A 2DQ, Marginal Fluctuation Clearing Network Bank. Doris Udozie,   

Rev. George Melvin, Inheritance Recovery Consolidation Scheme, IRCS.  Expresslink Insurance Company,, KEMI ONI, 12 Station Road Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria, 84 Duncan Rd Richmond, Greater London TW9 2JD,

NORTHEHILLS COURIER DELIVERY SERVICE, Nelson Duke,  Fast Worldwide Providers,  PetroBangla, Syeda Thayer,  . TCF Bank  Larsey Hussain  Weatherbys Bank Plc,  Barrister Hubert Hugo , 349 High Street North London E12 6PQ ., re Mark Russell, 8 CANADA SQUARE LONDON E14 5HQ.   Swift Courier Worldwide, trading name of Global Mail Group Ltd. registration number: 03472338, re Ukash.  Immaculate Power License, 3rd Floor,159 Chase Side Enfield, Middlesex EN2 0PW, London, Phone +(44)703-1921-103, ANTONIO RICHARDS, GOLDEN CROSS SECURITY COMPANY, .

Christoph Raul Soux , Banco Popular,, Barrister Marquihos Alba, Marquihos Chambers and Solicitor,

Tochukwu Malize, Nigeria.  Koji Ishida, Access Investment Services Limited, Tokyo, Japan,  REV EMMANUEL BRUNO,  Scott Nathan, Scottnaht,  Kwara, Nigeria. Barrister Mark Ferguson, 60 Bayswater Road, London W2 3PS, United Kingdom,,  DIPLOMAT ADAMS BRADFORD

Quick Loans South Africa, Ryan Foster, Oxford Private Bank of England, 20 Wellington Square, Oxford, OX1 2JD,,   BARRISTER KODJO JACOBS, PINNACLE LEGAL ASSOCIATE PLOT 1368 NII AFOTEY BRUTU II ROAD ADJINGANOR, EAST LEGON, ACCRA GHANA, . MADISON BANK OF GHANA.  Yvonne Owodon <>,  ANCHOR SECURITY COMPANY, 32 London Bridge Street, London SE1 9SY,  Barrister John Bossco Barrister Winston Adams Amanda Williams  Adaba Bobby <>.  Nathan Roy Logan, re al Baraka Banking Group, Dalla Albaraka Group.  Woo Cole & Associates, Iroro Martins,  Gilbert Rogers & Associates, +447010074896.  Lawyer Botwe Maxwell,, International Commercial Bank. Nick powell, Ventes & Directeur des achats, Skark Enterprises Ltd,, Mob: + 44 (703) 5901493, Fax: + 44 20 3004 1212, 3 rd floor, 207, Rue regent, Londres W1B 3HH, Royaume-Uni. Jerry Sylvester,  67 1er étage, Avenue Martins, Lagos  234, Nigeria.  Fernando Aaron, Arthur Jones Offshore Bank, MADRID, SPAIN, re  IYARE CLEMENT IGHO  Advenidad via 119 baja planta, 28923, Madrid.  Barrister Deon Coker,, Botwe Maxwell ,, Samuel Ikomo. Sarah Mustafa, .   UNION STANDARD EXPRESS SECURITY COMPANY, 84 Spintex Road,  ACCRA, GHANA,  BARRISTER SIMON YEBOAH, SIMON YEBOAH CHAMBER, ACCRA, GHANA,  Peter Donis, Kanagawa Associates, Sanno Park Tower, Tokyo, 100-6103,, re Organovo Holdings, Boiler Room.   Talita Tamara,, OPUTA RESTITUTION HOUSE, REV. FR. MARCUS MILLER  KAUAI BANK PLC,,  Dave Gordon, DG STORE, 5620 Rue Pierre Stibbe Anosy, Antananarivo Madagascar, EASY-SHIPPING COURIER, 200 Old kent road, LONDON, SE15 1JU.   Leicester Financial Bank, Adrian Bobu, 73 Skeltons Lane, Leyton, London, re Apple iPhone.  AirMex Express Service, Clarefield Drive, Maidenhead, Berkshire,,  CHRIS LLOYD CONSULTING,,, STANBIC FINANCE BANK, NW1 2DB London,  Anthony Tahourdin,   Ayoola Johnson, Plot 4 Akintunde Avenue Ring-Road, Ibadan Oyo State, Post-code: 23402, Nigeria. Aaron Adonis . Fani Kayode <>. Enrico Rolf M <>. Ltd <>.  Martin Turner <>. Branden Cole <>.  PHOENIX DEVELOPMENT AND INVESTMENT AUTHORITY, NO 5 PAPER BUILDINGS TEMPLE, LONDON.   European Finance Depository Clearing Agency, 123 Park Way, Brent Cross NW 4 London UK. Justin Taylor <>. ST David General Freight Agency <>. Barr. Pierre Santos
Santos Pierre LLP, 4, Castle Quay, Nottingham NG7 1FW, PortLine Logistics,  Rodney Russell <>. Barrister Williams Nana. YOMIE SMITH,  37, Grosvenor Square. CAMBRIDGE FINANCE & INVESTMENTS LIMITED, MERLEWOOD 5A FURZE HILL PURLEY SURREY. .
Co-operative Chartered Bank Plc, 4335 Orchard Creek dr Grand Rapids MI 49546. Stephanie Cyrus <>. chris <>. Patrick Leyden <>. Duncan Richard, 29 Bolton Street, London, E8  7PJ. D. W. Newman WN Clients & Associates, re, bluegate securities.
William Perry Sibley re Victor Ozain KLM 112b Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria. Duru Kingsley
Address: 12 shipping street,  Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria. Leon J Witter
<> . First Merchant Bank of England , re Felix Mark,  5 Oyemekun Road,  Akure, Ondo,  23434, Nigeria. Ricky Tom Addson,  10 SORREL CLOSE,  THAMESMEAD, LONDON,  SE288ER. Malaysia Union Pay settlement Committee. Darlene Mixon, Alabama ZIP-CODE - 35211. Rock Legal Group and Law Chambers Bangkok. Pastor Lawrence Raymond Larson, Edward Baah-Wiredu. DSF Management Financial  Planning LTD.

Pierce Morgan Capital Management. JTS Investment Inc., JAMES WIMMER, 19 CENTRAL ROAD, LAGOS, Nigeria. DL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT London. Alpha Bank London.

Rosie Destiny <>. The British Co-operate
Affair Commission office 14-15 Belgrave Square London SW1X 8PS, Pastor Terry Akers, Music Lover <>. Brian Komathi & Partners, Osk Security Group 2 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP, Capt. Anita George. JM SHOP LIMITED  POSTAL TRANS DELIVERY #10 Madison View monroe Avenue WC2H 7LA, London. Raynald Roland <>.  Dr A Malvis, Trans Haul International Law Firm. Barrister Dessy Yovo. Fred Obinna  DR. EZENWA CHIKA  WESTERN UNION OFFICE BENIN REPUBLIC,   ALLEN AND SCORTY ESQ, 7 chester wood,Aldridge Walsall WS9 0PT, United Kingdom,  Apple Gold <> . Brodock Tradeviewpoint Inc  MRS.TINASHE MARUFU Craig Hall Avenue, Gauteng . LINOWAS VENTURES LTD.,  Alex  Batan  Brodock Tradeviewpoint Inc.,  Barrister Fred Thomas & Associates. FIBI Bank (UK) Plc, 24 Creechurch Lane, London, EC3A 5JX Barrister Ellis David Bryan,  15 MillmarkGroove SE14 6RL, London,  EMIRATES FINANCE SECURITY

Catherine Donald <>, <>. 
Liberty Asset Ltd. Liberty Building, 12 Whitchurch Lane, Edgware HA8 6LE.
Dr. Medan Doko, Dakar Senegal for Mrs. Benita Duma  Hretz Daniel, Alvernia University, .  Frank Henson <>. Barrister Ruben Collins
<> Adonica Hakim Jali. Dr. Asare Akuffo Johnson. Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. Cabinet de Maître PANZANI FRANCOIS Prime Investigations,  Larisa Diako. Yetum Biko. CASOLIN SECURUITY COMPANY S. L. Sime Bank Plc,  Vincent Sullivan Law Firm UK  Barrister Adonis Hazil. Investment Partner Services, Pretium Ventures,  365-Trade Bank Nigeria Plc,  David Sunday
Email:  DR DANLADI IMIYA KIFASI <>.  <>.  Blake
Lapthorn Solicitors
<>. <>.  Dr Jeff Wang  Dr. Ubril Yanko michael  zilo  Julia Loo  <>.  GRAMEEN BANK LIMITED Benin Republic. Barrister Deserskine Macaskill. Oxus Gold firm. Barr. Kevin Jackson , Liberty Law Chambers

Malaysia Union Pay settlement Committee. Darlene Mixon, Alabama ZIP-CODE - 35211. Rock Legal Group and Law Chambers Bangkok. Pastor Lawrence Raymond Larson,  Edward Baah-Wiredu. DSF Management Financial  Planning LTD. Pierce Morgan Capital Management.  JTS Investment Inc.,  JAMES WIMMER, 19 CENTRAL ROAD, LAGOS, Nigeria. DL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT London. Alpha Bank London. UNION HOME SECURITY COMPANY. Guangdong Xin Venture (HK) Ltd  DIAMOND COURIERS LIMITED . Barrister Fred mike (SAN). Wright & Co., London W1J 7BU, Evidence Rolland & CO NO. 44-1, JALAN MANIS 1 TAMAN SEGAR, CHERAS 56000 KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia. Mariam Fatah Younis, Nick Hoffman,  Investment Abroad Ltd. 130 Park Avenue, Aztec Business Park, Almondsbury, Mark Hugh Trust Company (UK) Limited, Berkswell CV775L,  and , Tobias Engwiss ,  Edward
Lawrence Associates Ltd. , Dalton House 60, Windsor Ave., London SW192RR. Tracy Taylor. Purok Kamagong, Inicbulan Bauan, Batangas, 4201 Philippines  Melissa S Andrews <>  re 2739 Ceres Ave,Chico, CA 95973. BENSON DOSSOU & ASSOCIATES, Benin. Peter Kedron  KEITH RACE  Dr. Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi,  Edward & Associates

Benard Bello, Alicia Hi <>.
Mark Steinert Barrister Williams UBS INVESTMENT BANK Lemelson Foundation Col Henry Lookmorn Dikeocha Davidson Uchenna, re Terrell, TX 75160.
Carla Decker <>. Raymond L White Air Services Nigeria, LORNA L. VARONA

Interglobal Courier Services Ltd <>. Barr. F. Mamba & Associates. Kelvin Mukon, Khalifa Law Chambers, Senegal. EFCC HQTRS <>.  ISHIMA SUNDAY, AJAINO WILFORD, ONANORE BLESSING. D. W. Newman, WN Clients & Associates
52 Southampton Row, WC1B 4BH United Kingdom. INVESTI IMPORT INC. EQUITY JOINT TRUST FINANCES, 3 Whitehall Court, London United Kingdom
SW1A 2EL. CRYSTAL WORTH LTD, Ipswich, Sun Bank Offshore, Jersey. Steve Emeka. Dr.Ken Chigoziem. Barrister John Osinachi Akosombo. Pitman Johnson, StandardMicro Finance Bank. Heir Hunters, Barrister Nelson Kester. Barr. Martin Kurrein. OPUTA RESTITUTION HOUSE, REV. FR. MARCUS MILLER,  ENEPRO enepross <>.
Private Logistics Finance Organisation, London,
Beatrice Jones, Barrister,

Fred Bankole,  Dr.Donald Payne, Fountain Spring Financials, Apex Security Finanace & Security House , Allen West,  Ayim Pius Ayim,  Dr. Ernest Ebi  WIDESERVE COURIER SERVICES Philippes associate Solicitors <>.  AGO ZIE LAM  Ltd, No 311 Avotrou Junction, Off Senade Rd, By East, Akpakpa , Cotonou, Benin. WCO-Diplomat Logistic Global Courier Company LTD. Natfunds Investments, Michael Green <>. Kenneth Adeniyi Adams Howell Chambers <>.

Finance Monetary Unit SamJerryPtyLtd, Sam Jerry Pty Ltd , Victor Monua Nanje Place de la Gare 4, 1260 Nyon Switzerland,
Providence Trust,  Dr. David Njama Radebe, Citizens Finance Corp,,  Prof. SAMSON NGOBENI . Hali Ahmed Tony O. Elumelu, ValuCard Nigeria Limited. Escot Esmahill Mollah.

Barrister Lulu Radebe  ROWLAND GROUP FINANCE & ASSOCIATES  212 OLD KENT ROAD,  Halima Nehani  Dr.John Ibeh Nigerian National Petroleum. BANQUE BCDN, Melun Gambetta <>.  Coris Bank  Godwin Emefiele  Ben Collins <>.  Jackson Karl <>. Nicolas Kwame <>.  Pastor Godspower Umukoro, western union Office, NIGERIA Sandra Ndlvara  Peter Campos, 25 Groveport Hill, Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria,  Maybank, Malaysia  Garry Lawsuit Chambers, Barrister Gary Kennedy,,  Lawrence Smith <>.  DR.ASHINZE AUSTIN   Barrister Anthony Wilson K. C., Peacock Consultancy Inc. 65, House Esplanade, New Park. Social Humanitarian Activist Organization,,  SHAO Mark David <>.  DR NALAR ONYEBOR JOSEPH OMAR Pretium Ventures.  Pope Innocent <>. Dr: Omar Dube Gregory Barrister Iain Wright, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP Robert Okafor  Ashton Benson <>.  EMMAAMAKACHAMBERS & ASSOCIATION, Coulibaly Ouagadougou-Burkina Faso,  Peter O. Famatoo, ECOWAS HEAD OFFICE ABUJA,   Barrister Smith Kofi <>. Henry Steel Co, Nita Henry <>.  Domita Richardson  General Willam, Bill William Caldwell. Barrister Smith Kofi.LANGALBERT CHAMBER & CO INDRICE MOBIO,  BRONX AND FINANCE SERVICES, Carlos Fernandez Partner Allen & Overy LLP, PLAZA BELEN No 28 -28043, Madrid Spain, USAFIS, Diversity Visa (DV) Program, MORGAN ERIE, ABLE GOD LEISURE AND TOURS, .  Attorney Samuel Ojo  Villa Home Mortgage Finance Suite 61-70 Southampton Row, Dr. Sarah Lindsey,,  Green Wood Foundation Inc. DR.JAMES TUDU SMITH  Coris Bank International Jessica Danladi. Hillary Park, London, INTERNATIONAL REMITTANCE DEPT <>. Doctor Mikeluke <>. Houngbo Esaw Lome Togo.  Dr. Olusegun Aganga  Don Maxwell <>.  Anthony Bruce
DIAMOND COURIERS LIMITED, Unit 8, The Elms Centre, Glaziers Lane,
Normandy, Guildford, Surrey GU3 2DF, London,  U.K. Border & Immigration JOY BERNARD, CH Private Banking Unit,  DR. JABOR WILLIAMS  Femders Caro <>. Dennis Wems  BARRISTER ABDUL MALIIK ZAMRI E.A.A.S Inc. ASIAN FIDUCIARY AGENT,  Clement Yeju  Sergio Ramos SERGIO & ASOCIADOS Paseo de la Castellana 138 Derecha Madrid 28046  Rev. Sister Anita Brian Missionary in St Peters Catholic Church, re Barr. Nicholas Wrangler, NASUBA EXPRESS BANK   FIFA 2010 AWARD, JOE ROBIN, Andale Smith. Adolf Van Dijk PAUL TITTERTON  ZENITH COMPENSATION HOUSE BARRISTER ABIODUN ADEYEMI, SAMUEL SILVER. GEORGE QUARTER AND ASSOCIATES, Full-Service Law Firm (!) Plot 121/123 North Kaneshie, Accra-Ghana, DR LESTER WHITE.  TRIODOS GRANT AWARD  AL-TAHER GROUP T-Mobile Mega Million Promotions  Inga-Britt Ahlenius Citizens Financial International PLC, Williams Blacksmith UNITY INVESTMENT BAR ADAMS AKEEM, 46 AVENUE ANTA DIOP, DAKAR SENEGAL,  Coris Bank International, Jessica Danladi DIXON MOTORS PLC Dr. Aatif, Churchill Aihinomwan Iguma, Fatih MediPlex Hospital, KM 101, Zagazig, Egypt, NUHU  RIBADU, EFCC NIGERIA,,,,  Michael J Simpson.
Breakaway Courier  NWADEZE EXPRESSCOURIER COMPANY DR.EMMA EZE ANYRAY & JONES PARTNERS, Po Box 1176 Cotonou 05 Rue Lagunaire, Cotonou -Benin, KAS BANK  Heir Hunters Company Rankan & Leng Associates Malaysia  Johnson Pella  

Alliot Groups, Emirates International Holding (EIH),  Harrison wood consults inc.UK.  Rev G.A Adaba NIGERIA INVESTIGATION BUREAU 14A AWOLOWO LANE, IKOYI, Commercial Bank Thailand Aver Yorzinski  Dave Achebe, 22 Dunedin Way,Hayes Middlesex. Hans Duke Al-Mustafa, Mustafa Investment Holdings,,  Dr. Frank Bond, UNGWVC Conference & Expo. Jeffrey Giovanni Desmond Kliss  

 EQUAL RIGHT CHAMBERS, MEMBER ECOWAS BANK ACCREDITED ATTORNEYS, Rue 48, Laminu Guye Street, Dakar,  Dr. Patrick Raymond, I.I.G.C.,,   Godwin Okolo, David Fischer Shipping Solutions, 800 West 47th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64112.  Barrister Solomon David, David Law Chambers  rebecca toler <>.  Joseph Ubani,  Dan Stewart TOCHUKWU DIVINE, GODWIN STREET, LAGOS, AZRIE ZAKARIA, KUALA LUMPUR. Hubbard Pegman HSBC Holdings Plc, Barrister Thomas Bailly, Joseph Anderson, Cardiff Securities, Charles Logan (Sir),, cardiff home portal. Castle & Anderson, Chambers, 11 New Square London WC2A 3QB Haneefa Shumejda Diplomat Scott B. Greene CHRISTIAN AKWA, AGRICULURAL BANK PLC, 128 HIGH STREET ACCRA GHANA Prince Fayad H. Bolkiah,

 Suspect hotel -, Hotel Asoro, 22 Grand Via E-28013 Madrid Spain, admin contact - blaze, owo, Route de la Corniche Est BP 3115 DAKAR 311 Senegal.

Hishow A. William,  B1/41 Ita Elega Federal Housing Estate, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, Zip code: 234039. Phidelia Grandi Elizabeth benson <>. Brant W. Bishop, 453 Lykensey Knoll Crescent London  EC3A 8AF Mohamed Ballo, Al Jubail Trading Company LLC,  Kobe Mike adex dary <>.  Global Atlantic Asset Recovery Group Plc ABUJA AV.PK,10 BP 4132, Richard W. Morgan, Morgan & Menéndez Abogados Alberto Aguilera 22, 1 A 28015 Madrid, SPAIN, INT. BANK OF SETTLEMENT, Paseo de la Castellana, Scherbakowa Tanya,,  MAXISUNTOUR, Kazan. NICHOLA ANDREA BUDHAN, Asia Pacific Microsystems Inc Stitching INGKA Foundation, Pastor Nelson Wale 29 Splash Water Ave, Okota Isolo Lagos. Habitat for Humanity ContW Ltd. HESSE LARSEY & ASSOCIATES NO.F459/4 NYANIBA ESTATES, OSU ACCRA, GHANA .

DR. OLUTAYO ADERINOKUN  Guaranty Trust Bank (Nig.) Plc., Barr. Jeffrey Gregory LL B, Jefferson & Co., 10 Paternoster Square, London. Steven Jarad loan firm, Gsbank.  Engr. Joseph Bungani <>. Rightagentuk, LTD., Thomas Maxwell, Alibaba Gold Supplier,  Huddersfield, HD4 6PS. ACER Consultants Service Ltd Lucas Davids <>. Barrister Fred Johnson ACCESS MAC SECURITY COMPANY Ben David BARCLAYS Ogbonna Okechukwu Onovo,  Farida Waziri <>. Dr. STEVEN OBODO SPRING TRUST BANK NIGERIA. Rebecca Van Horn <>. Jane Stevens <>. Nigeria Security Office <>. SIAM COMMERCIAL ONLINE BANK,  Deepak Sarup

 John Rothwell, Adrian Parker Law Chambers, 221 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 6AB, Guranty Trust Insurance Company, Aicco Insurance Company, Rickey Tarfa & co, US Custom Atlanta Hartsfield (hosted GoDaddy). Bernard Campbell Solicitors Dr. Davis C. Chime Barrister Joseph Thomas, Droit Et Justice Chambre Togo, Hubbard Pegman & Whitney LLP, 7 King Street Cloisters Clifton Walk Hammersmith, London W6 0GY, Jeff Capati  AUSTIN KUDI CHAMBERS <>.


Marcos Silvaro Yayi Ekoe, DOE BRUCU & ASSOCIATES CHAMBERS, BD DU 13 JANVIER LOME TOGO Alpha-telecoms international mobile promotions Peter Anderson <>. Amalgamated Bank Limited, Ghana,  AMALBANK. Owen Carew-Jones, Winckworth Sherwood Law Firm,  <>. Eric Bosu, 17 Adum Avenue Kumasi, Ghana,

WGGW Conference & Expo, Barrister Patrick  WGGW Conference & Expo Trackingyouservice Barrister Pravit Pattanakarn Ekachai Paibhoon, K-Bank, Kasikork Bank PLC,, Registrant: Chibueze Okoji, LagosHost.Com, 28 Ondo Street Oke-Ira Ogba, Lagos, Lagos State, NG 2341. Barr Samuel Okon, ross ben <>. Mila Gores <>.

Victor & Kennedy Law Firm E71 Matrina Way High Street, Egham, Surrey TW21 81HN, GOODWAY DIPLOMATIC SERVICES LOME TOGO. Regent Trust Bank Malaysia, Thomas Maxwell  RIGHTAGENTUK LTD (Alibaba Gold Supplier), Huddersfield, HD4 6PS , Dr Todd Wilson PRINCE STANLEY Jacqueline Jones <> . Central Cargo Services - Malaysia James Burrell, Apex Inc . PROMOCIONES British Petroleum Paul Edward <>. Craig Martin Rita Micheal <>. Stephen Hester Pastor Uche Aka Stephanie Mamuzo <>.

Mercy Cynthia Miller, Mercy Cynthia Towson, Barrister Leyon Betty Santos, Kennedy Overa Oghale, Franklin Carter Azubuike, Imhansoloeua Santos, Ehosa Sydney, Sydney Pascal Imhansoloeva, Daniel Jackson, Njokanma Chukwunmso, Dr Eric Moore BIAO-CI  Bank of Africa Banque Internationale pour Afrique Occidentale <>.  PAUL IGLESIAS & ASSOCIATES Abogados Barrister Lee Thomas Dylan Trucco Wallace Dickson  Leslie Fletcher, Handf Acceptances 23b Grove End Road,, Skype: les.fletcher1706, STANDARD CHARTERED BANK OFFSHORE PROcourier Services Ltd


DHLEXPRESSUK.INFO , Lagos, Nigeria, "mark morrison" Trackingyouservice Royal Dutch Shell Plc (not) KARSIKORN BANK PLC, Carlo Scevola & Partners . BARRISTER GODFRED AMOAH kingsley Tiemo, Bozire Views Nigeria Limited GLOBA SECURITY COMPANY

PACIFIC COURIER INTERNATIONAL, 3rd.Floor, Menara Multi-Purpose, Capital Square 8, Jalan Munshi Abdullah 50100 Kuala Lumpur,  DESTINE CHAMBERS Roland Padmore, TSD Associates. Charles Russell LLP Micheal Silver Msilver LLC Kathy McGowan, AGGS Consultants Service Ltd, 364 Windbridge, London STANDARD ALLIED BANK PLC 14 Rochester Row London SW1P 1JQ EQUITY LAW CHAMBERS, 2, Juniper Close, Wembly, Middlesex London HA9 6NY, ,


Dr Alain Cohen, The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) Republic Of Benin, Cotonue. Loxley Dowkins <>. Nancy Moureen Staffordshire Gate International Bank Plc, 74 Bacon Lane well wick Yard, New Wales United Kingdom NW28 6FH, (Enom). First Standard Trust  Bank Of England ( Dr Roach White J.W Allen & Bishop LLP , Brant W. Bishop

OVERCOMIS Crownhill Investment Ltd., Legalex Legal Services, 18-22 Ashwin Street Vincent Shuibe <>. N ICON INSURANCE PHONE & PC LIMITED, +447024018516, 103 HIGH ROAD, WOOD GREEN, LONDON N22 6BB,, Anderson Jefferson,,, Parcel Delivery Services, DOVE Foundation, 69 Chapel Street, London W1B 4DA, Hellen Brown <>. O.C.U Investigation Office UK, WALMSLEY GEOFFREY ROBERT .  Henan Huifeng Diamond Co., Ltd,,

Dr. Howard M. Cynthia,, Grameen Foundation Inc. Barr Ben Bruce Joseph Grants,  46-Lloyd Estate Festac, Lagos, Zenith Bank PLC Lagos, . steve alabi, Adanac Security & Vault Services, BARRISTER ANDREW JACK, Simora Investments LLC. Uzoma Ajaero SPRING ROYAL SECURITY BANK PLC, Dr. Alan George, andrew Jack <> (Microsoft).  johnson lasser <>. Mark Anderson <>. Oceanic Brokers Nigeria L.T.D, .

Martin Rutland, ING DIRECT, ROY ELDERWOOD <>. MICHAEL WOOD,, 21B Roverhills Lane, Oppt HSBC Bank, Floor 1108, Beijing, China, European Education Foundation. Mrs Farida Waziri Fierce Patrick <>. GUARANTY TRUST BANK PLC, Oyin Jolayemi Street, Victoria-Island, Lagos, Nigeria, Tayo Aderinokun,  Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana Barr. Bawany Hoque, 622 Rochester Way, London Se9 1rn, Juan Inciate, ASIAN ALLIANCE COURIER Antonio Glaz, Harrison Chambers London, BNP Paribas Private Bank UK <>. Ingabritt Ahlenius LIVE MICROFINANCE INC Paul Workman, capitec finance <>.

Marxcon Trust Bank Plc, 93 Marylebone High Street, London W1U 4RY,,, Dr Johnson Apu, Bar(Dr)Duke Ashman, ,, Rev. LIVINUS Mathew, Dakar, Senegal.  DOVE Foundation, 69 Chapel Street, London W1B 4DA, Capstone Investment Advisors UK LLP SCOTLAND FINANCE LIMITED, Dr.William Heinman Sr Barr.Campbell S. Stephen, UNITED NATIONS COMPENSATION AWARD PROGRAM,  Rev.Smith Larry,

Maître Jean-baptiste TIACO,,  Benoît WIEL Barrister Harrison Jefferson, Cross Capital Bank, Abbey Bank Plc (not) (Enom) . Barr Cohen Richard 5-7 DORMER PLACE LEAMINGTON SPA, WARWICKSHIRE , CV 325 AE. Don Obi Hsbc Bank Malaysia  (Melbourne IT). Rejoice Johson,  <>,  Ronald Debur  128 Lisburn Rd, Belfast, County Antrim, BT9 6AX, Northern Ireland.


Trackingyouservice GLOBALLEXCHANGE Sanders Terry Barr Rafael Zapatero, Carlton Bruce MultiSec Financial Service HP22 6ER London (not) . Barrister David Claunt , Crystal Palace Travels & Tours Agency Carve Consultancy, 2 Farringdon Road, London, EC1M 3HN, ENGR. REX LAWSON UKEH, NIGERIA NATIONAL PETROLEUM, rexuke1@gmail,com. Scarlet Courier Company


Jasmine Rohr <>  Jonathan Rohr <>. Mary Antenen  Falcon Private Bank, Switz Barr Dawah John Marrow, OASIS COMPENSATION HOUSE, plot 226 Moshud Abiola crescent, Garki, Abuja, NIGERIA Western Union Benin Republic <>
Emeka Emuwa, Citibank Nigeria Limited 27 Kofo Abayomi Street Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria Fortis Prime Fund Solutions . TARJAM GOLD AND DIAMOND MINING CO Nelson Chail, Adur Travel.


david akoto <>.  Dr Honest !!! Koffi, Barrister Gabriel Umeh Olayinka Oyesanwo <>. Lusilk Consultant Investment Adur Travel & Tours Ben umar Kampala Zongo , Father James Issaka . CHARLES EMEKA Carl Denson <>. Paul Porbeny, Apex Courier Delivery Express SOLACE INVESTMENT LIMITED 15A Oremeji Street, Ikeja, Lagos Thomas Briggs <>. Sonya Divo Derek Mark <>. Harriet Bartholomew <>,

JOSEPH ADEBAYO & ASSOCIATES CHAMBERS NIGERIA GRAMTECH CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Barrister Johnson Chike <>. thombrie chidera <>. Abdulaziz Hamad algosaibi <> A. H. Algosaibi & Bros, Saudi. Adur Travel & Tours Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP, David Truex, Adelaide House London Bridge, London EC4R 9HA Nicholas Hodson, "Lloyds TSB Wealth Management". FREE GRANT INFORMATION, Jordan Rays.

Raymond Okorie, Abia Hotels Limited, Nigeria, Barrister Frank Odion,,, Barr. Anderson Barkers, UK Work Permit Center, Barrister Peter Ibru BANK OF AFRICA REV MATHIEW DJONOU Dr. Asger Leeuwin, Dr. Emi, Michael Collins Fred SUSAN SHABANGU Frank Bellon MACKESYS & ASSOCIATES SE14 5UH Cynthia Egondu <>. Electronic System Limited, Reg No: 05659323, 21 South mundells, welwyn garden city, Hertfordshire, . Woking Forge Ltd

Speed Trans Express,, Carl Denson <>. Well Paulson Barr. Dudu Heritage (S.A.N) jerry bester <>. WORLD COURIER
79-80 Blackfriars Road-London England SE1 8HA, (hosted NSWEBHOST.COM). Zenith Chambers Lusilk Consultant Investment . STANDARD CHARTERED Basinghall Avenue, London, EC2V 5DD,, Royal Cargo Courier Services International
1201 Westside Bridge Industrial Lane EC1Y8 SY, London, OLUWA NAA HIGHEST INC., SOLICITO SOLICITO, 3F, Mizuho Building, Japan,, Fame Logistics,


BANQUE REGIONALE DE SOLIDARITE - SENEGAL, iKobo, Charles Opene. Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) Rev.OMATTA JONES, Euro Trust and Finance Bank, Gregg Van Donald Bridge - translation scam. Lusilk Consultant Investment Clive Fullerton, Trevor Smyth & Co, Chester House, 13 Chichester Street, Belfast, BT1 4JB Reserve Bank Of India (not), registrant RealArts Systems, 28 Ondo Street Oke-Ira Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria,


Amason Ventures Ltd,  Plot No 12-b Spintex Road, Accra - Ghana, OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad CAXTON ATTORNEYS Barrister Norbert Yorke Chris Edwards and Owen LLP <>. Harry Mark <> . Ghana National Petroleum Corporation Nana Boakye Asafu-Adjaye Cecil Henson, (hosted: EVERYDNS.NET, registrant: Mina Ershov, Barr. Tim Pullen, .  

Joy pujeh Samuel Okudzeto Barr Oscar Lopez Dr Coulibaly Ibrahim Carzmir Barrister Bryan, 15 MillmarkGroove SE14 6RL, Lagos, Nigeria Beylie Hubert, Cote D `Ivoire <>. Cherry Gordon  Ken Luke, Guaranteed Courier Service, Helmat Paunders . Aubert Wei & Associates K.L Malaysia

Logicom Holding, Chris Goodman Carlos A. Cruz Grant Cox, Gaunts Solicitors,  BADUL SOWEDO, 13 LEA ROAD SOUTHALL, MIDDLEX, LONDON. Juliana Nnaemeka   IDTTA BANK, . alex owusu Samuel Okudzeto, Leed Finance Bank, 30 St Vincent Place Glasgow G1 2HL United Kingdom Jacob Malusi Balintulo Littleton Chambers, 3 King's Bench Walk North, London
EC4Y 7HR, Samantha Higgins <>.

Barrister Otero Perez Jose Ngozi Hugo, First Flight Courier Services Benin, Barrister Dan Afari Yeboah ITCB, Lome Togo,, Richard Otto & Partners Sika Kasa mines company Ltd,

Dr. Rex Lawson Uke BEATRIX HOEVEN INFINITY CHAMBERS NIGERIA, Justice Dudu Heritage E-DON & ASSOCIATES 30C, MEDAN ANGSANA 2 BANDAR BARU AYER ITAM 11500 PENANG ANTI-TERRORIST AND MONITORY (sic) CRIMES DIVISION FBI HEADQUARTERS Rev. Daniel Parker Dr. William Holmes Social Security Company Banking Company, Ghana <> Frank Tetteh , Diplomat John Suley. Felix Soli, Volta Star Shipping Company Ltd., 245 Volta Road, Airport, Accra, Ghana, Paul Williams, Five Star Shop Ltd., Monrovia, Liberia. Grace Ace, Tony Murray & Co, Middlesex TW10 8TP, London, Eric Hoffman
Imperial Finance Limited, London, Rev Godson Samule re <>.

Barr. Samuel Agbala, Union Credit Bank <>. Alfredo Rafael <>. JANET WHITE BANK NAME: CITI BANK ARIZONA, re LAMIDO SANUSI, Clinton Tetevi Ossian Kendrick NASUBA EXPRESS NIGERIA  <>. Alhaji Hussein Dangote

Rand Obert Bishop Hagopian Barkev & co KEMCAST SECURITY/ FINANCIAL COMPANY,  Barrister Glover Christopher Barr. Dennis Ighodinma, Grace Ace, Tony Murray & Co.,  25 Bridge Street, Staines Middlesex TW10 8TP, London, GILAD INT'L SECURITY & FINANCE CO.INC, (GILAD HOUSE) BP 346 BREATHFORTH Dr South-East London, Adrian Muskan, Incubadoras Trust Inc Alex Appiah, Akufo-Addo, Prempeh & Co
67 Kojo Thompson Rd. Adabraka, .

LAW FIRM SERVICES LIMITED, Unit 2 Green Lodge Barn, Nobottle, Northampton, NN7 4HD, Barrister Jones Sadioq . Akajo Pitts re kelly joe, KSP & Mechanical Equipment Inc ANTI-SCAM ASSOCIATION WORLD WIDE
Dr. Rex Lawson Uke Baruti Zelli MICHEAL ABLA KODJO Lome-Togo Unity Travel Agency Ltd., Barrister Edwin Hughes Reverend Rowland Gregory HALESWORTH CHARITIES UK <>,

Kazim Obaid. IMPEX COURIER UNITED KINGDOM Coin Security Company, Johannesburg , David Delee Hallmark Financial Services Inc BARRISTER ANSLEM ADENUGA Capt John Michael Aubert Onn Dr. Rex Lawson Uke SMART K ALBERT Barrister Greg Martins binta basim <>. Rebecca Garang, Darfur

Western Pacific Courier, Victoria House 144-146 Beddington Lane Croydon CR0 4TD , Barrister Fred Luis (eNom). RHODEVILLE COURIER COMPANY Dahari Kalaimany Carlos Home <>. Allied Irish Bank Transfer <>. Dr. Benny Motseku, FNB Bank, Dr. Indabawa S. Akilu EMINENT LAW CHAMBERS, DAKAR, SENEGAL. Barr Harvey Kelvin, A. SCARENTE  & PARTNERS


BARRISTER GEORGE JARKA , G.J LAW CONSULTANT, eBay Purchase Protection Program, Nancy Diop <>. Morgan Cahen, Cahen Avocats Associés Zone Industriel, Quartier des Elites, Cotonou , Benin Republic . ETF BANK <>. Dean Morris <>.  ZENITH COMPENSATION HOUSE, Smith Maxwell B.F.C Bank Cayman Island Barrister Barlow Ashford Alfred Samson <>. registration of fresh Contractors, Gambia,, Honorable Lamin Bojang, Gambia,


accra, Ghana). REV.ROBERT PETERS, CONTRACT & PROCUREMENT SERVICE, NO 890GD TEMA MOTOR WAY ACCRA-GHANA WEST AFRICA, O.C.U Investigation Office UK, Bureau of Financial and Banking Crime, Salomon Peters


RE: SHIH TZU PUPPY,, WORLD PET TRANSPORT AND HOME DELIVERY. Ralph Walker, re Femi Adele, 1 Shipping Crescent Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, Zube Kabel, ADB Bank Ouagadougou Burkina Faso  Vince Rademeyer, 2/3 Eglinton Crescent Edinburgh , Adekunle Elvis, DR. GARRICK DAVID JOHNBENSON, ELECTRONIC UNION LIMITED, ST CLEMENTS HOUSE, 2-16 COLEGATE, NORWICH, NORFOLK NR3 1BQ,, ABRAHAM DAVIDSON

Malcom Fraser University College (MFUC) <>.  BRIDGE BANK GROUP . David Okafor, Bar Charles Duan <>. Fountain Musician Promo Agency,, John Appiah. Lord Ekwealor Alexander GRACE FOUNDATION ISAAC NANA AGENCY LIMITED NIM SECURITIES, Hasilwood House, Bishopsgate, London, Alvar Zosimo. 

Imperial Finance Limited UK, <>. Andy Halford Grege Silva LAMIDO SANUSI (again!) Magnum Force Security Company Ltd, General Finest Mensah, EFCC Natalie Samarsinghe, (hosted:  Kazim Obaid Turner Heyden <>, re DIMEJI, UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL, IBADAN, NIGERIA.  Hailey Patrick , Marissa A. Dominic, CHUBB INSURANCE COMPANY OF EUROPE, ANDREW A. MCELWEE, Barr David Owusu & Co Solicitors VICTORY CHAMBERS LONDON-UK, Barrister Victor Wilford <>.  WorldWide Diplomatic Courier UK <>. HON. JOHN ANTHONY BRIGHT


Maria Allewelt <>. Eko Bank Benin, re DR. David Aka ALINCO SECURITY COMPANY Eric Hoffman
Imperial Finance Limited, London, (hosted: DOMAINSITE.COM).  Steve Cox , International human development and child welfare (IHDCW),
Human Empowerment "The Key to Economic Growth & Poverty Reduction". Christopher and Partners London, 51 Fleet Street London EC4Y 1AE, BROWN & ASSOSCIATES, CANTER LEVIN AND BERG SOLICITORS, 1 TEMPLE SQUARE, 24 DALE STREET LIVERPOOL L2 5RU Bank of East Asia Limited Oakland Branch 401 9th Street Oakland, CA 94607,


OCEANIC BANK , Martins Ofurum, Susan Ghosheh, United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC) .  John Gelsthorp Edward Tadwell , <>. FinBank Plc, Victoria Island Lagos,  Digital Courier Service Branch Malaysia,, Eng. Morgan Scott Li Chin Wu,, Huaxia Bank. nelson waynes <>, CHURCH OF GOD OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD, re 39 High Street Canterbury Kent CT1 2RY. Professor Maurice Iwu Zaara Accountancy Services  Patric munro, Key Consult Security Company Ltd., Tola Martins,, Plot 471, Adeola Howells Street Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria 23401.

Tara Dimas <>. Usman Bello Toal Lee Achan GRACE FOODS CO  LTD, 100 RUE MIDOMBO COTONOU - BENIN REPUBLIC , Grace Jimmy <>. Sabadell or Sabadel Diplomatic Company, Dublin. Barrister Samuel Ofori United Global Bank<>. Princess Yole Zongo, Bobo Gold exploration Community, Barr-Bobo Kingdom, Burkina Faso, West/Africa Warren & Kent Consultants Agency Ltd, Attorney Frank Wale. Solomon Brown  ANDREW A. MCELWEE, JR ANTON & PARTNERS Law Chambers London, Joel Miller, re EXL PHARMA. Fred Keloh <>. Miss Rosemary <> re Banque Atlantique, re Cardinal Théodore-Adrien Sarr.

Leslie Brown, Ifrance Nationwide International ICH,, . CSH Lome, Togo, Issa Williams. Sabastian Stevens  Rosana Omahra, Rue 6 BP 01 Cocody, Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire Skanska
Constructions Teteh Quarshie, Dr.Kenneth Orimili, Barrister Nana Kwesi , First national bank pty za,, Dr James Obi, ROYAL ERRAND DELIVERY LIMITED  JOAKIN COMPENSATION HOUSE, kelvin williams, Unity Trust Bank London,, . DANIELS CHUKWUEBUKE, AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK, Ghana, CHUBB INSURANCE COMPANY . Goliath Fortune Trust <>. MERIDIAN GOLD CO., INTER GLOBAL EXPRESS COURIER


Epex Resources Company, GRAPHIC TRUST DELIVERY SERVICES, 60 Great Ormond Street London, WC1N 3HR , U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) Gene L. Dodaro GAO Fraud Dept, 441 G Street NW Mail Stop 4T21 Washington, FBI.CYBERWATCH.UN@GMAIL.COM. BERKELEY SAFE DEPOSIT COMPANY Dr.Benard Odigo Joo Cawthra, Heir Trustees, Koko Adams, Lucas Davids <>. Chris Orji, Togo. Charles Robartson. Barr Vincent Johnson OLTANG & CO., Barrister Colton Woodruff,


Barrister Bryan, 15 MillmarkGroove SE14 6RL, Lagos, Nigeria, Britney Snipes <> , Dr. Richmond Habib Rev. Kelvin Opara Li Chin Wu,, Huaxia Bank. John Lim, Adanac Security & Vault Services Cotonou Benin  Alabi Steve <>. Barrister Remond Joseph, Remondlaw Solicitors Chambers, Nigeria. Asset Management & Finance Group, 51a High Street, Hanham, Bristol BS15 3DQ, Alexander Godson Ernest Gordon, E & G Consults Limited, Suite C, 29 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QR


Overseas Credit Commission (OCC) London HARRY OLAWALE, CAPITAL TRUST BANK PLC (CTB) Chief Mrs. Farida Mzamber Waziri, EFCC Investigation Office, Nigeria  BLISS Immigration Ltd, Carmen Bacho
<>. BERKELEY SAFE DEPOSIT COMPANY LIMITED, 85 CROMWELL ROAD, LONDON SW7 5RG, George Aberth, Heir Trustees,West London.  Lobal Security Company, London Charles Robartson George Ingle Dr Amos Adamu Barrister Martins Lanre,


CHARLES BROWN & ASSOCIATES, 1040 Oldham Rd, Newton Heath Manchester, M425FU,,  (hosted: Microsoft). MZANTSI AFRICA CHARITABLE FOUNDATION, 102 Rose bank close Alberton South  Africa, BANK NEGARA OF MALAYSIA, Dr Ahmed Yusuf Mohammed, P.PATRICK & PARTNERS 26 DORSET STREET, LONDON W1U 6QY. Dr. Richard Mark, Loewen International Trade Ltd, Dr. Anderson Moon, KARIM A. TRAORE, Dr. Evans Worherem, Unity Bank Plc, Plot 290A, Akin Olugbade Street Victoria Island, Lagos,

GOLD RIAMBRE MINNING (sic) FAMILY PROPERTY, ACCRA GHANA NO 26 ASHINTI WEST REGION, Dr Matan Joe, Inter-switch Unit, Payment settlement Center U.K., PERMATA BANK PLC, Sara Bagwell, ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIME COMMISSION (EFCC), Zurich Securiry Contant (sic) DR. STAN NGOBE, MZANTSI AFRICA CHARITABLE FOUNDATION , Dr George Mensah,  Ecowas Taskforce Parcel Drop International Ltd, PO Box 6979 , Roebuck Lane, Smethwick, West Midlands B66 1BN, UK  Roland Mathlodi

<>. Dr. Christopher Koroma. INTERCONTINENTAL TRUST FUND & INVESTMENT SERVICES,, (hosted: Microsoft). AFRI BANK OF NIGERIA PLC Alliance Assets and Capital, Standard Assets, INTERCONTINENTAL BANK PLC, . Sydney Smith <> . Dr.Christian Carmen, National Security/Diplomatic warehouse London, re British Apex Bank, Dr Omar Bin Suleiman, Dubai International Financial Centre, Rev. Father Tom Manu SPRING BANK PLC, Plot 143, Ahmadu Bello Way, Lagos, gilad caplin <>.

Rev. Daniel Parker,  ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIME COMMISSION (EFCC), Lagos Office Address 15A Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, London ? DR. LAWRENCE PEDRO, MANUSHOMEDELIVERY@GMAIL.COM. Kelly Mordi, Mrs Edgar Sarah  OIL AND GAS BOARD UNITED KINGDOM 345 ROCK WAY, OFF BDU CRESENT GARI - LONDON UK, . Realtor Bobby Acapagal Economistas Dr. Peter McWealth Alexandra de Keyser, Alexandra's Attorney 10 Upper Bank Street England E14 5JJ. Next Day Leisures Dr.Bright Kofi, ACCESS DELIVERY COMPANY GHANA LTD. PROF. ASHOK SODJE Bedford Williams Lt General Peter Olu ONWUEGBU JIAJA Barr. Emmanuel Kasie,


Bill & Maggie Housing Ltd, Crystal Trust Financial Company, Cotonou Republique Du Benin, . Childlove Charity & Orphanage, 47 St Georges Street, Douglas, Isle of Man IM1 1AJ, Barrister Robert Anderson  sister loyce DAJUJU, TASK FORCE FINANCIAL AGENCY LOME TOGO ,,  POSTCODE LOTERIJ, Bar Ramson Donile,, Albert Dang, Moses Okon,, Gaily Lee Lilian Gabar Peter Wong. Dr. Kelvin Clement <>. Gloria David, JD INDUSTRIES (Ltd) Khartoum, Barrister Linda Chukwudi ATM INC. S.L, Valencia,Spain,


Benedict Bawah, Nelman & Associates, Lomè Togo, Mathew Malinga REV DR KOFFI TAN  barrister John Marvin Kathrine Rutishauser, 3 Whitehall Crt, London SW1A 2EL, Total Quest Services Barrister Anthony Gates legal company, Manchester, Lee & Associates, 166 Borough High Street , London SE1 1JR UK, Tomo Sand Nori Raymond Turu Unicorn Chambers, re Festus Bakari, Benedict Bawah Barrister Daniel Amen WHITE STONE RESOURCE AND CONSULTANT SERVICES, 12 Rose bank close Alberton South, South Africa,


Bella King Rodriguez PACIFIC SECURITY S.L., Robert Mueller  Standard Chartered International Banking  PO Box 33244 , 54 Jermyn Street , London  SW1Y 6WL, United Kingdom . PRIYA UPPILI, 41 Leicester Square, London  WC2H 7LA. Alexandra de Keyser,  John Bosco Hendrietta Bogopane Zulu Dr. Gabriel Adams, (contact made via DR DORA AKUNYILI Morris Bellack <>. Rev. Julius K. Benson, DIAMOND GROUP BANK UK (DGB), Bellack Morris <>. Rev. Edward Johnson AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK, George Moses, Linda F. Akeem Barrister Neil Maybury (Elite Chambers) 4 Royal Mint Court, London EC3N 4HJ, , (hosted: RoyalBank Group, China Merchants Bank


United Nations Human Settlements Programme, UN-HABITAT, re United Parcel Service Nigeria LTD,  Plot 781 Emeka Anyaoku Street Area Eleven Garki FCT-Abuja Nigeria Tony Ray <>. James Nico , 1 Old Farm Offices, Maiden Lane Crayford, Dartford Da1 4lx UK, Mbeki Lucas, Madrid Spain, aka DON LUIS GILA B A N C A J A SECURITY & FINANCE S.L., Heir Hunters Company BARRISTER JONATHAN WOODGATE, Godwin Peter Francis, Dmitry Prokopenko <>. Rev Dr Joseph Tebus,,, BANQUE INTERNATIONALE DU BENIN. Sibson Segal (UK) Ltd, 71 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6EA, aka alfred rem <>.


David Green, re Skylink Security Services, 18 Gordon Street, London. LLOYDS FLORISH FINANCE, 16 GLEN ASHCOURT ROAD, MIDDLESEX LONDON , Cater Allen Private Bank
Abbey House 9 Nelson Street, Bradford, BD1 5AN,, (hosted: Qualisteam Bank Plc., 287 High Holborn, Chancery Lane, WC1V 7HZ England .  alfredo zeccoli <>. Barrister Oscar Jumon, Ecobank Benin. COLLINS EDWARD & ASSOCIATES LONDON,


MINISTRY OF NIGER DELTA AFFAIRS <>, MADAWI ATASSI, BANK OF AFRICA, Barrister Carlos Albeda,, aka WORLD BANK Projects Financier <>, (hosted: DOMAINCONTROL.COM). Bank Of Africa, Abidjan- Cote D’ Ivoire, (hosted:  Kevin Sankoh


OCEANIC BANK PLC, 270, OZUMBA MBADIWE AVENUE , P. O. BOX 75073, VICTORIA ISLAND, LAGOS, NIGERIA, Aaron Nuriski Barrister MAX AUDLEY & ASSOCIATES ,, 33 Bedford Row , London WC1R 4JH. Barrister Adams Koffi <>. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Aminu A. Babakusa Dr. Rodrick Branford, Citi Bank of Africa (Nigerian Branch). Bright Adewale ESKOM HOLDINGS LIMITED, Paul Jacobs Maroga, Greg Lefchak Prisca Andrew Centre Hospitalier Universel 4-1 Rue Des Youpougon 17BP, 1246 ABJ17 Abidjan-Cote D'Ivoire . FRANK ONYECHI


SKYNET COURIER & DISPATCH SERVICES, DR. PETER McWEALTH , WORLD FUND DISCOVERY MANAGEMENT AND PAYMENT BUREAU Paragon Legal Chambers & Solicitors, Barr. James Coldwell, Fondation BORIS IVANVOSKI,  <>. PARCEL EXPRESS COURIER SERVICES Dr. Paul Vancio, Akin George Taylor. Mrs.Siti Razi Fati, Aek Udon International Hospital, 555/5 Posri Road, SULEIMAN BIN IBRAHIM SHERATTE CALEB & Co Solicitors, 54 FLEET STREET, LONDON EC4Y 1JU, DX: 495 LONDON,

Gloria Pattugalan, Nestoria Vasquez Reveloa.  IBTC MICRO FINANCE Ladonna Wolford . BARRISTER ESTEVAN NORBERTO, 143 STRAND, LONDON WC2R 1AP, Barrister Wong Steven Lambert Wells <>. Green Card scam Deborah Kaiser <>. GLOBAL DISPATCH GHANA, RICHARD BOABENG, Standard Bank Singapore, Khalid Othman (hosted: 

Klose Smart <>. Rev. Pastor Gaius M. Okorie DR ADEMOLA JOHNSON, INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND, NIGERIA DAVID VELOO RASALINGAM , Nigeria.  Captain Carlos Bruno Bec Foundation <>. Dr Omar Bin Sulaiman, Dubai International Finance Centre, Barrister Kevin Elliot <>. Lady Sylvia Ströher,, Barrister Jones Shealy Jeffrey A. Volk, Global Agency and Trust Services, ABSA BANKING GROUP, Johannesburg 2002,


RAYMOND VIEIRA <>. OKILO LAW FIRM, Charles Ogunde MACQUARIE BANK LIMITED, NIGERIA, TRIUMPH C. ONYEALI, Mrs. Zubaidah Binti Ahmad Shaarani  <>. BRITANNIA SECURITY GROUP LTD., Kelvin Garvey, Brandon Darlington Bernard Morgan <>. Joe Malema Triodos Worldwide Bank, United Kingdom, Torrobull & Associates, JA Chambers, Plot 348 High Court Road, Cotonou,  Benin Repubic - West Africa, Barrister Ray McKay Smith Barry <>. Post Bank iKobo Visa card, Barr. Ray Darrick,, re Sir Martin Wilczek. Kryne Ekot, OGLIVY ASSOCIATES AND CHAMBERS, 38 CHARTERHOUSE SQUARE LONDON EC1M 6EQ, Barrister Charles Ogunde, OKILO LAW FIRM.


NOTARIS, MANCHESTER. Sir Amelina Diva, Guaranty Trust bank (Ghana) Ltd, Dr Aliko Taylor Patricia Runs

Charlton Solicitors 14, Liverpool Terrace, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 1TQ,, visa lottery. George Boka . Michael Arokodare CHARLES AKABOGU, LAGOS - NIGERIA Zenith Bank Plc, Jim Ovia , Swift express international,
Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia ERIC ROBERT JNR  THOMAS ADAMS Salamon & Wayne LLP Joshpine Ezechukwu, Andrew Tweedie Dr Lance Sullivan

Chin Kwo UNIPOL MERCHANT BANCA Mou Xinsheng REV. JOHN NANA, ECOWAS FUND,, BRITISH AIRWAYS WORLD CARGO, NIGERIA BRANCH, JOHN TONY, Access Bank UK Limited, 4 Royal Court Gadbrook Park, Northwich Cheshire CW9 7UT, Hon Jerry Leo, Seair Service BEE LINE COURIER SERVICE, Nigeria, Gary Gifford. Dr. Charles Marbury Aladou Musa <>. BARRISTER LUKEMAN HARUNA, . Robert Idowu,, re 10 specialist road, Gwagwalada, Abuja FCT, 23409 Nigeria re BEC Foundation
Cabot Place West, Canary Wharf, London  ACHA STORES LTD, Barry Chukwu,  Cotonou, Rep.of Benin. Engr Bamuda Mchanty Mortage Pharmaceutical Company, MONOLINE -X -100, ORANGE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY PLC,  ISMAILA ABBAS, AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK(A.D.B) Ouagadougou Burkina Faso,  Pedro Costa, Thomas Mersey <>. 

Rev Moses Saintjohncatholic Church SIR OZO ISAAC, Ben Edem Dr. Barry Slim, Rev. Chris Quaye,,  Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, Accra, Kotoka Airport, Ghana. HAWKSEC MANAGEMENT LIMITED re Leban Group Iraq.  DONTAI CLARKE SOLICITORS AND CHAMBER, 108 BRONDESBURY PARK LONDON, NW2 5JN UK

BARRISTER FESTUS DUKE CHAMBERS, Nigeria, danny albert <>. Captain Scott J Wright <>. George Boka . Helen Robinson, 606 The Chandlery, 50 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7QY, re Donald Kalani Smith Elvira Ninita GRANDDIAMOND FINANCIAL BANK UK Williams Victor Barthos (Dr.) jansen robert <>, Fifa License Agent London Uk. 

McCracken Florin Rev Father  Nwaeke Henry,  4 Ikeja drive dolphins Lagos-Nigeria  Thomson Olga, Cater Allen Private Bank, Abbey House, 9 Nelson Street, Bradford BD1 5AN, Senator Daniel Chuks, George Boka Morgan ChidiEbere <>. Hall Turner Ali & Co. Associates Chambers , P. O. Box GP 160, 43 Nkrumah Road, Accra, Ghana,

Barr. Jeremiah Zuber Fred Amata, Economic and Financial Crime Commission Office, ProvidenceTrust Janos Petalos The InterGovernment Action
Group Commission against Fraud/Compensation Fraud Victims. (IAGAFC)  Cordnator (sic) Ubakah Marcus, Rev. Kane Iva, JERRY NTAI , Mevas Bank, Hong Kong, Lamido Sanusi , Central bank of Nigeria Al Tamim Khalifa

Abogados – lawyers Calle Castillo nє 21 pta. 6є, 46009, Valencia – Espaсa (sic) General John Bato, Kotoka International Airport Accra Ghana

Michael Neufeld & Associates, (hosted:  DR.NELSON ZUMA <>. SMITH BROWN & SPRAWSON SOLICITORS 46 HIGH STREET, BEDFORDSHIRE, LU6 3HE NELSON MODISE <>. PROF. DAVID BROWN, INLAND TRUST BANK OF NIGERIA, Mrs Chiamaka Eze, vivi douglass <>. Express Courier, Benin, <> . Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal George Boka .

Susan Patrick REV.DR. UCHE IDE, Kenneth Drury, 138, Antigua Carretera Ojo, Agboju,,,,, Tara Muldock MICHAEL LULU <>. Adekunle Elvis CBNBANK@NIG.NET. Ken B.Manzoor, F & C Fund Management Ltd, (OEICS) PO Box 9040 Chelmsford, Essex CM99 2XH, . Rueben Ogala,

Anita Seither <>. Crystal Bank Plc ANDERSON AND ANDERSON SOLICITORS, 149 PLUMSTEAD ROAD LONDON, SE18 7DY, Ray Darrick Solicitors <>. DR SANUSI LAMIDO Central Bank of Nigeria, Tinubu Square, Lagos - Nigeria . The Oriental Founder Import & Export Co., Ltd.,  Floor 3, Hengda Building ,Luopu Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Tseng Tzu-Jung, Chong Hing Bank Limited, 347-349 Des Voeux Rd, West, HK Coleman & Jakes Solicitors MRS.FARIDA MZAMBER WAZIRI . Dinther Helmut Udo. DR. ADAMS KOJO, INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL BANK KUMASI BRANCH GHANA, Frank Sim, BROCKHAM COTTAGE SILVERHILL, ROBERTSBRIDGE, EAST SUSSEX, United Kingdom TN32 5PA UK. ONWUEGBU JIAJA, Elvira Ninita, SANUSI LAMIDO CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA. Koelner Bank <>. Bill Harris Chambers, 101 Victoria Avenue, Johannesburg South Africa, Cynthia Coker

TS2 Satellite Provider - Technologie Satelitarne, Thuraya - SG-2520 Handset, ALEXANDER THAMBO & ASSOCIATES, Sentirium Kent Avenue, Randburg, Johannesburg , VAULTING FINANCE AND LOGISTIC COMPANY UK , Alhaji Mustapha Kamaradin Brinks Ireland Ltd, Nelson Brown United Parcel Service Nigeria LTD Plot 781 Emeka Anyaoku Street Area Eleven Garki FCT-Abuja Nigeria, Lee, Duk-yong 123-1, Jugyo-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea  REV.COM.IMFD FINANCE.  aka Nelson Brown.

Dr .Smith Papi, St.Andrew hospital, 10 Kings Drive road, Ikeja ,Lagos, 23401 Nigeria. Madame Abertha Brumel, Dr.Chukwu Emeka SIR.STEVE KEEN KOFFON . Premier Asset Trust & Securities Limited . Barrister Mat Oto, vivian coulibaly  <>.

Akerele, Olatunde, Oceanic Bank Nigeria Barr. Paul Tapper,, Chartlands Chambers, 3 St Giles Terrace, Northhamton NN1 2BN. Dr. John Okoko .  St. Andrew Hospital, Nigeria, Dan Kwambo Accountant General Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria TNT On-Line Customer Service, 6 Pages Walk, Bermondsey, London SE1 4SB,  re Bob Conerly , 89 Mersey Road, Park Lloyd, London, E17 5LA, United Kingdom, Lt General Mamman Phillips S.O. LAMBO & COMPANY, 211 QUEENS DRIVE IKOYI, LAGOS Kufe Jokoh Robert Lintz, re 6706 Jennifer Lynn Dr. Cincinnati , OH 45208 . Charles Platiau, , David Cole, Wales Bank Limited UK, (hosted: Microsoft) . Barrister Hill Brown,  Plot 102 Jbse Island Avenue,Kparakou Benin Republic.  JOHNSON & LOWRY CHAMBERS 7 Pilgrim Street, London EC4V 6LB, Chris Miersch . JJW Consults Inc 7 Lancaster Road, Cressex Business Park, High Wycombe HP12 3QP Buckinghamshire, UK,

Fake climate conference scam: Global Warming & Climate Change Network Conference, GWCCN 09,,, Hyde Park Hotel,, Rev. Cyril Foster

More fake conference scams: 

 Commonwealth Regional Law Conference, NIGERIA,  MDI Economic & Technology Conference,  GLOBAL HEALTH ORGANIZATION . conference against RACISM and the Benefit of HUMAN WELFARE in U.S.A and DAKAR SENEGAL WEST AFRICA,, Y. Cheong, BARR. DAVID MOYA, SUNPEX CHAMBERS,  Humanitarian Welfare Organization (HWO), . UN 10th International Conference & Exposition ( MDGs 2015 Challenges And Perspectives ) International Convention Centre London , 26th-29th May, 2009, (hosted: DOMAINCONTROL.COM). United Nations Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Development (23 - 26 June 2009, London United Kingdom), , World Humanitarian Organization <>, WGCC Conference & Expo 09 , Dr Andi Knox, 70 Old Church Road London E4 8BX, London,  (hosted: FREEHOSTIA.COM). bogus UK "green building" conference WORLD YOUTH ORGANIZATION FOR HUMAN WELFARE (WYOFHW), Sylvia Koroma, International Global youthforum,,  Royal Suite Hotels, re Global Health Organization, (hosted: REDIFFMAILPRO.COM, India).  WORLD CONFERENCE ON HIV/AIDS ERADICATION, ROYAL SUITE HOTEL, (hosted: Marilyn Batan, Global Symposium of Peaceful Nations, aka aka WGCC Conference & Expo, Dr Andi Knox, 70 Old Church Road London E4 8BX, London, Rev. Phillips Graham, Dr. Daleep Mukarji, Christian Aid,

BARR.PAUL RICHARD, Terry Waya Chambers, 409 Norton burg, Accra ,Ghana - West Africa . JOHNSON ENGINEERING COMPANY, 26, V-Island Road, Ikeja Avenue, Lagos-Nigeria, Wilson Ziege Druv Matindale,

GOVT. OFFICIALS WELFARE ORGANISATION (GOWO) K-36-B, SHIEKH SERAI PHASE-II, NEAR SHAHID BHAGAT SINGH COLLEGE, NEW DELHI, Capt. Jerry Oligovich Peterson (hosted: NAME-SERVICES.COM). JACOB CRAIG AND ASSOCIATES, UK-ENGLAND, (hosted:, Luxembourg). ANTHROPE THOMAS, (hosted: Melbourne IT, Ltd., MITDNS.NET). Johnson And Lowry Chambers <> 7 Pilgrim Street, London EC4V 6LB, Barrister Markus Wolfgang, Jurgen Krugger.

KALEEM RIZVI, LAGOS, NIGERIA, 18/109 OKPEBI AVE, SUIT:67/100,  FedEx & World Tropic Courier delivery_parcel@fedextropic-courier. Bassy Williams, ANGOSITY SECURITY COMPANY, HERBERT WIG WE ACCESS BANK OF NIGERIA PLC Governor James Ibori SCAMMED VICTIMS PAYMENT CENTRE, LAGOS NIGERIA  Gary William , Continental Bank Plc <>, Plot 270 Herbert Macaulay Way, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria .  Sonia Mohamed KELLY KANE  James Ibori SEBI JOHNSON <>. Irene Lauran

Mary Ellaine Manguerra Villanueva, BANCO DE ORO UNIVERSAL BANK, 12 ADB AVENUE, ORTIGAS CENTER, MANDALUYONG CITY PHILIPPINES,,, John Churston Rendle, Nationwide International Bank (NWIB) 46 Portman Square, London, UNITED KINGDOM W1H 6LZ,,,, Barr. Frank. P. Wem, FRANK WEM & ASSOCIATES, SOLICITORS & PRACTITIONERS, 107 - 113 Stanstead Road, Forest Hill, London, UNITED KINGDOM SE23 1HH,

BARRISTER ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON CHAMBERS, BLK 12, Shield Road, Ashford, Middx, TW15 1AU, London, . Mitchell Rothwell, F & C Fund Management Plc., Exchange House, Primrose Street,
London, EC2A 2NY, Chief Wole Olanipekun (SAN) .

late Mr. Leonnard H. Wilson, Commercial Bank of Eritrea- Medeber Branch, Beatrice V. Joyce, re Scotland Bank , No: 78b The North Colonnade , Canary Wharf, London E14 4BB , Patrick Doumbia Advocate Brian Varies

Dr. Carlos D Alfonso, BREAKTHROUGH SECURITY S.L., iKobo Inc, Godfrey Jones, Chairman ICPC Nigeria, Miss Princess Joy Opoti,, . ZENITH BANK, COMPENSATION UNIT, Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) William Wood, Rex Bode,  Atlantic Oil & Gas
Corporation, Dr. Ahmed Samba, Central Bank of Nigeria . Clifford Momah  Patrick Doumbia . Bee Ies <>.

BARRISTER IQBAL SIKANDER Santos Slyvia Dossou, Santos Legal chambers, Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire,, Mohammad Abdul, NATIONAL EQUITY BANK, FEDERAL INLAND SECURITY COMPANY,


BRIAN & ASSOCIATES, 18 Garden Groove (sic) Avenue, Pretoria, South Africa, Cheung Pui  Dr.Ahmed Salim Peacock Consultancy Inc., 83, House esplanade, New Jersey, London Brant W. Bishop, 453 Lykensey Knoll Crescent, London EC3A 8AF BIGNELL.C Patrick Doumbia, SOCIETE GENERALE DE BANQUES EN -RCI.

UNION BANK OF NIGERIA, KINGSLEY AKAMADU, PETERS AND ASSOCIATES ATTORNEYS AT LAW No. 13 Akei Avenue, Lome Togo Barrister Morgan Afam ,, 13, Zion Street, Ikeja Lagos Nigeria. Tony Smith, Stanbic IBTC Bank, Sokoto, Northern Nigeria YUSUF BIN MOHD AND ASSOCIATES,  TAMMAN WAJA RASAK 56050 KUALA-LUMPUR MALAYSIA

Pasco Security, Nigeria, Steven Egwe, (hosted: MYSUCCESSHOST.COM).  KAMAL HISHAM & ASSOCIATES (hosted:  Dr Arince Soglo Vincent Cheng Hoi Chuen, ABD. GANI CHE MAN & CO , Kuala Lumpur Barr. Oliver Page  Rose Zimbela, Lubumbashi , Congo DRC . Putin Chaw  Captain Martin Albert - US Army In Iraq (Can I Trust You) . Barr. Johnson Harry, CENTERAL BANK OF NIGERIA PLC. Benin Oil and Gas Company, Simon Peddy (hosted: SERVE-HOSTING.NET). World Meteorological Organization Lottery (hosted:

DANIEL KOMAN Johnson Okoli Jim Ovia  ak Barr Daniel Frasher Rajan R. Berry Conley McMullin Tang Kam Sun Femi Martins rof Benjamin Edmund Chambers, Manchester M27 5FX,

CITY CAPITAL FINANCE BANK, 11 The Promenade, Clifton, Bristol bs8 3nn, <>,, re yaacov
lipsky, Nigeria re mark miller , palmgrove , lagos, nigeria. KENT OXFORD DR ASHOK SODJE Alhaji Umaru Musa Yara'dua GCFR,FRCN,NGR,  Nigeria, Johnson Harry legal chambers, Newcastle, . William Hartwell
Zurich Management Services Limited,  HARTWELL@MAIL.MN. ALHAJI MANSUR MUHTAR
HONORABLE MINISTER OF FINANCE, Mme joy amah, Frank Akimbo, Bully Faruk Paul Soulsby Williamson LL.B, 16 PRIORY GARDENS, BERKHAMSTED, HERTS HP4 2DS, . Jibril Aku Peter Mageza

DR. VALENTINE CAPRABO Samah Shemmari  aka Barr. Sammy Ekwems , Union Togolaise Du Banque(UTB) MALDEZ FALCULT , ayo yinka <>, GEORGE BRIGGS,, fake nanny job offer. PROF.ASHOK SODJE, CHATERED WIRE BANK,  David Bamko ANTI NIGERIA SCAMS Edina Coulibaly, Lot 72 Avenue 5 Trechville Abidjan, aka re BICICI BANK, (hosted: DNSITALIA.NET, Genesys Informatica srl) Karen Farkosh,  Chief Fred Eze, Nigeria .  Michael Ndanusa,   Nigeria, Sir. Clarence Dexter Jr., Sir Hudson Emmy Ruth Abanmi, Pius Abanmi,, re BHCI online Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire, 5 et 7,22 Avenue Joseph Anoma 01 BP 2325 Abidjan 01 Cote D'Ivoire SWIFT:BHCI CIABXXX.

 l’UNION ECONOMIQUE MONETAITRE OUEST AFRICAINE – Abidjan, Audrick Delrick, UEMOA - CAIXA FINANCE INTERNATIONAL ESPANA , NATTER GUNTER  Amalgamated Bank of London re Freedom 55 Insurance Co.   Samuel Dlovu, from Liberia, a Refugee in Bakassi Penninsular ... . Dr Kenneth Kwaku, United Parcel Service Nigeria LTD, Plot 781 Emeka Anyaoku Street, Area Eleven Garki FCT-Abuja Nigeria , Richard Anderson RIZA PERLA, BANCO DE ORO UNIVERSAL BANK,

  FedEx® COURIER SERVICES, Cleve Cole WILLIAM CHAMBERS 60 Seven Sisters Road, London NW2 3PZ, Barrister William Palmer Govt-Stimulus <> (hosted: ABLETOEYGROW.COM). ALINCO SECURITY COMPANY DR.NORMAN ANDRADE, MUTUA MADRID SECURITIES Diwad John Garang Anthony Aka aka  AISHA KABILA Democratic Republic of Congo, Benedicto Sanchez, Micheal Coxon, 25 Highfield Road, West Bridgford NG2 6DT

Frank Supply, 1707 East James Pasco, WA 99301 Ryzard Keppner Chambers 4th Floor Thavies Inn House 3-4 Holborn Circus London EC1N 2HA Vape Foundation Via Gramsci, 41 40050 Funo (Bologna) Italy BARRISTER FESTUS DUKE BARSOLKING COURIER SERVICE Gloria Waziri , Desmond Uba LULU MENSAH,WESTERN UNION DEPARTMENT, FINANCIAL BANK BENIN,

Dr. Peter McWealth , World Fund Discovery Management And Payment Bureau, Amos Utuama Rahman Sule  Chief (Governor) James Ibori

United Parcel Service Limited (UPS)  Plot 781 Emeka Anyaoku Street Area New Garki FCT-Abuja Nigeria Solomon Ngige Dr. George Shimizu, . Alex Tunde <>. FedEx - World-Tropic Courier Services International (hosted: PIPNI.CZ). kristen ddailyonals <>. Ben Ayodele  Michael Neudeck & Associates c/o CBN ROYAL ERRAND DELIVERY LIMITED Nigeria BRIGHT OMAH Nicolas Michel (hosted: NAME-SERVICES.COM).

WIGAN CONSULTANCY OFFICE  (football agent scam) Francombe Jordan <>.

Dr. Joe Dubem, H.O.O, Afro Arts and culture designers Co. Ltd Exactmax (Hongkong) Industry Holdings Limited Lee Chin Wilson Barrister Melson David. Guarantee Trust Finance,  10th Floor, Manara Boustead, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur , Dr. Abdul Mohammed EZE KEMEFUNA ANTHONY. Rapidcourier Ltd
<>. Dr Bankole Williams

Sir Roland Brains, Western Union, Donald Miller,  24 sherif street Cairo Egypt, (hosted: Yahoo). BANCO DE ORO UNIVERSAL BANK, MANDALUYONG CITY PHILIPPINES, . Christopher Arrand Chamber's Partner DLA Piper UK LLP Victoria Square House,
Victoria Square Birmingham B2 4DL, Ehab Elbalawi Dr. Simon Perez, Dr. Wakawa Soglo DHL Nigeria Head Office,  70 International Airport Road,  Mafoluku, Lagos re ZENITH BANK PLC Dr. Mike Egini Robert Ian McDonald Hornsby, Head Investigation Panel, HSBC Bank Plc, Canada Square, London E14 5HQ, DR. MUNSUR MUTHAR,, NIGERIAN FEDERAL MINISTRY OF FINANCE, NO 12 EDIDI LANE IDUMOTA LAGOS.

B.P4245 WEST AFRICA Bantos Chikolo Omar Abdul-Razzaq,  Kuala Lumpur, Carrick Monroe, NATIONWIDE BANK OF ENGLAND, (hosted: NAME-SERVICES.COM). Pius Eromosele <>. "BARCLAYS BANK" (hosted: "HSBC PLC" (hosted: NAME-SERVICES.COM). 


GILFORD & ASSOCIATES, AVENUE DE SOKODE, 2028. LOME TOGO . Justin Daniel <> aka  Full Scope Inc.
5601 6th Ave Seattle, Dr. Ojo Maduekwe, WEMACO PAYMENT OFFICE, DR OSITA UDOGADI Adekunle Elvis Karen Cole Frank Muller & Associates  


Dr. Raymond C. Obieri, Intercontinental Bank PLC, Central Bank Of Nigeria (hosted: Microsoft). Mrs. Gloria Caldwell Nyah Bursin, DIMEJI BANKOLE (Foreign Payment Remittance Officer) Onyema Nathan, Abc Abrazz Business Consulting Ltd., Nigeria Sgt. George Udehkwaski, Morgan Makumbe Henry Iwueke, Bank Of Africa Benin-Republic Barrister Ricardo Portal (Estudio Juridico Castellana )

Sgt. Jeff Frawley Benjamin Ghanemy  re United Assets Management Uk, BANCO DE ORO UNIVERSAL BANK Annan Shipping Company Limited, Mike Fish, Barrister Willian Burns, Willian Burns Chambers & Associates 12 Rue Blvd Lome-Togo West Africa FEDERAL INLAND SECURITY, Orin Prosser Frank Collins,  207 Monston Lane Park 407 MJ Leyland ,, David Moore & Associates, Suite 14, Millers Yard, Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1RQ.  BARR WILLY VAN WILLY CHIKA ATELI, 4 cooperation drive dolphins Lagos-Nigeria,  : Ryan Douglas <> . Ian Fuller, Strategic Assets and Capital Services. GREG TUKKY

<> (football agent scam).  James Okuku,  DR DANIEL SMITH (host: aka (host: Dr. Michael W. Richards Miss Madinah Abed OFFSHORE SERVICES CENTRE Martin Forcier <>, Bureau-ci Chronoposte Maurice Wohl Foundation Dave <>. U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) Gene L. Dodaro, GAO Fraud NET 441 G Street NW Mail Stop 4T21 Washington, DC 20548, Rose Brown,  2 Shitu Close, Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria 23401. DANIEL Eric, re un cancer métastatique, Global Travels International, GTI Management Suzuki Yasuhiro <> re SABADELL  ATLANTICO PRIVATE OFFSHORE BANK. Paul Koller <>. JOHN HEAH & CO., 1ST FLOOR, MUTIARA I & P NO.47 GREENHALL 10200 PENANG MALAYSIA . WILSON DLAMINI Barr. George Reuben Chambers

INTERNET FRAUD MONITORING AGENCY (IFMA) re Badiru Abidemi Adeyinka, Tomas Frederiksberg, Abbey Bank Plc London, Steven Pallin  re 550 Sheridan Square #2G, Evanston, IL 60202   Debora Dominic Andrew Ngugi Hermann, Curzado & Associates, Madrid,, Dr. Martin Fernando Torres re Mr. Donatus Malachi.  Thomson G. Frey Sgt. Derrick Huther aka  DR. ADENUGA JACOB Lasco Finance And Security Company, Barr. Elisus Dike Anita Yousuf PROFESSOR CHARLES C.SOLUDO Bintu Momoh <>.

Benard M Radebe  aka Johnson Allen Kuffo CENTRAL BANK/UNITED NATIONS SCAM VICTIMS COMPENSATION PAYMENT. Financial Bank Benin, Moses Kwaku Neto Frits Seegers re Barclays Bank, Roben Chuks E. DHL Delivery Niclas Wembleyston MONEYCORP FINANCE AND TRUST COMPANY ( Valencia Branch)

Peter Lane, (host: Yahoo). DR BRUNO UWA,  International Commercial Bank Ghana, Paul Owusu. BANCO DE ORO UNIVERSAL BANK, MANDALUYONG CITY PHILIPPINES, United Assets Management UK Citigroup International fake soccer agent re UK visa. Ibrahim Haatso sarah Wil <> BEEPLOG Security company NAIL WHITE, P. O. BOX 738, Eagle Court 75 King Street, Hammersmith London, W6 9HY re Agent Lavine F. Ferdon. HARNIZ A. RANI

PLATBA A PŘEVODY, Kanada náměstí, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AE, Anglie, OSN, Capt Richard S. Williams, Raymond Osaze, Dukes Consulting Firm, (host: Yahoo). Harry Jantamanta
3 Whitehall Court, London, SW1A 2EL, (host:  Financial Control Agency . ECO BANK PLC, Lagos.

BLUE DART COURIER COMPANY, Johnson J. Watts, JJW Consults Inc., 7 Lancaster Road, Cressex Business Park, High Wycombe HP12 3QP, Pappy Quarsh,  Sheriff Bangura, Maxwell Khumalo,,  DR. OCHA MIJAD, TOGO REPUBLIC, FEDEX COMPANY, SIR (DR) MIKE OKIRO, Jon Maxwell, Fairbairn Private Bank, Jersey, Mrs.Lilia Liclican

Victor Anthony, Valiant Privat Bank AG, Postfach, 3001 Bern, Switzerland, Helene Heather Thomson Sneddon Felix Eze Steve Bruno,, Bank of Africa. DR AKUMA , GLOBAL SPEED COURIER COMPANY, James Murray Chamber & Co., SkillsClear Immigration, Work Permit and Visa Services  re Highly Skilled Migrant Programme ( HSMP UK),  Rapid Grants Solutions Num Xport Limited,, (host: FREESERVERS.COM). OKECHUKWU Spring Trust Bank Financial & Services (FSTB) (host: Freehostia, registrant: Uchechukwu Ugo,, 4 Egba street Cement bus stop, Ikeja, LA 11111, Nigeria.)

OCEANIC BANK PLC WESTERN UNION,  Edward Hoffman, BARCLAYS BANK, World Bank Group, LONDON, Robert S. Mueller, III  72 Western Avenue Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria. Barr. Francis Willington <>. Donald Kaberuka, Rev Kampson Lars Colin Alderman, Barlow Robbins LLP, 55 Quarry Street, Merseyside , Liverpool, L25 6EZ, Stephen Osagiede Oronsaye, re Dr. Usman Shamsuddeen, (host: . Swanton Abbot, Investment & Trust Finance Ltd., (host:, (host: Microsoft) re A & S Consulting Ltd., UK.  Jennifer Azizzatu <>. Abc Abrazz Business Consulting Ltd., Adeola Hopewell Street, Nigeria,  Steve Thompson <>. Wachovia Bank, NA London ezra monye mrs <>. Patrick Summer re wachovia bank Christian Duke  Edward Appa <>. Bamba Mamadou, SGBCI, Abidjan,, Florence Emonyon, Dr. Aristide Nguessan. UBA GROUP PLC Rev. Patrick Elvis . Bond Courier And Security Company Pastor Chris Boom

Ms. Luzann Ray LIDA KOUASSI JULIUS MANGA , RAND MERCHANT BANK, Max Fofana , Bank of Africa Dr. Daniel Gros   E.N.E.P.R.I Jasmine Awa Joseph Burton <>. Barrister Tan Sifida Razak, Mayer Brown & Watford Duncan Pastures, Noel Morsen, Barroda Finance Amsterdam, Atiku Abubakar JOHN TONY,  Lasco Finance, security & Sec. Services , Benin, . MR. BLESSED DIGO Prof Charles Soludo, (host: NAME-SERVICES.COM, , Registrar: ENOM, INC.) ASCO SECURITY COMPANY, Mark Radebe Dr. Harry Jubryl Wilson Ibia Jnr Steven Dowell <>. INTERNATIONAL BANK OF BENIN,,

ALINCO SECURITY COMPANY, FRED GEORGE, UNITED NATION EMISSARY, re  ANDREW FRANCIS SVENKESON , NIGERIA APEX BANK. Imperial Finance House Limited, London Adekunle Elvis Agnes Jonas Savimbi . Dr.Isa Dagogo, Dr Ben Elem <>.

Chief Justice Idris Legbo Kutigi , Supreme High Court Of Nigeria  (host: Microsoft). ARNOLD EKPE, ECO BANK INTL. PLC, (host: Dr. Mike Unwonbodo central bank of Nigeria (CBN) Major Samuel Kebelo, Catherine Nola (Mrs) Rev Dr Hilary Dibor,  James Serven <>. Mrs. Susan Walter, Barrister Nathan David Mrs Kofoworola Johnson (registered: Durubata Imole Ajiboye, Lagos, Nigeria. Hosted:, Cy Taiwo Omotayo, Okeira Ogba, Ikeja, Nigeria). 

Codi A Koloske Barrister Wale Tessinro, Wale & Co. Chambers, 33 Oluwa Street, Ikeja, Lagos - Nigeria, Dr. Francis Okumagba, Chief Tony Anenih,

Leard Walter,  Plot 150 pmb Marine Lagos island 23401 Nigeria Faegre & Benson LLP, UK, Henry MIKE PAKER <>, WEST PEDERSEN & ASSOCIATES LONDON, NETO MOSES KWAKU Sir. Stephen Obanyeli Reverend Robert Kite re EXCO FINANCE. BARRISTER ABDUL RAMAN <>. Monaliza Jonbo. Novell Frances Anne. George Chidi Michael Miller, . World Travel Solutions UK Ltd, BARRISTER CLAMENT BALI <>. Chief Ofori Apomsah, from Ghana, JAMES DUGO <>.

Barrister Mike Kiyamo Piget, Piget Chambers London , 16 Norman Williams Street, Francis Osie,  9-10 Obrafour avenue, Legon district, Accra - Ghana Eddy Kasdian, Bradford Coopers Consultancy Ltd. UK., C/O Dept.Of Offshore Mortgage Services, Dr. Harry Jubryl WC2 3UE Eric Erickson, ELVIS TANKO, . Morgan's Law Firm, 3 Warwick Road, London SW1E 5ER ,, re (host: NETFIRMS.COM).

Mark Moyo <>. Richard Gilbert QC and Associates
2 Bedford Row London, WC1R 4BU,, Cater Allen Private Bank .  John Wiltod re Barclays, Barrister Ronald Fletcher Baker,  Lady Agatha Shaw Senator U. Udoma, David Mark, Nigeria Victor Uba, Max Delivery Courier Company Benin Republic, .

Charles Arrand , DLA Piper UK LLP, Victoria Square House, Victoria Square
Birmingham B2 4DL, Jim Ovia, aka Barrister Fernandez Calton, Chukwunonso Ezebuilo. BARRISTER LOUIS KAKA Clinton Dan, Financial Bank Benin, AGENT ANTHONY Marcei Consults Inc., Nottingham  NG7 6LH, Cena Leonardo Gristmill Inv.Company . bishop parrker <>.,, Nigeria.


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HOMELAND SECURITY Lewis D. Akwesi Jet Fellows Ben Well <>. jeanne bliss <>,  <>. Rev.Thomas Greg, 1004 mascot House, Victoria Island  (West Africa) Rev. Winter Walter


DONKA BEN Owusu Edem Collins Ego Faegre & Benson LLP, Barrister Femi Oghene BARRISTER IWAYA OJODU,  JAMES KALU ECO BANK (host: Microsoft). 

INC International Law Firm London, Sir. Tods Murray DR. JIM OVIA , PlatinumHabib Bank Plc Kristen Heather Investment Finance Plc, London W1S 4LU. Dr Bonny Way, Richard Choong, Maybank Malaysia,, . .


WILLIAMS OKORO, Vital Finance Bank, Western Union Department, Plot 1261, Adeola Hopewell Street CO/B/REP, Nigeria, DR. EZE AYUGO, re KINGSLEY DOMINIC, Nigeria. Charles Arrand <>, DLA Piper UK LLP , Victoria Square House, Victoria Square, Birmingham B2 4DL. Richard Coker Chambers, LONDON SE16 3NZ re Global Credit Finance PLC (Yahoo).    


Dr. Francis Okumagba, Henning Hansen EMMANUEL ADE AKACHANWA, TOP CHRONO COURIER COMPANY, Benin, BARRISTER ROBERT KING Ed Bertolas Associates Inc

JAMES KALU ADEYEMI OLAOLU, 20, STATE HOSPITAL ROAD, OFF RING ROAD, IBADAN, OYO STATE, NIGERIA  23402. Becky Fidller Citigroup Grant Aid ( Barrister Joley Prepa <>. DR.ERASTUS B.O. AKINGBOLA ATM payment center.

David Gale <>. Dr Ademola Johnson Donatus Martin <>. Michael Khumalo, PIUS UDEH PHILIP AGWU UKEFI, SIAKU K. MBE, Faridah Dahlan USMAN SANUSI Central Bank Of Nigeria (Nigeria Apex Bank) <>. solomon young

Western Union Solicitors Fund Verification Department ( Andrew Tweedie, International Monetary Fund  IMF . Darius Macwill 55 Broad way lagos Nigeria. George Lukas Nancy Nelson <>. Albright Jenkins <>.  john overmas <>. Felix Johnson, Feliciano,  <>.

Patrick Uffort A & S Consulting Ltd, Wicklewood Wymondham Norfolk NR18 9PZ,, (Microsoft).

Garry Moore UPS COURIER . Fedex Express Diplomatic Courier Company Benin Republic, EZE ALFRED African Development Bank Group Vanessa Vault Mobil Fiduciary claims Andrew Amponsah Jorge Loodges <>. Barr. Solomon Bayovo,

Exclusive Mobile Plaza,, (host Google),  re, skylinkcouriers, skylink couriers. Dr. Mingo, REV ENG GABRIEL.J.EGOMA, Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc, Walter Carrington Crescent, P.O.Box 71707, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Dr. Okogu Bright RHB BANK BERHAD 90 Cecil Street Singapore 069531  Barr. Johnson Harry Steven Boateng <>. DR.DAN NWADIMA AUSTEN OBIGWE

Dr Williams Nelson, . oceanic bank plc Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar'adua ( HON OJO MADUEKWE DR KAMBA, INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND LONDON. Amina A. Bello, Barrister Azman Yaacob, David Eastwood. Zest Financial Consultants, 608 Kingston Road, LONDON, SW20 8DN,, Barrister Ray McKay


UBA Bank, Int. UK71 Okeford Road, Myddleton, London EC1R 1UW,, (host NAME-SERVICES.COM ). DR. MICHAEL OMABALA Mansour Dramane,,  Madeline Inv. Ltd, 25 rue basawaga, Burkina Faso. DR.TED MOORE International Audit unit, United Nations Liaison Office London: (NAME-SERVICES.COM) . Chris Alabi Obed Gambudi,


NIGERIA, re, re james perry
Max-Planck-Ring 2, 65205 Wiesbaden Germany  CHRONOPOST COURIER SERVICES


ANKORA FUFANI OLOMU,  aka Eskom Holdings Limited, Dubai International Finance Centre Rebecca Egodima, BARRISTER ROBERT LIZAR , M21 8HA ENGR. Chris Haynes Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) (apparently registered by and hosted by - eNom, Inc). DR.SULE GIDADO, .

Dr.peter brown , Cambridgeshire College of Agriculture ,  john Kologo, 08 BP 71185 Abj 08
205 Boulevard Roume, Zone 3, Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire.  BARRISTER DAN AMADIOHA OMORE , James Hill Brown, Barrister of Federal High Court Justice, Address Plot 102 Jbse Island Avenue Kparakou 14 Degbago Crescent Benin Republic, <>.

We have a report of  Jaya Kencana, Indonesia,, supposed to be selling classic motorcycles. Mason Sherman, GEORGIANA KIENTE NGERE NWANGHA, NIGER DELTA DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION (NDDC) (  Kersaint Cobb <> .  RED STAR CONSULTING LIMITED
SUITE 6 BOURNE GATE BOURNE VALLEY ROAD POOLE DORSET UNITED KINGDOM BH12 1DY, Alexander Dementjev, Benson Fred <>. Novell Frances Anne,  Christy Fannigtop re Peter J.  Wallace .

Richard Obi, Federal Ministry of Finance
No 12 Edidi Lane Idumota Lagos, Nigeria, BARR CARLOS ROMAN,, Newton Cage BEREWA MINING Sierra Leone, Prince Samuel Kamara,  aka DR CHRIS MARTIN US Naval Hospital Okinawa, Barrister Michael Chilo,, 13, Cole Street, Ikeja Lagos Nigeria.


Micks Lewis, Direct Mobiles Ltd, STOCKTON ON TEES, TS15 9AE, (not) Global Gems Ltd.,, Alexander Magnus, Barrister  Felix Mike, PROPERTY & ESTATE CONSULTANCY, London WC2R 3LD, Cygin Visions Nig.Ltd, 3B Benson Anorue Street Ajao Estate, Isolo

Cathedral of the Lord Shepherd Church of the deaf,disable and less privileged ones (CLSC), Pastor Edward Foster, 131 Windy Lane Plymouth VT 05055 USA. Osamu Wakita, Kankasi Ghana Limited , ALLUVIAL GOLD DUST, Rev Roland Moore, Unclaimed Prizes Bureau, PO Box 78, Ross on Wye, HR9 9ZY.

National Welfare Commission of Togo, Camac Investment & Wellus Africa Trading Co., <> re (which seems a clone of, The Humanitarian Aid Commission (H.A.C) Togo)  <>. Cecelia Makachi, OJ FRANK CONSULTANT 13 Rue De Le Paix Lome Togo, West - Africa,  Special Harbor Freight , Shoreditch. 

Benson Francis,, re DALES PHARMACEUTICALS LTD, re Natural Solanum Acruleastrum re Goffin Consultancy Ltd. 

Mr? Martine Jones re HARDWARE DIRECT UK LIMITED Friary court, 13A St John Street Litchfields Staffs WS13 6NU.


WILLIAM MARGIN, TELECOMS ADVISE BUREAU, 1300 GRAND STREET, UNITED STATES, re Sharon Kingston,, Despatch Masters, THE BARN HIGH STREET, UPPER BEEDING, STEYNING, W. SUSSEX, BN44 3WN., re HAMIT KHAN,,, ELECTRONICS CENTRAL LTD, COMMUNICATIONS HOUSE, 26 YORK STREET LONDON, W1U 6PZ. Quadri Richard, <>, Rev Thomas Wale, Re: 701 a osceola ave, re School of Music & Entertainment.

 William Lee, Tekapis Pte. Ltd, Singapore,


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cyril croft <>. Michael Scott, Pacific Creations, Netherlands.  lynda Stodd <>. Alex Solomon, 12, Celestial Street Isoto, Command Ipaja, Lagos, Nigeria re Jenny Moore <>. Wendy Lauren , 825 S Ballenger Hwy, Flint, MI 48304, United States (not) , Akinbande kayode, 54 oriade street olota captain, ipaja lagos state, 23401, Nigeria (NG),, Julianah Dave <>.  Evelyn Tucker <>. 

Depesh Narotam, , Cellphonesdepot, Cellphones depot. C.Wallem andrew paul <>. berry totti <>. edgan peterson, <>. International Transport (PVT) LTD, re Christopher Nardi <>, International Transport LTD, <>.  

Dr Christian Carter, re avian flu in Nigeria, re Ajukwu Chinedu, Uwanni Enugu, Wing Hang bank , Run Yue  International Trading company. 

Smith cole,, re Unit 8 the argent centre, Silverdale road, Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 3BL. Precious Wright, , WORLD YOUTH ORGANIZATION FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, Twin Combined Conference.

KNIGHT HAVEN PROCUREMENTS LTD, MAKTOUM STREET, AL TOWER 1, OFFICE 507 DEIRA, DUBAI, ANDREW WOOD, P_CELLPHONESDEPOT@YAHOO.COM, , Albert Carnes. Shola Scott 12 Trade fair complex, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 23401. Arthur Nguyen, 12 liberty road, pearland, Texas, Usa, 77584, Albert Carnes, WEST TRADING COMPANY LTD, Dr. Patrick Levy,

SW49PT, Anthony Hayward, Fred  ANDERSON, <>.

PHILLIP WILLIAMS, CINGULAR WIRELESS LIMITED , aka Singular wireless, (cheap cellphone scam)  3B ENTERPRISE HOUSE, MIDDLETON ROAD, MANCHESTER, GREATER LONDON, M8 5DT (not) <>,, Phemmy Jones,  <> . SHAUN GILFILLIAN, re Jake Amoore  william terry,, 28 Northwick Park, Watford Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 3UJ.

Yves Bert ,  395 Brockley Road ,  Crofton Park, London SE4 3ES , United Kingdom,   Mills & ASSOCIATES ( GHANA ) LTD., Dr. Kwabena Mills, <>. Andrew Yang, Pismai Pte Ltd., Singapore,

ron khurt <  Ryan Baker <>. Jack Rolland. BEN JOHNSTONE, AB RINGVAGEN

Arinze Simeon 09 Bp 1235 Abidjan 09 Cote D'Ivoire, SIMCO, cynthia karry,,, Susie Smith, Furzeground Way, Stockley Park  Uxbridge,  Middlesex, UB11 1BB. Mrs Mary Abort, Abort Links Int Ltd,  Cameroon - Littoral, Willcox Intl Groups, Togo Republic, Dr. George, Dr Tchalla, Inyima Justice.  dennis tanner <>. Thomas Fred <> . DAVID OWEN,  SUITE 52,49 LODGE LANE,  GRAYS UK, RM17 5RZ  AMDO4040@YAHOO.CO.UK. Terry Lee,  Box 3614 RAF Lakenheath Brandon Suffolk IP27 9PN,

james gordinburg <>, re 3420 buttonwood dr. columbus, 65201, re Samuel Kena, The Church Centre, 1st new curve lane, Accra - Ghana 00233. Greg Weins,  Via Goffredo Maneli 54, Rome, re TransCargo Ltd <>. Mark Weins, m k <>.

williams robborts <> "i will mail out the payment to you as soon as possible ,please note i will be sending you some excess on the payment this you will give to the cargo company when they contact you for the pick up" . Dickson Dike <>. MAYAUTOMOBILE, 38 avenue, Foche 92420 VAUCRESSON FRANCE, Hubert Parkinson, Abdoulie Janneh,, Nigeria. Mr. Kwarteng, re ALLUVIAL GOLD, John Figueroa, aka TRISHA DARLING mrs williams, 105, hospital road, opposite police barracks, badagry lagos, nigeria 23401

Michael kelly <>, re Chiek (Chief) Kamara, Barrsiter (sic) Tinto, <>  Benin, <>, National Contract Awarding Union Cotonou Republic of Benin (NCAU) and Benin Rapid Growth and Development Benin Republic (BRGD), Prof. Ousman Yusuf , <>.    

Jaroon Okorinowo <>. Kwame Ado, KENOLI INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED, ALLUVIAL GOLD DUST, BANK OF GHANA, webb carla aka cynthian webb,  <>, re adesoji ademakinwa,  sw7/180a, bola avenue, surulere, oke bola,  ibadan,  oyo, zipcode 23402,  nigeria.

SSM UK, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan,, Yahoo msg/MSN:, ICQ: 250-308-784, Gtalk:  Dr Trevor, Bill Sanders, re 1992 DUTCHMEN 18 FT RV CAMPER re MoneyBookers . 

Why Mart,, Martin Stenson, williams robborts <>. ALHAJI KOUCHARI DIABATE, Mustapha Ibrahim, Amos Uduma , Udumex Commercail Ltd, re  African States Association ( A.S.A) re Cotonou, Benin, < >,

Solomon Adeyemi, Westage Centre 46, Bocking Street, Hackney,  E8 3RU  London, re John Glover
Lakesides Ventures Lakeside Shopping Centre, West Thurrock Way, Grays, Essex,

Ultimate Trading Co Ltd, Carre 119 Avenue de Liberation, Cotonou Benin Republic,



Adolf Omene, 11 Daniyan Street Itire, Mushin Lagos, 23401 Nigeria. Julius Lyndon, 11 Daniyan street, Itire mushin, 23401 Nigeria. alwaleed bin <> re Dr John Edward, . Dr. Barry Yusuf, re BARRISTER -HON (BARR.) ROLANDE EMOLAND,

 franka brown <>. William Glenn, 250 Argyle Street, G2 8LG Glasgow, SCOTLAND, Kelly smith <> re Cingular Wireless Limited. 

Seun Philips, Tripple H Associates Inc , 70 Ladipo street Mushin, Lagos,23401
Nigeria ,  dammy frank <> re Okunade Adegbola,
NO 4 Odo Aro Street, Oyo, Oyo State, NIGERIA.  A. Bruinhart Scraps of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Engr. David Michael <>, Nigeria re SAHEED OLORUNFUNMI,  NO 11B KEHINDE STREET, OGUDU ORI-OKE,  OGUDU OJOTA,  LAGOS,  23401.  Pete TerryDavid <>. Craig Roger from Holland,

Premium Products Online Ltd., 2297 coventry road, birmingahm,  sheldon, UK,,, re Nokia N95.   jencassy sammycuaresmiddle <>. Marco Aligatore <>. UK TELECOMS LIMITED Haga <> . Alex Scoot <>.

ABDUL REZA, 2007 ALL-AFRICA GAMES, re FOUND TALENT COMPANY,, re Muhammad Khan. 4 Bathurst Street, London, W2 2SD, re AFRI EXPORT NO. 


Internationa Product Registry PO Box 9056, Hicksville, NY, 11802 USA, Kcarini Williams, 105 hospital road, opposite police barracks, badagry, lagos, nigeria 23401, mrs williams <>. Mcpeters S <>. Hakan Uzan,

Davis solomon <>.   Dave Pye <>. McXRIS BENSON, Mc' Benson,  <>. Barrister Leslie Wartford , Paseo de Garcia 118, 5° 1a, 08008, Barcelona, Spain,, Linda Hoffman, <>. 

david wiiliam, re DAVID WILLIAM, 37 RIDGE ROAD, ACCRA-00233 GHANA, OMASHOLA J,  NO 5 CHURCH STR,  SHOMOLU,  LAGOS  23401,  NIGERIA. ENGR ROLAND, Allen Smith, SMITH PRODUCTS,  16B John smith avenue,  Twin towers, London,  john powell

 Janet Wills, Nigeria, .  Mike, prowling ebay as amonroe. Dean Morris, Bern Switzerland, Mikel Brown <>. Luke Merryl, , sarah liu, GuiLin ShengJing (International) Investment Co., ltd ,

anne morgan <>, 6 KING STREET TINUBU,  LAGOS ISLAND,  NIGERIA. OTISALES COMMERCAIL CO LTD, Ukiwo Otisi, Benin,West Africa, . Oliver Johnson , Bright Mark Peter Minters <>. james patrick <>. jerry tango <>. 


gboyega ayegbajeje, 44 babalola obisesan street, off ososami road oke adoibadan, oyo state 23402 Nigeria, fighting_sioux_4_life peter lee4real50, <>. MAC WILLIAMS, 107 BUCKINGHAM PALACE ROAD, VICTORIA,LONDON,,  

Kerry Adeyemi , 27 Kofoworola Street Off U turn, Abule Egba, Lagos, 23401, Nigeria, <>.  Allen More <>. Bassy Coleman <>.  betzross. jason cowick < UBONG MOSES, NO 5 EDE STREET OLD BODIJA ESTATE, IBADN (sic) OYO STATE, NIGERIA, 23402.  Paul Green. 60 Newmarket Road, Cambridge, CB5 8DZ, United Kingdom, Ardine Lona,  FREDRICK JAMES, -73 WHITEHALL PARK ROAD, W4 3NB, LONDON,UNITED KINGDOM,, LARRY KINGS, 100 Jan Van Gogh Allee,  Oslo, Norway. 

A FREE LAPTOP FROM ROMANIA? I don't think so ...  Excentrique Minds,, alienware laptop, Trade Safe Service, Trade Safe Service, Lesiile Craiova,,, ADRIAN MALINEANU, ROMANIA,

jenifer willson <>.  Bobby Bumper <>, ASIAN ELECTRONICS COMPANY LTD., 10, LIVERPOOL STREET APAPA, LAGOS NIGERIA. Brad Thorne <> ., Terry lawson. Tom Parker <>. John Anderson, C S P Textile indurstry (sic), old trafford road machester city, julian martins , re ad, Antonio SRL, re Re: Nokia N95. 

AFRICAN HUMANITARIAN AND REFUGEES ASSISTANT COUNCIL (AHRAC) Rue 15 Faladia- Sema Porte 8 Bamako Mali ,, Mrs Merit Ogadimma, Dr Rasoul Sharper.   

Sir John Bond, D P R D, PO Box 206, Emerson's Green, Bristol BS16 7ZX,, re Adewale Peter, 5 Bola Fayemi Street Coca Cola ?  Ibadan, Oyo State,  Nigeria  234-02, re HSBC® Online Transfer, Mrs Jone Steve,  Jona Markson <>. 

Cheap camera scam:, YouQuning Li,, 3-806 Zhongguancun
100046 Haidian District, Beijing ,China, Mrs. Jona Markson, Benin, re ECOWAS, Global Aid Network,, Alhaji Idris A. Abubakar .

 Jason Cowick <>, <>.  klose deco <>.  

Morgan Plaza Limited "QTEK 9000 is coming from our store in nigeria" <>.  Ben Steve, steven_john01 <>,, OCL Transporters International.  smith peter <>, 2 VARNE COURT, THE RIVIERA SANDGATE, FOLKESTONE, KENT, CT20 3SU, GS1150 LTD., samuel jay <> - mobile 'phone scam.   GARY PRICE, Dean Morris, Bern , Switzerland,

Ivan Danese,, re Wale Cole,  7 Soretire Street, Ifako-Ijaiye, Ogba,  Ikeja, Lagos,  Nigeria., desmond brown. GARY PRICE Emmanuel Quarshie <>. Tom Smith,, re 21 dolphin Plazz, dolphin estate, ikoyi, Lagos 23401  Nigeria. Kayode Williams,, re Bonny Light Crude Oil - BLCO Country of Origin:- Nigeria. Olabeyi Olukayode, Isolo Road, Mushin, Lagos
23401. Marvin Bartley Capital Credit & Securities Inc.,  96 Euston Road London, NW1 2DB England,, re Tom Crouch


Leigh Lewis <>,, "Tommy Smith by name..Well am Intrested in purchasing your advertise Bike for sell.....". JOHN BILLY <>. royce dolbane "THE EXCESS FUNDS IS MEANT FOR THE SHIPPMENT CHARGES,ALSO FOR THE SHIPPING AGENT WHO WILL COME FOR THE PICK UP OF THE CAR IN YOUR LOCATION."

johnson kumolu <>.  willy jones, John Scholes <>, DR .PETER JAMES, Jane Williams,, Williams Building & Construction Co., Ltd 12 Lome Square, Cotonou, Benin Du Republique re Ota Bolingo (Tender Advisor)
Federal Building Projects Authority Government House Street, Cotonou, Benin Du Republique,


John Walsh <> "you are required to deduct cost of your car $9,500 when payment gets to you and refund balance $6,500 to my clients shippers via western union money transfer". NIMESH PATEL TOM HOWARD

 Lilian Palmer,, , "Car Pickup Agents" Paul Morrison, Susan Morrison, 5625 CLARENDON RD, BROOKLYN, NY 11203. Robert Dickens  <>. Miss Ric Leetam, re Ogbonnaya Orabuchi ARINZE,, guru ric lee <>, re ETS MAXWELL & ASSOCIATES LTD. *750 RUE NATCHABA. BP 3125 LOME, TOGO, re OBIDIKE CHIDI CHUKUEMEKA. JAMES BROWN, philip benson, inc, 200 harlesden drive, Se109sw london, maria collins collins <> re 91 adikatu street, mosan ipaja, Lagos, NG, Nigeria. Michael Robinson <>. mrbassman55, John Ardolino, Cheryl Yemi, re  Adebola Femi, 56 Abafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja, 23401, Nigeria. owen jones , ,  . mike borton <>.    susan jac <>, re Harry Robinson, Osmondthorpe, leeds, LS 90 LL, Laura Williams <>.

Scott Gary <>. Jonah Gustav <>, re WEST AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT COMMUNITY (WADECO), NOBLESSE GROUP LTD. Dr. LUTHER POWELL, London, dave brown <>, shipping fees, agents, blah, blah...,  fiona sullivan, " i am willing to entrust you with the excess funds on the
cost,which you must send to my shipper via western union money transfer as soon as the Cheque clear's in your Bank. My Shipper will be on ground to pick-up the car in your location also to sign the relevant titles and papers on my behalf as soon as we seal the transaction and the payment is made."

Avon Walter, S&M Auto-Mobile International Payment Department, 135 - 137 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LN, England, re Williams Oscar Vivic, Lewis Lee, desmond jackson <>, "My associate will send u payment which will due for the cost of the vehilcle (sic) and my shipping charges"., Mikelis Varvaras.  

Fake degree and diploma scam: Bedford University, 28 Queens Rd, London NW4 2EH United Kingdom,

Adoption scam: Sophia Adams,

Posing as law enforcement etc: Not content with robbing innocent people once, the West African fraud criminals will now target the same victim by posing as police officers or public spirited individuals who want to help recover money lost in Western Union scams. e.g.

ANTI NIGERIA SCAMS REFUND FORM, Internet Anti Fraud Department, 12 Alan Street Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria , mark Smith <>, E.F.C.C. ECONOMIC  AND FINANCIAL CRIME COMMISSION  , Nigeria . United Parcel Service Nigeria LTD (UPS), Plot 15, Oworonski Expressway, Gbagada Industrial Estate, Lagos, Nigeria

Dr. Hannatu Raji, ICPC Nigeria, BARRISTER DAN AMADIOHA OMORE ,, Nigeria.

Pastor Agwu Thompson,, re Mrs. Queen Nmah .   UNITED NATIONS 2008 SCAM VICTIMS COMPENSATIONS PAYMENTS (  ICPC NIGERIA (Anti-Fraud Unit) Garki Lagos Sam Pee, Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency (SCDEA) aka  . Stephen Cone , ICPC Nigeria,

UNITED NATIONS SCAMMED VICTIMS COMPENSATION   Rev. Joseph Odili,, Daniel Edewor, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Nigeria. James Samuel, Scam Victims Reimbursement, Nigeria,, Daniel Edewor. UNITED NATIONS / WORLD BANK COMPENSATION UNIT


CYBER WIRETAP AND FUNDS RECOVERY DEPARTMENT, NAIL WHITE, P. O. BOX 738, Eagle Court 75 King Street, Hammersmith London, W6 9HY,, Agent Larry Hans. 

Raymond Osaze, ICPC, (Nigeria's Anti-Fraud Unit) Dennis Julius, Western Union Service, 447 Harewood Row, London, NW1 6S,

LUIS MILLER , FBI UK Internet Fraud Watch/Alert, ECO BANK 2008 SCAM VICTIMS COMPENSATION PAYMENT, re Rabo Bank London, Wiolliam (sic) Johnson

ICPC NIGERIA (Anti-Fraud Unit) Plot 802, Constitution Avenue, Zone A9 Central Area P. M.B 535, Garki Abuja, Nigeria, Hannatu Raji,  <>, <>. MARCEL ANI, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency , Nigeria, ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIMES COMMISSION. (E.F.C.C.)



29 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2A 3EE, <>.


David Jackson , EU Fraud Watch/Tax Authentication Team , 8 Storey's Gate , London SW1P 3AT , <>... (hosted by, Nigeria).  PROF. CHUKWUMA SOLUDO ,  KINGSLEY AGWOR,  Central Bank of Nigeria,, re Robert S. Mueller III, Federal Bureau of Investigation, (ms).


Emment Fings (EFCC OFFICER),  re Hooksman Lee, 24 Dova street off Highway Edo state Nigeria.     FRED ANDERSON @FBI UK Internet Fraud Watch/Alert  SCAM VICTIM REIMBURSEMENT, GEORGE OLUMIDE,, re EFCC,, WEMA BANK Plc, Nigeria , RABO BANK PLC,UK,


Gen. Usman Lambo, Chairman PTF/EFCC Compensation Forum Commission,, Dr. John Benson,   "EFCC NIGERIA" <> . BRUNO WEKA, <>. 

Richard Gozney, CONSULER ? Zakari Maimalari Street, Cadastral Zone AO, Central Business District, Abuja, EFCC NIGERIA, NUHU RIBADU. ALHAJI NUHU RIBADU, DR. VICTOR PAM, re EFCC Nigeria.



RIBADU NUHU, (E.F.C.C) ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIME COMMISSION,  Detective Stephen Hockman, Financial Misappropriation Commission (F M C),,

Harry Martins , FBI UK Internet Fraud Watch/Alert, re Toyota Lottery Promotion, re Federal Bureau of Investigation, NIGERIA Independent Corrupt Practices.
Plot 802 Constitution Avenue, Central District, Abuja Nigeria, Hannatu Raji,


Ann Flaman,,   Rev Fr. Frank Smith, De-facto Chief Compensation Officer, United Nations Compensation Committee United nations Anti-fraud Comm., <>,, re Abuja, Nigeria, Wema Bank. 

Amy Vorfeed <>. Agent Michael Gibbons, Supervisor FBI UK and Europe Internet Fraud Watch/Alert,, .







Charitable donation scam: The scammers are offering fake donations, e.g. Giovanni Galantucci,, Foundazion di Vittorio, re ECOWAS.  Sir Cephas Anaka,, Excellent Youth Foundation. FONDAZIONE INFORMATION, fondazionedivittorio, Vittorio Foundation, ITALY, Gianni Mattioli, (n.b. the scammers often use and for their reply addresses).

Travel agency ticket scam: Larry Cole,, Asia Pacific Oil & Gas, 9 Lower Grosvenor Place, London SW1W 0EN. 

 Alertpay Service Payments, aka Alert Pay,, "Buyer's" Name Mikel Jepsen,  316 Bq Ave Apt#D, Ipaja, LA 23401,  NG, NIGERIA.

Togo fraud: The scammers are mailing forged documents like these ...

Au Pair? If you have have been looking for a job as an au pair, be very careful. The scammers may contact you with a fake job offer - and then ask you to pay money to an imaginary travel agency! Look out for: Frank David - Ripple Road Barking, Essex IG11 0SY, UK,, DORMAN DOUGLAS, This is the style: "i want you to no that i cant just pay all the money for your travel like that you too will have to pay out of the money and as soon as you are here in uk i will give you back the money you pay out of your travel for me to trust you so if is okay by you contact the agency but if is not okay by you and you dont have any money to pay out of your travel to uk dont contact the agency okay i want you to no that i have pay all the money before but the nanny get away with my money so that why you too will have to pay out of it for trust in you and me I will like to know ....". This was obviously not written by a native English speaker.  

 Looking for a nanny / au pair or posing as an au pair agency :

CAUTION - We have received a warning about this site. Our informant reckons that a very high proportion of the adverts are fake, and have been placed by foreign criminals posing as British families. Presumably they will demand an advance fee from applicants for nanny and au pair jobs (and ask for payment via Western Union).

Bill Wilhelm,, 18, Paragon Ave, Hull, HU1 3ND, UK, re CO-OPERATIVE TRAVEL AGENCY, 9, Place Lane, Seaford, East Sussex BN25 1LA  Highland Travels & Tours, 10 Essex Street London WC2R 3AA,

Kathy Messuro, 133 Beresford Avenue, Surbiton, Surrey, KT5 9LR, Travel Express InternationalAgency Management, re David Adebayo, FedEx Express Courier Service,  Lagos, 23401, Nigeria. Michael B. Klauder <> re craigslist, re WISBECH ENGLAND PE14 8J.  Joseph Murphy "the processing of your Visa and work permit to United Kingdom is 400 pounds" re GTI Management, Global Travels International, 186 Church Road, Manchester, M41 9FD United  Kingdom.  

smith taylor <>, re  Laura Simpson, <>. Smith Taylor, l63 Henrietta Street//Leigh/Lancs/WN7 1LH/UK, <>.

Kenny ,,  Janny,,   Mary Knopps ,

JEFF DON <>, "Live Art Development Agency,  Rchelle School on Arnold Circus in Shoreditch, East London". Paul Daniel, Stone Travel And Tourism  <>. GLOBAL TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL, INC.,  Careers15,Kincaid Road,Peckham,se15 5un London ,,  3rd floor, Jericho,  Ibadan,23402, Oyo State,  Nigeria, re Au pair Care Agency,  Ibadan, Nigeria.

mikeowen2006 owen <>, "currently in Endlang (sic) on a business trip". This particular criminal sent his creepy mail via facilities of Netcom Africa,  Morgan Freeman of H.S.B.C Bank of london, .   The GEORGE ROLAND FAMILY,, George Crusenberry from Dallas, TX, Production Engineer with Shell BP, Nigeria.  Elvis smith, "WANCO LTD in London",

June '06: Look out for cheques drawn on SWAT FUNERAL SOCIETY, Nat west bank. Janet Krejci,,, re Mayor Hotel, C ATOCHA 7, 32014 Madrid Spain,, ayok,,  AYONAFOG
HOTEL Torrejon De Ardoz 38750 Madrid Spain, Gloria Jean, re Lawal Olakunle, Rafiu,,  



SIR. MARTIAL KANCOLA, aka HON. MARTIAL KANCOLA, Senegal, re HON. JOHN ROBERT J., British Immigration Services,, Immigration Bureau Services, 3rd Floor, County House - 190 Great Dover Street  London SE1 4YB ., National Visa Center, 32 Rochester Ave, Portsmouth , NH 03801-2909, George Graham, 15 Elder flower way, stratford London Uk.

"Official U.S Green Card Lottery Program", 32 Rochester Ave, Portsmouth, NH 03801-2909, LEWIS TAYLOR, Indra Tower Suite 105, 75/6 Wireless Road Panthumwam, Bangkok Thailand,



NIGERIANS IMMIGRATION SERVICES (2ND FLOOR)FEDERAL SECRETARIAT COMPLEX, P.M.B. 1629, OWERRI, IMO STATE, NIGERIA,,, Contact Person: ALHAJI IDRIS MUSTAPHA . DR TONY NELSON, Citibank Nigeria Plc, Expatriate Technical Support Services,  , GLOBAL RECRUITMENT SERVICES, Benlurge House 28, Wuse Zone 11, Abuja, Nigeria.

CHINA VISA RITE SERVICES, Barrister James WenAss,  Petter Hui , Employment Visa and Resident PermitVisa Rite Services Inc., 19 Dongzhimenwai Dajie Chaoyang District, Beijing 100600 People's Republic of China, CHINA TRAVELLING EMPLOYMENT AGENCY. 


DR. Johnson Ben, Olmert Recruitment Service, <> , re ZENITH BANK NIGERIA PLC, re  Chukwurah Udeh, (MS).



AMERICAN DV2007 VISA LOTTERY PROGRAM, PA/PL,Rm.3206, U.S.Department of State , Kentucky Consular Center , 1001 Visa Crest Migrate, James
Peterson , , Brad Greenwalt ,

Dr. Mike Adenuga, NIGERIAN IMMIGRATION SERVICES . MR.EDWARD ALLEY, CITIGROUP BANK PLC, NIGERIA. Carla Luna < > re Canadian Visa Eligibility Assessment, 110 Eglinton Ave. East, Suite 703 Toronto, Ontario, M4P 2Y1, 4th Floor, 153-155 Regent Street London, W1B 4JA, 329 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051.  green card lottery,

  JENIFER BROOKS , Kevin Powell,,,, Public communication Division: PA/PL, Rm. 2206 U.S Department of state 2201C Street NW Washington, D.C.20520, DIVERSITY-2006-2007 . Also Visa, passport scams - U. S. CONSULATE GENERAL, LAGOS, 2, Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria,


Nwandum Franklin,,,  african greyhome <> Seidl Josef, African Grey Home Ent.Cameroon.  GALYNN  SAWYER,, re Yorkie Puppy For  Adoption, Africa. Citi Zaleha

Sarah Sabo, re Maltese., english bulldog and Yorkshire puppies.  Timothy Jones Evangelist Mary Morgan REV. ROBERT SMITH, "TEACUP YORKSHIRE TERRIER BABIES FOR ADOPTION" , Africa.,, re english bulldog, advertised in the Justin Kase <>, St. Ann's Orphanage, Cameroon, re PETS FLIGHT  <>, re ENGLISH BULLDOG. Hammad Nowitzki <>. Evangelist Kendra La Blessit, EVANGELIST MARIA HAN, <>, re  TEACUP YORKSHIRE TERRIERS, Africa. Global Shipping Agency, Millinium Towers, 32nd floor, Bangna Road, Bangna Soi 43. Bangkok 10540, Thailand,, re Dr. David Wong, Animal Veterinary Relief,, re English Bulldog Puppies. Sarah Collins ,  Sis Doris Collins <> "ADORABLE FEMALE YORKIE PUPPY FOR ADOPTION". Father Luciuos Johnson,, "Tea Cup Yorkshire Terrier For Adoption"., CBGB PETS TRANSIT, re re "taecup (sic) yorkies puppies for adoption". Gilbert Jones & Attorneys,, Benjamino Solarin <>., ark wyre <>. boybody willing <>. Brian Pennington <>. franco smith <> Dammy Dones. prince prince <>. sean Louise <>. Mrs Serena.  Sis. Marris M. Cyril,  Nevada, West Africa, missionary work, Yorkieshires (sic) terrier and English Bulldogs, puppies for adoption, . ADORABLE YORKIE FOR ADOPTION, JENIFER BUTLER,
 CHRISTIAN MISSION TO AFRICA, jacky lourence, <>, CAMEROON re ANIMAL AIR MOVING SERVICE (AAMS), GLASGOW PETS SERVICE CAMEROON.  jack lampard <> re "Puppy Cargo's Office".  PASTOR BRANI GATE, "I AND MY WIFE ARE ON A CHRISTIAN MISSION TO WEST AFRICA " re ENGLISH BULLDOG FOR ADOPTION, "ADORABLE YORKIES FOR ADOPTION", MRS VERA, Africa,  <> Africa, re  Express Pets Delivery. MICHAEL PHILIP, THE MESSIAH MISSION HOUSE, 12,CATHOLIC MISSIONS STREET, West Africa,  <>, re "adoption of Adorable Female Tea-cup Yorkie Puppy", payment to Robbin Maxwell via western union or money gram. 

Toni & Tina <>, Cameroon. CBGB PET TRANSPORT SERVICE,  Rose Watts, Christain (sic) Mission (Crusade) to WEST AFRICA, re Charming Female Yorkie For Adoption!!!  <>. Jayson Campos, <> re Nelta Travels re Douala International Airport, re pug puppy.,, re English
Bulldogs puppies,  Lisa Linder <>, re Pastor Andrew who stays in Texas before but presently has been transfered to West africa, Nigeria to be precise, re "Quality Teacup Yorkies For Free". "well trained parrots on sale and adoption". "ENGLISH BULLDOG & YORKIE FOR SALE" . Kelvin Collins <>, re "Express Pets Delivery, free Yorkie Belle". whitney heather <>  re : male sharpei pup. <>, petmaster 01. <>. cameroun airlines,, CHE JUDE.  tongmo francis <> .  henry thierry <>. SERVANT MONK <>.  Re: the most adorabla maltese pup for sale., re  JAPANESE SPTIZ (sic). shuneh chenwi suzzy,  bonaberi douala, cameroon,  park plazza inn. , Wendy.

Susan West, Africa, <>.  Mike Lewis <> re English bulldog, 21/23 Old Nicholas Street, North London E2 7HR.   Phil Nomel <>  re Rev Craig, Nigeria,  jason bent <>, Nigeria.  Lynn Manuela Gyffeler <>, re Yorkies george hilton, <>, re DANIEL UZOR UDOGWU re  english bulldog puppy.,, re Livestock Flyers Limited,  Nigeria. larry wallace <>.  mark banks <>,  Puppy sale and purchase fraud,  Pastor winny <>, re "Western Union Information....Baby Ready For Shipment". (It was a fake sale of a puppy). jenny fox <>, 108 hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8LY.   stef stocker,, re macaws, re Kings Royal Ophanage home. Dr. KRISTAL .L. MOORE C.G.B.B. HEALTH CARE, PO BOX 6019, CANADIAN BASE, CAMEROON COMMISSION, The criminals are haunting pet websites (e.g., posing as buyers and sellers. Tim Wessels, michelle hollen, JOHNNY GLOVER, mike davids, kerry brown, johnson peter, martins bartons all have British sounding names but their mail is full of clues that reveal them to be Africans. wilson daniel <>, Mark Phillips <> . hellen shanna <>.


LOAN SCAM: FAST LENDERS CO-OPERATION LTD, Beck Terry , 104 white stirling Road, Stamford Bridge, London, UNITED KINGDOM,

walter Armstrong,, re Sir Fredrick Coleman,  294 Porchester Palace, Hyde Park Crescent, london W2 2PP United Kingdom and Global Cargo Inc., 215 Westwood Drive, Debyshire ?  London, HL 45. 3FE, UK, re The Forge Garage, A32 Droxford, Hampshire, England.



TROYS LOAN FIRM, Lagos-Nigeria, Godfrey Troy <>, Omar, Mia <> . SMOOTH TRADINGS INDUSTRIAL CO,. LTD <>, Smooth Tradings Industrial Co Ltd, 180 Jubilee Raod Aba Abia State Nigeria.

 teddy roger, FRANK POWELL <>. Jerry Lawrence,  <>. Engr Morgens Smith,

Property scams etc (fake rental and purchase offers) :

This is a good example of the genre, from

I am George Collins, A professional from Virginia USA and I work with one of the biggest Banking the city here, I am coming to the UK for the period of 8 to 10 months end of this April 2007,and I am interested in renting your place for that period of time if you are interested in me.I saw your advert on the and I think I like your place and will like to rent it now.I am a very good soccer fan and I love basket ball then play tennis as well, I am athletic in style and 6ft tall.I dont smoke and I am a social drinker, but will not mind if anyone dose. I am an easy going person and I love to hang-out ones a while. Am clean in all style and a very good cook as well,also I will like to stay in a place where people are laid-back like me.
If you are interested in me and want to know more about me.....Please get back to me ASAP.

Robert mayor  Angella Linda Brown, dave kelly <> re DENNIS BROWN, 50,ANCONA ROAD, LONDON,

LONDON SE18 7TH.  JAMES TOM <> Nigeria. Amy Barone <>, 87 CARTIER RD, LONDON. Kelly Robert, <>. Dena Collins, Rev. Father Jones Maxwell Harth, World Bank fact finding, Barr Patrick Moore

Cutis Miller ,, re $700 / 3br - 2942 Loomis Street #A, Honolulu HI 96822 "$200 must be paid for the shipment of the keys and document".  Mark Concepts, Mark Ballack <>.  MRS AMANDA ROSE re REV JARBIN WHITE,

Kenneth Edwin, re Mr Aldermond, Kianna Sutters, 82 Peckham Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M2R 2V4.    Paul Lucio, NORTHWICK PARK & ST.MARK'S HOSPITAL.

Julie, 87 CARTIER RD , LONDON ON N5V 1G4 , CANADA,  Mr. Mills D Miller, 126 VINCENT ROAD, WOOLWICH, LONDON, SE18 6AB, , Braxon Cruise,  Mr. Kene

Allan Brad,, 87 CARTIER RD , LONDON, ON N5V 1G4 , CANADA.  Mr. Peggy ? Simon, Evans Jones, aka Dr Henry Moore, St. Mark's Hospital, 28 Northwick Park, Watford Road, Harrow,

Garry Smith , <>.

Alberto Aguero .  Michael William  tom brown <>, 49 bath road plum stead, se18 1sh.   Peter ricardo <> re MARK JOHN SOLICITOR, GEOFF HOTCHKISS, GRAVELBANK FARMHOUSE GRAVEL BANK ST JOHNS FEN END WISBECH, ENGLAND PE14 8J .  Hendon Furlherm <>,  126 VINCENT ROAD, WOOLWICH, LONDON, SE18 6AB, re Braxon Cruise,  Eng. Masai Nelson, paul roberts,, re NORTHWICK PARK & ST. MARK'S HOSPITAL.


 Dr Murrieen Greenhill,
 Jeff Anderson, re NORTHWICK PARK & MARK CHAMBER L,17 WATFORD ROAD, HARROW, MIDDLESEX, LONDON. Tom Brown, 49 barth road plumstead, se18 1sh, <>.

YESIM UZAN <>, Turkey. WENDY POWELL,, re EMEKA MAXWELL OGBONNA.   Linda Bommer , New Life talent Agency,, 7TH FLOOR ROAD PARKFOOT - GLASGOW G65 0SP.  Blessin Nas,, Nigeria. Jorge Gomez <>.

vin peter, "I'm 25 , sociable, easy going" Daniel Desmond of Desmond Ventures from London, mark davies <>. UGO UBA <>. Tom Brown , aka 49 Barth road plumstead, se18 1sh united Kingdom, re Alex Boham,  87 Lambadi road, Osu, Accra Ghana, West Africa 233, Henrietta Mills , 123 Lambadi road Osu Accra Ghana, west africa 233. T. Samson,


Dave Roger, 32 Applefrot Road,Abbeywood London se2 9be , re Dynamic Modeling Agency, re BARRISTER JOHN MACLAUREN 217, ABBERRY STREET LONDON SE18 7TH , Gerrad Leeds, Graham Frey, re  D. P. TECHNOLOGY LIMITED,  DORCHESTER ROAD, WEYMOUTH, DORSET DT4 7JZ , "The (forged) check that will be issued to you will be in excess funds which will include my flight ticket and my expenses.So as soon as you recieve the check,you will deduct the payment of the rent and you will send the remaining balance to me via western union".   

ANDY TONY ,  26,Blackfriars Road, Zip Code: M3 7DB, Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM, +447024096223, FARK MORGAN <>. Dr.  GIBSON EDWARD <>. Kattie Williams,


Dr. Hectar William, Phone..+447045701284 , <>.  DADA NELSON , Soho Travel Agencies Inc, London, .

JENNY JACKSON <>. Dave Roger, 32 Applefrot Road, Abbeywood London se2 9be, re NEW DYNAMIC MODELLING AGENCY, Dr. Hanks Payne, Franklin Yoga Consultancy, Baird Hall, High Street Linlithgow, West Lothian EH49 7ES, BARRISTER JOHN MACLAUREN, 217, ABBERRY STREET, LONDON SE18 7TH, Dave Roger, 32 Applefrot Road,Abbeywood London se2 9be,, Dynamic Modeling Agency, 12 ashley road, London , London W12 7TN.

 Fujita Murakami, 1-9-2 Daiba Street, Minato-ku , Tokyo JP135-8625.

Zaid Rahman, , re New Life Talent Agency, Gujarat .

Linda Cole <>.  JOHN YEARWOOD <>, Japan Tobaco Company. dave roger,, New Dynamic Modeling Agency,  12 ashley road  London , London W12 7TN, re BARRISTER JOHN MACLAUREN,  217, ABBERRY STREET,  LONDON SE18 7TH. Nicholas Forbes, Affiliate of
British Airways P.O. Box 6743 Sudbury , Suffolk CO10 2PG, George Collins, Austin Smith <>.


Ducon Alexendro,  rosemich1219, Rose Michaels, LAGOS, NIGERIA,,, Jenni Austin, NIGERIA, <>. Lisa Marie Torres Surquia,,  <>, Lagos, Nigeria.  

Sean Scarter of Bridgestone Consultants and Tour Agency, 30 Warriston Crescent, Edinburgh EH3 5LB, Andrew  lownie, Andrew travels 126 Corstorphine Road EH12 6UD Edinburgh, .

kirsten colleen townsend , theodore aka theodora mcquire,, farringdon street, London, EC4A. morgan philips <>.  

Andrew Lownie <>, Rsv tours & travels, 126 Corstorphine Road EH12 6UD Edinburgh. Steve Baker <>.  Zenith travel Agency, London, Eric Garcia, Wilson Travels <>. Dr Bill Moore of Tracy agency, re Grace Life Christian Organisation, .  John Derek, 250 Argyle Street, G2 8LG Glasgow, Andrew lownie Rsv tours & travels 126 Corstorphine Road EH12 6UD Edinburgh ,


Dr Morgan Joe of Morgan Travels & Tours, NEW LIFE TALENT AGENCY GUJARAT 7TH FLOOR ROAD PARKFOOT - GLASGOW G65 0SP-SCOTLAND, Frank Nelly, Dr. Franklin Altman Stokes , Franklin Yoga Consultancy,, 52 TOKYINGTON AVENUE WEMBLEY HA 96HL.  Dr. Andrew Smith,


edward mathew <>, 316 Glasgow Road, Post Code : g729lq,  glasgow. Pastor Emilio Lozada <>.   Dr.Smith Cole,  28 Northwick Park, Watford Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 3UJ,  Dr.Williams Green of New Life talent Agency, 7TH FLOOR ROAD PARKFOOT - GLASGOW G65 0SP,

katrin thomas, another " female modelling in west Africa",  colins murphy <>. Reachel Banks <>.

Eric Garcia <>, re Green Pasture Travel Agency.  Major Shannon Burnside.  whitaker sarah <>. mary smith <>. mary Andrew aka mary Smith, <>.

Jennifer Johnson "A female modelling in west Africa" <>. Blessing smith  Jojo Rolland, "I am a female Modelling in West Africa". Maribel Ennis,

Alli Mogan, 84 weaverly road, London , se18 7th, re NEW DYNAMIC MODELLING AGENCY, 12 ashley road,  London W12 7TN, re BARRISTER JOHN MACLAUREN,  217, ABBERRY STREET,  LONDON SE18 7TH, JOHNMAC@LAWYER.COM, <>. Daniel Desmond of Desmond Ventures from London,


Edna, "A female modelling in west Africa. I will like you to know that I am intrested in
renting your room for 3months"  Trassy Wyte ,, Janny Smith <>. Frank Mark, Eco Bank of Ghana, First Light Branch, Accra, Ghana,

DR. Smith Tunde , (aka Dr. Jana Cova, DR.Smith Cole) NORTHWICK PARK & ST.MARK'S HOSPITAL, 17 WATFORD ROAD,HARROW, MIDDLESEX, LONDON HA1 3UJ,  <>.  George Collins,

STEPHANIE DAVIES, Miss. Belita carminda <>, Rose Alex, "a female Modelling in West Africa",

Chris, , Bellsouth hiring agent, 111b Globe road, London. Greenpasture travel Agency, London, Ken Cole, Frank George, Dr. Harry Denilson of Fly away Travel Agency,,

Sean Scarter , BRIDGESTONE ACCOMMODATION & TRAVEL CONSULTANT, SCOTLAND, 30 Warriston Crescent, Edinburgh EH3 5LB Scotland UK, Dr.George Bent,  <>. white james <>.

George Frank, <>. Donald Lins <>.   Rose Alex <>.  suleman ganie, <>. Brown Reservations London, Dr. Colin Anderson, Communication and Language Studies, University of Dundee, <>, Kennedy Cole , Green Pasture Travel Agency London, <> .  mark <>. 

Shawn Jones,, re GLOBAL LINK CORPORATION UK.   Davies Roy <> .  SAMUEL APEL NORMAN, 79, Allendale elms closilla, Dublin 15, Rep of Ireland. Kevin Hutter,  Clem Moore, Nicholas Forbes

40, regent square, WC1H 8 Area: 02- Central London, flat to rent scam, Kristen Colleen Townsend <>.

 Nelson Peter, Laptin Security,  Jackson Wolffred, Frank Wiltord, Flight & Hotel Bookings Agency,  

John Mogan, Dynamic Modeling Agency, 84 weaverly road, London , se18 , JOHNMAC@LAWYER.COM , 12 ashley road London , London W12 7TN . 

mary jones, block 4 flat 3b victoria island ikoyi lagos state, Nigeria,  Dr. Brad Allan, David Walter Law Firm, 8 Devonshire Square,London,EC2M 4PL,  DR RUSSELL GEORGE, Onward Travel Consults & Tours, Owen Creek, woodshire .    richardpaintin@yahoo.Com.  Dr. Charles Norton <drcharlesnorton@yahoo.Com. Clem Moore, <>.   Citizen Fed,  Mary Cole, owner of MARYVENTURES UK, Jones Morgan, <>.

Robert Gay, Limbe Cameroon, Commercial Avenue, North West Province Bamenda PO.BOX 57,, Barrister Steve Chambers, re WEIL& ASSOCIES (sic), Opie Johnson AlaWo, 199 Jubilee Road Aba Abia State Nigeria, RYAN CAGE, Dr Berry Tommy of Furtune (sic) Travels & Tours , <>. 

Peter Morgan "of Holyghost Missionary London", 309 Regent Street London W1B 2UW, .  SKY AGENCY <>,,   23 Chelmsford st, London LD25BN, UNITED KINGDOM.  Dr. Adrian Barbu "from Geneva Switzerland", <>.   EMILE RICE,  Daren Trooper,, re  Jereme Trooper, re Wale Johnson, travel agent, Nigeria. brandi frice <>. lord william <>. Dr. Robert Pasteiner, PASTEINA ROBERT <>, <>. Adrian Barbu <>., MARIE JACK <>, re Jamie Tina, David Larry, Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham, GL51 9RR. SKY AGENCY, 23 Chelmsford st, London LD25BN, <>.

Renting property? Look out for mail like this: i have interest in ur room,i'm young lady of 25 yrs.i work as a tourist,and im presently in west africa i came here for business tourims.but i will be returning to the state in 2 wks. i will be moving in as soon as i make payment.i will be paying month to month for the clean,honest,sincere.i like going to beach,cinema.i dont smoke neither drink.u will enjoy my stay with u.
concerning the payment i will be sending you a certified check of $4500 .pls when u get it, deduct ur 1st month and deposit from it . And u will huv to send the balance to my travel agent for payment of my flight ticket back to the state. kindly send your full name and adress( and phn number )where the payment will be send to asap. riter Sherry <>. BELMONT FASSETT, "AN ESTATE AGENT BASED IN NIGERIA . PRESENTLY I HAVE FIVE(5) TOP GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS OF NIGERIA WHO ARE


james brown <>.  Prince Hamad Bin Maktoum <>. DR. GORDON BROWN REEDS FITNESS/GYMNASTIC SCHOOL 50 Argyle Street G2 8LG, Glasgow, SCOTLAND, rachel jones <> re yommy modelling agency.  < >, Julie Roger, " female modeller from West Africa", re JEK MODELLING INC (rental scam).  Richard Jones "26, Male, Straight a christian born in France, but I am presently in Africa", Cindino Williams,  89 Association ave,Curtis Rd,London,TB 71 EX3, re Terry Homes Ltd, Tracy Noah 21,Association Avenue, London, TY 89 W16,, re Agent Colly 111 Penbroke Clifton Bristol London SE17 2EN,

Global Housing Consultants Limited <>, re  HAMILTON CAPITAL TRUST BANK, re J.S.Moore.   The Dodgy Delegation - looking for rentals - DAM WILLIAMS,  CLEM SMITH,  DR MRS CYNTHIA OKEKE, VALANTINE. LEO. MORGAN,  JULIET JONES ESQ.,  DR BEN OJI, Clem Moore, re Mr Paul & Family, 25 Jarvis Street, Toronto, ON, M5B 2C1, CA, Samuel Adams <>. Samuel Adams <>, fedrick kole <>.  kelly bollen <>. David Weah, re fake house purchase, David & Julia Weah, 71 Hainault House, Billet Road, Romford, Essex RM6 5SX re J & J Fabrics Co, Knollys House, 11 Byward Street, London.   Dr. Wang Qin,,, 103 104 Bollo Bridge Road, Acton, London, United Kingdom  W38DD, Namron Furnitures Company, Neil Garllogly, Namron Furnitures Company, Athens, Grecce, Netherlands, Holland.  Alan smith <>,, "an
Engineer based in west africa". 

steev michael,  Sir Gordon Hills,  <>, Obi Tabansi, Investment Developers, Essex Avenue, Southern London, UK, . Sir.Gordon Hills
Smooth Int'l Investment PLC, London, S.Mathews, Standard Chartered Bank of UK,  . TONY IKE, KCINVESTMENT NIGERIA LIMITED, 14 PARK ROAD, ABA, Lagos
234, re Agent Bank Plc., Plot 47/48 Opobo Road, Abia State,  Nigeria,,  Frank David, FELIX ADEBAYO,

Kenneth Matthews, Standard Chartered Bank, UK. S. M Presious ? Metal INC.,  37 Osu Avenue Accra, Ghana, re samuel <>, BLANKSON LEGAL CHAMBERS, NO 25, ROMAN RIDGE ACCRA, GHANA.  ryan williams,, re, 220 kings street
accra, 00233, Ghana, re desmond tay, martin fiadjoe, <>.  Gary Lewis <> (the free puppy scam). Kofa Musa, bruce junior <>, Lagos Apapa sea port, Nigeria. Susan Thomas, Johnson Bily from Belfast, UK, Mark Smith, Mrs. geri Marcos <>., has been bulk emailing people who have property to rent in Spain. It appears she makes enquiries about renting a property, attempts to build a relationship with
you on line and then requests your bank details for paying in the rent agreed.

Teaching abroad scam: John Maller, re Marryborne Primary School, re Great Britain Teaching Council .
Dr. Elenore Yihsin-Chen,,  Marc Harisson <>. PAYPAL WARNING COM,

Be very suspicious of mail with a address (e.g. This Italian service provider is very popular with the criminals. Our Indian friends - please do not fall for cheap mobile phone scams. Jan '06, CLICKMOBILELIMITED PHONE DISTRIBUTORS, 29,SHAGAMU ROAD,  IKOYI, LAGOS, NIGERIA,  "PAYMENT: We accept wire transfer payment (MoneyGram Or Western Union). This is due to the fact of your order being very fast and getting your confirmation immediately after acknowledgement of confirming it." This also means that if the 'phones do not exist, the victim will have no way of retrieving his money!

A criminal advertising at "BUY LATEST BRAND NEW MOBILES PHONES, APPLE IPODS AND LAPTOP,XBOX PREMIUM, UNLOCKED AT CHEAP PRICE,WITH COMPLETE ACCESSORIES AND 1 YEAR INTERNATIONAL WARRANTY - CONTACT US VIA.... ". If you responded, he would say: "thank you for trusting us, so here is the name and address you will send the money to via western union money transfer : JOHN JONES, 10 ISOLO ROAD, LAGOS 23401, NIGERIA". also appears at, offering cheap 'phones and asking for payment via Western Union.
Cheap cars / bikes etc - criminals set up sites like Please do not fall for cheap offers, and requests to send money to Spanish bank accounts

Translator scam: "Prince Hamad Bin Maktoum, THE ROYAL COURTS, 1 JUMEIRAH ROAD,
DUBAI - UAE" I will like to employ your services as a translator/guide during my visit to
Austria, Europe with members of my family. Also: Benny cdeli and others.

Work permit / visa scam: Jeffrey Edward, re GATSA form, Immigration and Nationality Directorate, P.O Box 306 , Liverpool , L27XS re Totalfinaelf Exploration UK PLC, re, OVERSEA TRAVELLERS INSURANCE POLICY (OTIP).  

 GLASSGOWSTEM, Glass Gowstem Agency,,  <>.

ESCROW.   If you see the word "escrow" you need to be very cautious. The criminals are increasingly using fake "escrow" companies in their scams. The victim is sent official looking mail assuring him that a transaction is safe because of the involvement of an escrow service. Another term widely used is "dropshipping". This scam involves a supposed trade in consumer electronics etc. If you are asked to become an agent for a "dropshipper", you could well be a target of the fraudsters.
UK fake bank drafts. "The Organised Vehicle Crime Section of NCIS advises that Lithuanian gangs are responding to private ads in the specialist press and purchasing cars using high quality forged bankers' drafts. By the time the forgery is recognised, usually two to three days later during the clearing phase, the car has been released. The car is either taken back to Lithuania, or immediately sold to second hand Car Dealers in the UK, often accompanied with forged documentation. Typically, gang members will not identify themselves as Lithuanian, but pose as Scandinavian or West European nationals. They tend to buy medium range value cars in the 10k - 15K bracket. Areas affected include London, Suffolk, Nottinghamshire, Wiltshire, Kent, Hampshire and Surrey. NCIS advises vehicle sellers to wait four to five days - until the draft is fully cleared, before releasing vehicles." (Is this sufficient ? J.W.) 

Caution: James Connor,  EQ Electronics, Global Express Guaranteed,

The criminals are targeting charity and religious groups with "offers of funding". One uses this alias: Collins Wilson, Head of International Verification Unit, Flight Reserve Company limited, 223A Kingcross Road King Cross Halifax , West Yorkshire HX1 3JL,, zainab zakariya <>, re micheal Morgan, 10 Allen Avenue Lagos Nigeria 23401. 

Selling goods via Amazon, e-Bay etc.? The criminals will mail you in this manner:
"GOOD DAY, i am interested in the immidiate ? purchase of this item and I will be making payment right away,i shall also be ready to pay you $600.00 or £300 through INTERNATIONAL MONEYGRAM OR WESTERN UNION AUCTION PAYMENT i will like to ask if you would be able to ship as soon as payment is confirmed and approved by MONEYGRAM this is due to the fact that its demand is high in my store and so i will want to complete the transaction in a very timely manner. if you can do this, email me with your name, contact address and your phone number so that i can proceed with payment right away. let me quickly say that i will prefer shipment with FEDEX OR ROYALMAIL as i will be sending this unit to west africa somewere in lagos nigeria 23401, i will be expecting your reply. henry jame, " Shippers? Some of the criminals have been posing as: GLOBAL SHIPPERS and GLOBAL SHIPPING AGENCY, of 10 Trehusrt ? Str., Hackney - London, UK, E5 0EB and using the names MICHAEL BENSON, Lenny Barnes and Anna Fedde and the address Also: ABBEY GANIYU, re OKUNTILU ZACHEUS, Zachoues Okuntilu, FORTHRIGHT ACADEMY, 100 IJU ROAD, IJU AGEGE, LAGOS 23401 NIGERIA. and Venables Jerry, , kely jimpak <>,  Gene Braint, sam loney <>, re Okuntilu Zacheous.
Forthright Accamedy, 100 Iju Water Works Road, Church Bus/Stop, Agege Lagos, 23401, Nigeria, <> Pay Pal scam. No doubt there are many Pay Pal scams but look out for forged mail telling you that a customer had paid, and that you should send goods. e.g. Gene Braint, "Paypal Customer Care",, re Yusuf T Tope, 37 PLANTATION ROAD, Gra Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria 234031 .   Jose Frank,, via di vrana, 231, quarrata, pistoia 51035, Italy, Tom Hanks, Job shipping limited,, Robert Coley, 20 Medical Street, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
23401, Doctor John Andrew, Via di Brana 290, quarrata, pistoia, italy 51039, Doctor Josef Nicholas, 45 Marble Close
Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria 23401., Benny Lucky. Mr Larry from Usa (Indiana) (NOT), larry mark , <>.

"eBay Square Trade Financial Department" SquareTrade-Case ID, re Margaret Paparesta ,, re Dependable Auto Shippers, re Margaret Paparesta,  28 Pembridge Gardens, London  W9 4DU, David Pollner, K.C EDOZIEM, <>, FINGER OF GOD BUSINESS, IMPORT & EXPORT COMMUNICATION
COTONOU-BENIN REP.  Mike Hall, Royal Berkshire Hospital, 10 Fenchurch Street, Nigeria ? re Kelvin Donald. Debra Coler, re Kenneth Attah, 37 Ramoni Street Off Lawanson Road, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria 23401.


ELAINE GIBSON bindrin stone <>.
 Jenny Wales re Fred Wales, 67 Adelaja Street, Mokola, Ibadan, 23402, Oyo State, Nigeria, re Rebecca K. Jonathan, Citi Bank Accounts Dept,  bob sherrick, <>. Noe jacob <>. NIKO, SMOOTH TRADINGS INDUSTRIAL CO,. LTD,  Global Link and Agency Agents <>, Frankline Ebube. Sir Steven Tanner, the director general of Federal Ministry of Finance and economic planning Cape Verde, Martin Dünzl,, re, Online Etrades (offers cheap bikes and cars and asks you to send money to a Spanish bank account).   Rosemary Jackson, <>.
ryan williams <> re re martin fiadjoe <>.  SCOTT GREENE <>.   Becky Johnson,  302 oyo Rd, ibadan, oyo state,  23402,  nigeria, <>.  yemmy folly, ken charles <>.  joseph smith <>. Jones Snith ? <>.


 ALHADJI BAKONI, HADJI BAKONI & SONS LTD, COCODY MERMOZ , ABIDJAN COTE D' IVOIRE, <>. George Solomon, Lakeyet Limited (UK Branch), 19 Wilson Court Road, Allenby Raod SE28 0AL, London, United Kingdom,
 JOHNSON JONES, 38 Jan Van Gogh Allee, Oslo, Norway, pal jones, Adeyemi Ibrahim, 42, Folarin Street,  Mushin, Lagos,  23401 , Nigeria,  laura baker, <>, re 59 AKINBAIYE STREET ISOLO LAGOS, Nigeria . 


KOLLY O. JOSEPH, 27 GBADEBO STREET MOKOLA, IBADAN, OYO STATE, 23402, NIGERIA re Mrs Kol Joe. Solomon Adeyemi, Lakesides & Sons Ltd, 20 Wilson Court Road, Allenby Road. SE28 0AL London, <>, <>. ROSEMARY, 7, Rabiat Street
Via Layi-Oyekanmi Street , Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria 23401, VANNY VENOM, V. Seun, Nigeria, LISA KAYA, RAYMOND DISTRIBUTOR LIMITED, P.O BOX 11495 KAMPALA [UGANDA], RE: PURCHASE OF COMPUTERS AND COMPUTER PARTS, Samm Lero, (Purchasing Manager), 55 OSOLO WAY, ISOLO , LAGOS, NIGERIA, Jamiu George , Jamiu & Sons Ltd, 21-23 OLD NICHOL STREET, LONDON E2 7HR, SHOREDITCH, LONDON, HAKAN UZAN AND WIFE, TELSIM COMMUNICATION LIMITED,  ., UNION BANK PLC Dr George Owen, CEO/MD, Union Bank Of Nigeria. joe sean <, cars, Sean Martins
Global International Plc. 

If you run a business website and are contacted with regard to supplying quantities of goods to an African state, please take care. The scammers are pretending to represent approval registration bodies and will ask for fees so that you can be placed on a fictional approved supplier list. Their fevered brains concoct mail in ridiculous legalese, larded with with false titles and lists of "lawyers".  Yes, they will also ask for payment via Western Union. e.g. IFENDU OKORIE IFEGWU, HARTROTZPHARMS LTD, LOT 15 ZONE DES AMBASSADE, COTONOU BENIN REPUBLIC, Flourish Hartrotz, Bafana John, Benin, re AKAOMAJIAKU ELECTRONICS LTD <> .

The criminals are haunting e-Bay, posing as buyers and sellers. They are sending out mail purporting to come from e-Bay and asking you to send money via Western Union. Please DO NOT send money by this method to a person you do not know well. e-Bay will never ask you to use this method of payment. The criminals are also sending mail purporting to come from BidPay (or Bid Pay). Be very wary if you are an e-Bay user and you receive "TKO Notice: ***Urgent Safeharbor Department Notice***". Look out for forged UPS mail, Constantin Cristian Dan.

Sample forgery, July '05: "Thank you for contacting eBay's Customer Support team! We verified all the details of this transaction and we concluded that they are accurate. Our verifications confirm seller's contact info and his ability to deliver the merchandise advertised on our site. There is a limited group of sellers on ebay which we can recommend an noonooelagib is one of them. Please follow our instructions to complete the transaction safely.
Seller: noonooelagib (
Seller information: Kevin Knowles, Michalacopoulou 50, Athens 11528, Greece
Current location: Greece. Item title: 2003 BMW 320 D Sport. Total price : £4,000.00. Shipping: Samskip Insured. ... Payment must be sent by: Western Union Money Transfer.... Currently, this seller has a £20,000.00 deposit in an eBay managed purchase protection account... Western Union Money Transfer is designed mainly for sending cash to friends and family in need, so telling them you are sending the money to an eBay seller will prevent your money transfer to go through and you will be unable to complete this transaction.... The account is managed by eBay's SquareTrade center. This transaction is supervised by eBay's SafeHarbor team. "

Also, look out for mail like this: "Western Union ® Auction Payments hereby congratulate you and at the same time informing you once again that the ®Money OrderSM sent to you from
Western Union AuctionPayments."

Recent fraud mail contained the following details: SOLOMON ADEYEMI, Lakeside & Sons Ltd, 21-23 OLD NICHOL STREET, SHOREDITCH,  E2 7HR, LONDON,, Anthony Montella <>, Design Addict LTD., 67 Mark Lane, London, EC3R 4NE.  brenda smith,, Clef Link Express Courier Service, Ademola Kareem ,, 8 MALIKOTA ROAD, NAIROBI, KENYA and #8 yusuf street,  Papa ajao, Mushin, Lagos Nigeria 23401 and kILANSE TAIWO, #7 IGUN STREET, ISHERI OSHUN LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA 23401. <>. DR. YOMMY BEBO, YOMMY DENTIST INCOPORATED, 8, Sanusi Street, Off Isolo Road, Mushin, Lagos, DONYE WISKER , ZONE B, BLOCK 4 SHOP 117 ASPAMDA TRADE FAIR, COMPLESS ? BADAGRY EXPLESSWAY ?, LAGOS NIGERIA, WEST AFRICA 23401.  henry philip <>. Gregory <>. Mathew Bambas Babalola , Teresa Benson, Dr. Wang Qin <>. Laura Williams, Carl Collins, David Powell, 700 5th Ave; Seattle, WA. 98104-5031, <>. frank macman <>, he looks for targets in Loot magazine, as does Jason Paul collins carl <>. WOODHATCH MEDICALS INC, 21-23 OLD NICHOLE STREET. andy hormats <>.
SHOREDITCH, LONDON, E2 7HR, mary woodhatch <>, also JANICE LENNOX, . Nick Peters,, Director Project Implementation committee, Department of Minerals and Energy, London. gordin burg <> aka Rev Gordinburg James, Holy ground church , Kimberly street , accra-ghana, 23324. Dr Blessing Nwanuaku, Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources, Abuja-Nigeria,

PLATINUM INVESTMENT PLC, CRAIG DUNNE (CEO), 16 Round field Upper Buckle bury Reading Berkshire,, re  richard hills <>. Gavin White <> re Loot.  Ade Bayo, aka Bayur, aka Elber Adebayo, elberolusoji. EMEKA ONU, 98 AJENIYA STREET LAGOS, LAGOS ISLAND, Nigeria, JOHN ROBINSON <>. Dr Max Diaana, <> re, Barrister David Smith. BARRISTERANTHONY WILLIAMS,, Jim Sides, Los Angeles, re Sarah Jodge, re 22-23 Old Nichol Street. Shoreditch London E2 7HR, ROBINSON NELSON, BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM, andrew street, off ricca street , lagos, nigeria.

collins duski <>, "125 Al-riga road, Derra, Dubai, my teliphone number is 971504244136, but is not working for now due to the fact we are facing  a windy atmostphere here. DORMAN DOUGLAS,  re david frank Gerrard Richardson,, re <>, TOM HANTS. CHIDI OJUKWU, <>. JAMES HARVEY,  38 Jan Van Gogh Allee, Oslo, Norway, stephen ohis and david ijomah 115 saka tinubu street, victoria island, lagos ,nigeria, re
 alan chase, re pepsi vanilla models search .


King Taiwo Adedolapo, "a very reputalble King in Lagos island in upcoming wedding ceremony of My lovely
daugther (Princess Monica Adedolapo)which is coming in two months time in Europe" , stephen johnson <>. Noe Jacob, cherry look <>.


bill smith <, 8 SHONIBARE STREET, ISOLO, LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA 23401 and 21-23 OLD NICOLE RD, SHOREDITCH, LONDON, U.K. E2 7HR. Richard Shawn <>. THOMAS JONE, 38 Jan Van Gogh Allee, Oslo, Norway, <>. Ibrahim Adeyemi, <>. <>. charles dagogo <>. David Eberle. teresa bill <>, 2 Hassan street, Isolo, Lagos State, Nigeria and 5 ASALA STREET ISOLO, LAGOS, NIGERIA..  eBay Member: welshdruid <>.

Okuntilu Zacheus, Forthright Academy, 100 Iju Road, Iju Agege, Lagos 23401, Nigeria. JESSICA SOLOMON
SOLOMON'S ORPHANAGE, 119411 Vincennes St Apt 89, Northrid CA, <>.  lola shomefun, HILLSTAR, Nigeria.


 International Delivery Express, Cleopatra Asfaltina <> (pretending to sell laptops),, Greater London Authority, City Hall, The Queens Walk, SE1 2AA , London UK. Doug morrel, <>, <>, 6 AKINSHOLA CRESCENT PALM AVENEU MUSHIN LAGOS NIGERIA 23401. Michael Large, <>. mark park [], Mark Parker, 21-23 OLD NICHOL STREET, SHOREDITCH, LONDON, E2 7HR.

. linda kate <>, razaq abiodun, No 11 oyo road mokola round about, mokola, ibadan, oyo state, Nigeria, 23402. helis tomase (supposed to be selling a Mini Cooper) <> "BidPay will contact you with all the payment details". slapntickle0_1, Craig Morton, wants money sent to Micele Manceli, Burgstrasse 28, Berlin 10178, Germany. Angela Rose or mark jones <> from UK, but wants goods shipped to west Africa ("Hello, I will love to buy the laptop and the payment method which i would prefer to use is BidPay Online payment"). David Miller of 42 Weston Street, London SE1 3QL, eBay SafeHarbor, Tony Forellino, 2 Sheraton Street, London, W1F 8BH,  and the e-mail address . David Giggs, OGUNDELE MAYOWA, UniJos consultancy limited, 11 Murtala Mohammed way, Jos, Plateau state,  Nigeria,  (  zola adebayo, <>, school of science, Ondo road, Osun State, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, <>. mbartons_autos, MARTINS BARTONS, CALGARY, CANADA, MR LEKAN WILLIAMS, 52 VICTORY LANE,  IKOYI, LAGOS NIGERIA 23401.  GOLDANCHOR SHIPPING COMPANY, WELSH JAMES, C\VALERON 28, 26, 1, 30002 MURCIA , SPAIN. . , KEHINDE ADEWUNMI,  91,KABBA STREET,SABO-OKE, ILORIN, KWARA STATE, NIGERIA, CODE : 23431. Tony Bimm, Mathew Jones, Shippingeasy, 52 Victory Lane Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria 23401. David Rechard, Address:- 10 adeola hopewell,  Victoria Island,  Lagos, Nigeria. candi kane <> . joy tea, ashly john <>. Rojar Penard at Anglogold Ashanti Ltd . smith tunde <>. osato papi <>. Rose Ken, 45 lebanon street
old gbagi ibadan oyo state 23402 nigeria. Don Omar <>. Re motorcycle scam: Joe Martin, 4 ST Marys; London - SE9 1BL,  United Kingdom, GARY OWNES,  45 RYE LANE, LONDON  Zip Number: SE15 5ER,, Global-Cargo-Shipping.  Julian Vasques willson rogers, <>. Ayo coby <>.


They are also pretending to represent the Nigerian ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIME COMMISSION (with a Yahoo address!) Plot 1017 & 1018 Custom Close Off Adetokunbo Ademola crescent, Wuse II, Abuja. Ijele Mbarega, Ray Paulson, AMBRO BANK PLC LONDON, Dr Greag Owo, No 26 Rodhes crecent (2nd-floor) Dakar,Senegal, DANIEL BUBA.

Doing business on the Web? Look out for mail like this, apparently from a store in Nigeria: "Hello. I will like to make an inquiry on some of your products but firstly i will like to know, if you can be able to ship to nigeria,if you can i will like you to email me asap so that we can proceed with the transaction and also i will like you to include your website address. I will also like to know if you accept credit card as a method of payment. Waiting to read from you asap. Best regards." Please do not fall for this one. If you accept an order, process the credit card and send goods, the items will appear in the markets of Lagos or Accra at around the same time that the card company calls back the transaction amount from your account. An experienced British businessman offers the following advice: "Your Readers I think should be made aware more strongly that charge back exists, as I am not sure that many do understand that a credit card payment offers no security at all, and that as well as losing the goods they have to pay charge back fees. Also fraudsters that ask for a website address should be ignored straight away, if they don't know your website address how did they get your e-mail address? ...
With regards your advice of express clearance of cheques, our own Bank has suggested that even if a cheque clears, payment is still not assured as fraudulent cheques can still be demanded back several months after the cheque has cleared. We believe the only safe option is international wire transfer or TT (telegraphic transfer) as this is real time authorised transfer from a bank account and has to be set up by the issuing branch. Of course then you are providing your sort code and account number, it's a matter of judgement."
(Even this may not be sufficient - see notes on the Fake Job Offer and the way in which the criminals are fooling the banks.  J.W.).

TIP from an American businesswoman : When asked to ship goods on payment by credit card, mail the "customer" and say "I need the name and phone number of the Bank who issued your credit card so I may verify your information". This will cause the fraud criminals much consternation and will quickly confirm your suspicions.  (But see the case below for a masterclass on dealing with suspicious orders.)

A safe payment suggestion from the Internet Fraud Advisory. Why not ask for payment via Western Union? It works for the criminals, so it will work for you. You will be able to pick up cash and there will be no card company or bank chargeback to worry about!

If you have been approached by the criminals, and have then asked for WU payment, please let us know how the criminals respond . We will publish the silliest responses for the edification of all.

johnson kumolu <> said: "hey why are you so hard on me ?what is all this for , do i deserve this kind of treatment from you?"


How an astute American company dealt with an approach from one of these criminals.

 From: adams bello []

Dear sales
Good day,This is to let you know that,I will like to order for this mention items below from your store/company to my client in Africa pls: 24VDC XXXX,  300 Pcs. Also will like to know the Total costs of this order,plus the Express Shipping Costs of this items to this delivery address below,so as to know the whole total amounts to pay for.

Here is the shipping address below:


This products is needed there urgently before Xmas pls . Payment is going to be made with my CREDIT CARD, MC & VC CARD, let me know,so as to forward to you my credit card details to charge for the order to be shipped at onced at once. I will be expecting you! r quick reply back today asap. Thank's Regards

Adams Bello
3300 Griggs Road
Austin,TX 78472

Hi Adams,

Unfortunately there is an alert on credit cards being used from your region. We can provide the product but it will require pre-payment via wire transfer. If this is not a problem, let me know and I will provide you with a quote.

Sincere Regards, (US Company)

what do you mean from my region?are you talking about united states or what? cos i beleive you can see my name and address,phone/fax number below this mail. so what is all you are talking about anyway?

I tried to call you but received a generic voice mail message. I left no message.

To clarify: Any product shipping to Nigeria requires pre-payment. Even if we ship the products to Austin, since we have not done business with you in the past, we would require a credit application (which may take a couple weeks to process). If you want products ASAP then simply wire transfer the money.

If you can pre-pay via wire transfer, let me know and I will provide you with a quote and the details for wire transfer.

Sincere Regards, (US company)

Yes the phone had a problem.ok no problem,forward your bank details for the T/Transfer to be made tommorrow morning, cos the funds will be transfered from my london bank counterpart anyway.

But pls be advised that upon receiving the fax confirmation from there, you will have to ship the items so as not to Delay the items for shipment due to the holidays. you can as well take the fax confirmation to your bank for confirmations. If this is feasible to you, forward the quotes plus the express shipping costs then. waiting for your reply, thank you, regards, adams

Unfortunately we cannot provide shipping services to Nigeria. If you would like us to ship the items U.S. destination, you can then forward using whatever service you like. If this is acceptable, please provide the ship to address here in the U.S. For express shipping I will also require a phone number that the person at the destination can be reached (not a voice mail). I will then provide you with a quote. I also need to add one other item. The wire transfer must be done via Western Union.

You might also want to check your address in Austin. According to Mapquest there is no Griggs Road in Austin and the zip code you provided is for Corpus Christi not Austin… If you are wondering about our concerns you can look at:

(Although, I’m sure you would have nothing to do with any fraudulent/illegal activities and I’m confident I will hear from you regarding the correct physical address here in the States and I will see a Western Union wire transfer!!)

I look forward to your response!!!

Sincere Regards, (US Company) 
The company awaits a response ....


Look out for names and addresses like the following: Ventquads, xe-alliance, Xe-Alliance INC. Av de la Vega 22, Zip/Code: 28100,  Madrid,  Spain, <>, <> escrow service.   Qudus  Williams,  #23, Agunbiade street, Ikeja, 23401  Lagos state, Nigeria. Usman Bugaje, re Standard Trust Bank (Nig) Plc. MAKEL MONDAY, 10 OKUNMADE CLOSE, MOKOLA CLOSE, MOKOLA, IBADAN, OYO STATE, NIGERIA. Michael Jones, MICHAEL JONES STORES LTD,  <>, Olukayode Olabanji, 129 Isolo road, Mushin State, Lagos. Roy Kennedy, <>. Brenda worley, Steve Summers, Trade Bank Plc., Abuja. Mark George, 24/26 Akande odebiyi street, Isolo, Lagos State, Nigeria 23401, 13 Hassan street, Isolo, Lagos State, Nigeria.
23401 SMITH TUNDE, SMITH SUPPLY STORE (NIG) LTD., 15, ODUNTAN STREET,  MUSHIN, LAGOS, NIGERIA, 23401, <> . ronney adams <>. DAVID TITILOYE, 90 PALM AVENUE, MUSHIN, LAGOS,23401, NIGERIA and Adams Bello 3300 Griggs Road, Austin,TX 78472, U.S.A.,

John Bruce, <>, Micheal collins.
48 lebanon street, Ibadan, Oyo,  200001, Nigeria. smith johnson <>. Johnson Smith <>. PowerBiking T.E.A.M., <>, Mark Peterson, PowerBiking 4 ALL, Koll Center, 1055 E. Colorado Blvd. 5th floor, Pasadena, California 91106, "payments are accepted through".  mathew smith <>.

Danny Foster Mrs Hyson Chu Lawson, chu lawson,, re Nigeria, re BENIN SHOPPING PLAZA.

Miss Lin Ching <>. yemi adekunle <>. tessy anderson <>. cherry love <>. GBEMISOLA KEMI, GBEMKEM VENTURES LTD, 56 buari street off palm avenue street, mushin,Lagos, 23401 Nigeria, shade faith [] . Oluseyi S. Ogunsanya, 182 obafemi awolowo way, oke ado ibadan oyo state, 23402 Nigeria . Susan Mahoney, Susan Mahoney Company,  30 Isolo Road, Mushin, Lagos Zip Code : 2340, Nigeria, wilosn james,, FIN LAB LTD,

Money Traveless <> re "Pay By Traveless money Order in associate with Western Union", Mrs Victoria Smith" <>.  MORGAN  / MARY MICHELLE, 30,Via Piranesi G.B. 46,  Milano, IT-20137  ITALY, <>.

Mrs Victoria Smith" <>.  <>,, GermanIT. Nikki Nelson,, re Bode Thomas, 231, Foster Street 23465, Benin Rep.  Naomi Gabriel <>,  Oluwole Lawrence Gabriel, 49,Adelaja Street, Mokola, Ibadan, Oyo State, 23402, Nigeria .  Europe Shiping Agency, Diego Hernandez, Murcia, 30002 Spain, Contact: Alli Badmus (silly fraud name of the month - seems to be based on Abi Titmus, the British "glamour model").  Linda murray, Number 8 MALIKOTA ROAD NAIROBI, KENYA. Dave Morgan <>.  Tanoh Marc, re Denis Kablan ,  04 BP 1852 Abidjan 04 . SENATOR FARUK BELLO , 14 AZIKIWE CLOSE APO VILLAGE SENATORS QUATERS ? GARIKI ABUJA, NIGERIA.   Qudus Williams,  #23, Agunbiade street, Ikeja, Lagos state, Nigeria, Josephine Matthus <>. Olayinka Marcus, Nigeria. Luigi Fabiano, a.k.a. Wale Cole, 2, Owhin Street, Mushin, Lagos State, Nigeria, 23401., Arsenal ? williams. "the c.e.o and owner of arsenal investment uk & worldwide".,  Rebecca Brown,, 8840 Stanford Boulevard, Columbia, MD 21045 and  Godwin Atwell, #4 Pioneer Road, Osapa Lekki Victoria Island, Lagos 23401, Nigeria. Good Thing African Market - Quick Lagos Shipping,  DORMAN DOUGLAS, FRED MARK ( , 20 AIRPORT ROAD, VICTORIA, SHOMOLU, LAGOS, 23401.  Dr. Eric James,, Jason Windbacher, RUBY PEDDE, SHOLA WILLIAMS,  70 PARK VIEW ROAD, IKOYI, LAGOS, NIGERIA 23401.  Raul Fernadez,, C/Valeron Road,  San Hernadez 30002, Murcia,Spain. James welsh.  diane bolton <>, boyer brocamer, joseph ola, PUAL ATOS, 14 DESALU STREET AGEGE, LAGOS, AGEGE, NIGERIA. Latigo Emmanuel, micheal rogba,  Beth Weissman, Mrs Beth, Africana Shipper. James Brown 00 < >. mrs Rose bose, leadswaystore, .  Rawlings Hillary, "exporter of cocoa, rubber etc and some ancient art works". Wallack , international businessman from Spain(Madrid), agent for Barret in USA. Dr Koffi Abbey, Napmact Office (National Products Merit Approval Commission of Togo), RECHARD OGBONNA, 112 Rue de commerce, Lome -Togo. Ben Okafor, Evison Investment Ltd., 24 Rue De Ocam, BP 3399, Lome, Togo. Smith Fergusson, NSSUKA, Plot 87 Cameroun Road Aba, Abia State, Nigeria. Dr. Gabriel Nbadiwe, Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Secretariat Complex, Abuja - Nigeria.  Dr. Henry Morgan, bushbabydog, 33 East Airport Highway, Accra-Ghana, 23321. Joseph Larry, 6b ifesowapo street, onikolobo, abeokuta, ogun state, nigeria.  KRISTIANA POPE HOWELLS in Awka, Nigeria. ADEYEMI BABAFEMI, 4TH AVE, 41ROAD, E CLOSE HOUSE2, FESTACTOWN, LAGOS STATE, 23401. NIGERIA .  kelvin larrykool ? 17 willisco, off toyin bst iju shaga agege, nigeria 23401.  Mrs Geri Marcos, (looking to rent property in France). james ( lootjoe ), 100, ayantuga street, mushin, lagos . JOY OBASANJO, daughter, president Nigeria. Deji, Nigeria, wants to purchase 230 copies of the King James Bible. Lisa Monac. Tina Tony. saka street, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria. Osoro street, Papa Ajoa, Mushin Lagos. Obadin street, Lagos Nigeria 23401. Odunfa street, Lagos Nigeria 23401 - Lewis Johnson. Block 14 Shomolu Ave, ikoyi estates, Dolphin estates, Lagos Nigeria. 2 Adebanjo street, Agege Dopemu, Nigeria. 33 Andrew Street, off Ricca street, Lagos. Jim Holler store. Evans street, Lagos Island. Haffner Street, Lagos. Agbomalu court, off Freeman street, Lagos. Olushi Street, Nigeria 23401. Oshodi street, Lagos Island. Akinyemi street, off Oshodi street, Lagos. Hawley street Lagos Nigeria 23401 Morrison Jude. Igbosere Road Lagos Island. Okepopo street Lagos. Sebuff plaza, Osapa Lekki, Victoria Island, Lagos. Kwara, Nigeria 23431. Jewely street Accra Ghana 00233 Ado Henry. Kadan Street, Accra, . Adenta street, Accra. Adowa st. Apt 102, New Town, Accra. Atiko street Accra. Liberty street, Accra. Airport street, Accra, Ghana, 00233 "Adan Jibril". Oku street, Accra. W Church Street, Accra. Gloria Brown, 36,amu street, mushin, lagos, nigeria, 23401. Funmi Johnson or Mary, ksetters store,  # 3 akunne street, Agboju amuwo-odofin , LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA, 23401.   Deji Sunday, Acada christian ministry, Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria. prof Charles Soludo, the Group Manager Chevron Oil & Gas Limited West Africa.  Adewale Brown, (  6b, Ifesowapo street, Onikolobo, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, 23439.  Frank Ekvail, frankekvail_store1. GLORIA KEMI, GLORIA ventures NIGERIA LIMITED. " kingsleystores ", "smithstores" ," Dan Andrew ", " linda jones, fem shop" ," sandrabills4me ", coupled with the typical Netscape or Yahoo anonymous e-mail address. Also: onas ventures in mushin area, Lagos, Seyila Ahmed (or Ahmeed). ABDULAH JAMIL, (abdula junaid) MINISTRY OF FINANCE & NATIONAL ECONOMY OF IRAQ, UNITED NATIONS AFFILIATE OFFICE, LONDON, U.K. REF: RE-CONSTRUCTION OF IRAQ, ADIL. A. MAHDI. Jane Brown, BROWN ALL STORE, 14 akinbayode st, mushin, lagos, nigeria 23401. Mrs Sandra, The Sales Rep. of clark_store, clark_store, 42 Folarin str., Palm avenue, Mushin, Lagos, 234-01 Nigeria. Balogun Hawau. Sue Enterprises, Nigeria (looking to "buy" HANDHELD INFRARED THERMOMETERS). Also Adebari , totolisco tobi, Lagos.  Tunde Gabriels, Director, Tunartricks ENT, asking for artworks to be shipped to 80, palm avenue, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria, 23401. Another very artistic person, also shopping for books: Mrs Melina scot, K.B.M.B, #10 Malikota Road, G.R.A Nairobi, Kenya. Also:  Dr. Sonya. Prof. Clara Johnson, Mr Demurin Oyekan, 19, Docey Street, victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, Zip code: 23401. Sanusi Fanfunwa, Ms Kay Ashton, 214,C.a.c street, Off palm avenue, Mushin, Lagos state, 23401,Nigeria. John Adekunle, james jim, jamesproduct. jeff Bailey & Dr Akin Davis, 65,water carrington road victoria island lagos state, Nigeria.23401. Jones.M. 5 Maryland St. Lagos, Nigeria. andy cole, Tom Chad, 17 A Afolabi-Obe Str. Ori-Oke Bus/Stop, Ejigbo-Lagos, 23401, Nigeria. charles moor, charles investors, 19 ogo chesun avenue v/island lagos nigeria. Mike Roland 3 Igbasan Street Opebi Ikeja Lagos, NIgeria 23401, 2 ojolowo street opebi, ikeja lagos, nigeria 23401. Pastor Samuel Phillips, flat 4 100 wilson road ikoyi lagos nigeria. samuel oyebokun 100 awolowo rd ikoyi, lagos, akeem shonola 45 balogus st ojodu, lagos. James Morgan 16 kodjo street seme border nigeria. Egebomi Olusola Emmanuel 10 parkview estate ikoyi lagos, nigeria, ,, . March '05 they have stolen, and are using, UK cheques in the name of Kenneth J Baines . Ebun Fred, ebunt store, OGUNOWO NIGERIA ENT, 37 FOLARIN STREET ,OFF LADIPO STREET, MUSHIN, LAGOS, NIGERIA. Mike Silver, Greece and South Africa ? re Brian Wolfe, 206 Be Happy Ave. Victoria Garden City, Lagos. 23401 NIGERIA. joyce meyer re late Andy cole. Maria collins, Ibadan, 23402 Nigeria. Standard AllianceTrustees, Suzanne H. Hanover, Gerald Cole, 44 HOPTILLIE, 1102PN, AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS. JOHN ROBIN, 144 isolo road, mushin-lagos, nigeria 23401. Barrister Martin / Barrister Murrell, All Attorney British Nigeria co-operative?? - NNPC, Nigeria. MR K. TANBO.

 A Nov. '04 fraud attempt carried the name Chiko and the address . The criminal asked for a Western Union payment to Mr. Adebayo David, 42 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos 23401, Nigeria. Another address used in a recent fraud attempt: Mr Martins Lawrence, 76 greek road souther land, off park view,  lagos iceland (sic) 23401 nigeria 2348023516945 (BSG OCEAN SHIPPERS WORLD). You should also be aware of: Lisa Monac, Morrison Jude, Frank Osei, Sulaim Ibrahim, Abdul Razak Saeed and these addresses: 100 Hawley street, Lagos Nigeria. 21 Atiko St. Accra, Ghana. Cowlane street, Lagos, Nigeria. 190 Saka street, Lagos Nigeria. 43 Bamgdose street, Lagos Nigeria. 102 Odunfa street, Lagos Nigeria. 25 Adenta street, Accra Ghana. 2nd Adowa st. Apt 102, New Town, Accra, Ghana. Liberty street, Accra Ghana. Bob Brawn, Jonathan wayne, 23 allen avenue, ikeja,lagos, nigeria 23401. SHIPPERS WORLD EUROPE (S.W.E) Melvin dan , eBay Member: fancystore_inc3,  <>.

(October, 2004). The criminals are "offering loans" to charitable organisations. Don't even bother to reply to junk mailers like  frank nekume [] and MUSA MOHAMMED of Universal Link B.V. Amsterdam. They will try to extract your personal / banking details before they demand a fee for their non-existent services. Mrs.Simbiat Tureh, RAYMOND AZIZI, Bank of africa, Siége Social Av. Joseph Anoma 01 BP 4132 Abidjan 01, Cote d'Ivoire. MRS MARY KHALID, KUWAIT, re Avocat P. Henry David Neplaz, Paris, DR BEDIE PHILIPPE, Mildred Theobald-Kieber, Midwestern Finance and Security Trust Company, Paris.

 If you are selling or buying high value goods on the Web, you are a target! There follows a recent e-mail from the USA describing a classic fraud attempt. The criminals will ask you to send money by Western Union or MoneyGram. They may mail you from a domain "" using titles like "eBay Trust and Safety" and "eBay International AG". This is to give victims a false sense of security.

"I had a 4wheeler advertised for sale on the internet. I received an email from a Fredrick Jones interested in purchasing it. He said he was from Maryland. We agreed upon a price and then he asked me to remove my for sale ad. Then he informed me that he was visiting family in London and wanted to have it shipped with some other belongings to him there. He said he would send me a money order for the amount of the 4wheeler, plus shipping charges that I am to wire Western Union to the shipper and then contact them for pick up. His cousin here in the states was to send this to me. I received the money order yesterday and am very suspicious of it. It was sent from Lagos, Nigeria(not the US) and the shipper I am to wire the shipping fees to is in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. I came across your site when searching for Fredrick Jones, Nigeria / Maryland. Fredrick Jones ( is the name used by the purchaser. Mahoney W James was the name on the Fed-ex package and money order. The following is the supposed shipping agent that I was to Western Union the shipping money to: Femi Fowler, 39 McGuary Road, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. 23401."

Other names popping up in relation to Internet Car / Bike Fraud; Richard Bobat, Via San Sepolcro 6 B, Roma, Italy 00132, Renatas Stalauskas, Hank Greyson, Black Street 12, London , dc12l ,, 38 avenue, Foche 92420 VAUCRESSON FRANCE. James Atwell, 12 mackopolostraat amsterdam netherlands, . Andrew Smith, 50 Mihalakopoulou Ave, 11528, Athens, Greece,  Crowder Cole, Leidschendamstraat no. 14, Tilburg 5045Ng NL Netherland <>.   fred mark,  <>.  david banks from holland, (aka andy cole) , Mr. Scot Jim,  Fletcher James, MR FRANKE DER BOER , RALPH PETERS, 341 (or 38) JAN VAN GOGH ALLEE, OSLO, NORWAY. me ( mel ) stuttard.  Highwaves Shipping Agency, Lagos, Jim Billy, Netherlands. Joseph Well, Norway / Nigeria, Teddi Toni, kwell bee, kwell rice . Someone called SANDRA ELISA writes about ordering goods for Nigeria, but has a Czech e-mail address. You should also know of Mr. Chestnut Benjamin with addresses in Lagos (re ANDREW NELSON, 23 RING ROAD, IKOYI LAGOS, 23401, NIG.)  and Sweden (Snovits Vag 21b, Tyreso, 13557, Stockholm, to be precise). TIP: ask your bank for "express clearance" of cheques or drafts and be extremely suspicious if you are asked to send money by way of Western Union. E-Bay Scam: Helen Ruth Smith, Via Alimena 105 87100 COSENZA, ITALY has been "selling" a motorhome via E-Bay. Yinka Olaoye. So has Cosma Barone, Via Alimena 105, Cosenza, 87100, Italy (Peugeot Compass Drifter 410 Merit Plus). Ann Sells, Via Alimena 105, Cosenza, 87100, Italy,  AUDI TT ROADSTER QUATTRO TURBO 225 BHP, Samskip Insured. Bimbo Afolabi . stephen anderson,, 12 Seymour Place, London,W1H 7NT, U.K. MARTINS BARTONS, Martins White, <>,  512 ICELAND AVENUE, LAGOS, NIGERIA  23401 and JAMES HARWOOD,  BARRISTER AT LAW,  HARWOOD CHAMBER, . <>.

They want to clone your identity and access your accounts. Don't answer those "Bank Security Update" e-mails and don't give out personal information to "lottery" fraudsters! If you have already done so, you should talk to your bank / credit card company as soon as possible and explain that you are a fraud target.

They will send you documents like these:
Click to enlarge
Link Finance

Click to enlarge
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CBS Bonanza, Spain.

Warning! Link Finance and Trust Ltd., 20 - 24 St. Leonard's Road, Windsor SL4 3BB, United Kingdom, Great Britain. If you have received mail naming this "company" or a copy of a document like the one illustrated here, you are a target of the fraud gangs. The document may be signed by Simon Perchard and contain the name Brian McClure. Be aware that, despite the fancy crests and legalese, there is no such company at this address*. If you have given out personal details, you should tell your bank that your accounts may be subjected to theft attempts. *Thanks to the Windsor Chamber of Commerce for confirming this.
Global Link Cash Change U.K Ltd. globallinkscashxchangeltd com, 4 Jupiter House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston, Reading, Berkshire RG7 8NN. (This is just the address of a company registration agency.)  Mr. Felix Clifford Peterson, George Michel Norman, Edward Clapton. (E.P.S. INTERNATIONAL

Link House, Link Place, BRIGHTON, Sussex, BN1 7DX ? BBA COURIER EXPRESS, DAKOTA CONSULT LTD. and British Lottery Headquarters, 28 TANFIELD ROAD, CROYDON, LONDON ? and HAMILTON BANK, 1st Floor, 14 Fenchurch Avenue, London EC3M 3BS ?


For many years Nigerian criminals have targeted people around the world with stories about liberating millions of dollars, once the property of a toppled dictator or a deceased expatriot. They used to fax but they have now discovered e-mail and can reach more potential marks. As ridiculous as these approaches seem, innocent people occasionally fall for them. They sometimes end up meeting a Nigerian in a plush hotel. He explains that, in order to liberate the supposed millions, the mark must pay a commission fee up front. Needless to say, the Nigerian uses a false identity and the commission fee is lost for ever. American sources warn of the danger of accepting any invitation to visit Nigeria offered by these villains. They have been known to manufacture exit problems so that the mark can be pressured to hand over money as a condition of being allowed to leave Nigeria. Never let these people have your bank account and personal contact detailsDo not send copies of your passport and signature etc. As well as trying to fool you into paying an advance fee, they will use your personal  information to clone your identity and try to access your accounts (or use your identity in a credit card fraud).
This domain was registered by one Olufemi Onabadejo, Postbus 14759, Amsterdam, 1001lg, NETHERLANDS. A Mr. Kamelo David representing the "Ministry" is asking permission to transfer over 30 million dollars to your personal/business account. Looks like the Amsterdam police missed one in their recent raids!

And what about " The Amsterdam City Bank " with the domain name of ?
This seems to be closely related to Lucky Day Lottery and Zenith Trust & Finance Security Company, so do not be tempted to make a deposit or seek financial advice!

and Hamilton Capital Trust, ( This website is a study! Check it out while you can for a typical example of the "banking" websites to which potential fraud victims are directed. I notice that the registrant of the domain name uses an American address and an anonymous e-mail contact address. Perhaps the FBI would like to check this one out.

 Standardtrust Securities, 14/16 Wellington street, Birmingham United Kingdom. Dr. Stephen Michael, Victory Odeh. the website of Peoples Cooperative Union (sic). The PCU website is where potential victims are directed.

A British? finance company that does not know its own address?  
It's got to be
FX Finance has  (had) a website which publishes a London address, but strangely both the street name and the postcode seem to be invented! Since this note first appeared the street name has been corrected but there is still no building number (and guys - Berkely Street is not in the W1J postcode area!). Could there be any relationship between this august financial institution and the advance fee fraud criminals? 

And now - a "British bank" has trouble with its address!
It must be the so called "British Investment Trust Bank" which (had) a website which talks about customer security and uses pictures of tourist sites in London to underline its respectability and status. Strangely enough, this "bank" does not feel able to publish its correct address. (Guys, you got the postcode all wrong again!) 
UPDATE. As of 18th July '03, both of these websites are unavailable. We must thank both British and American enforcement agencies for their rapid reaction. Many victims of the 419 scam do not have English as a first language and their judgement could have been clouded by these official looking websites - which seem to be introduced once a victim has taken the bait.

But wait ... new "banks" to treat with caution. 
The "Fortune Trust Bank" ( of Amsterdam and the Cayman Islands and
The "Bromwich Albion Bank" (?) of London and the Isle of Man (
For a classic example of a very suspect "finance" site check out:

Tip: to check if a financial company is registered with Britain's Financial Services Authority you can search the Register at

Tip: Don't think you have any safeguards just because a UK limited company is named in correspondence. Registering a UK limited company is as easy as paying an agency about 20 pounds. There are no checks on the status of people registering a company. It's all a bit of a farce.

Chief villain arrested (or should that be "Villainous chief arrested"?)

Britain's "Independent on Sunday" newspaper (in the 29th June '03 Business section) reported the arrest of "Chief Emmanuel Nwude-Odenigwe" on a charge of defrauding a Brazilian bank manager of 242 million US dollars. The Chief was arrested in Lagos, Nigeria where he had posed as the governor of the central bank in order to fool his victim. Apparently the President of Nigeria has declared "total war" on the 419 scam artists and said that they shall have "no hiding place". That's all very well but the President should know that Amsterdam, Jo'burg and London all have nests of these vipers. If he really wants to prevent them from "tarnishing Nigeria's image" he should attend to them when they return home on their periodic visits. (And check that chief's ID, it is just possible that he gave you a false name and address!)

February '05. LONDON. The British press reports that Comfort Afolabi, a woman of Nigerian extraction but with British citizenship, while running a charity called the Detainee Support and Help Unit, put a BBC undercover reporter in contact with a criminal who could supply false documents. The reporter was posing as an aylum seeker facing deportation. Matthew Chapman, writing in The Mail on Sunday (Feb. 27 '05), noted that Mrs. Afolabi's charity had received 350,000 pounds from the Community Fund "to help asylum seekers". Mrs. Afolabi has apparently denied being involved in the supply of false documents and is quoted as saying "I swear to God I don't know anything".

  John Weston / IFA Group (UK)

N.B. If you need to send suspicious mail for examination, please be sure to forward it complete with its Internet headers.