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They bounce or ignore abuse / phishing reports!

This page: They don't want your abuse reports. See also Lottery winner fraud , Primer on Internet fraud ,
Fraudsters haunting dating/matchmaking websites , The fake job offer fraud,   The fake loan offer fraud,   The Bank Accounts and Western Union addresses.

Those who provide services capable of being abused by the fraud criminals should offer an abuse@... address so that we can all report criminal activity. An abuse@... address should not be subject to a filtering system which erroneously marks abuse reports as spam . Service providers should not inhibit abuse reports by requiring complainants to spend time filling out a Web page form.

If the Internet is to be cleaned up mail service providers, hosting companies and registrars must accept abuse reports and act on them. If they do not, their details will appear here (together with some of the ripostes generated by their autoresponders - like the classic "the abuse mailbox is full").

If banks are to play their part, they must accept and act on phishing reports. If they do not, customers and shareholders will suffer.

Do not abandon hope, those who finally accept responsibility and demonstrate a will to reform can expect a sympathetic hearing.

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  InterFraud / IFA Group, UK Please, before forwarding suspicious mail, check that you have included FULL INTERNET HEADERS (see below). It is not always possible to respond to reports of fraud mail, but appropriate action is always taken. 

N.B. If you need to send suspicious mail for examination, please be sure to forward it complete with its full Internet headers. If you are not sure how to do this, check the help file of your mail software, see the note below or visit for instructions on revealing headers in e-mail. Please do not forward the pictures of forged documents (e.g. jpegs of "cheques") that accompany these scams, unless by request.

MAIL HEADERS. You will not normally see full headers when you read your mail but these can be important in investigating Internet fraud.

Microsoft Outlook Express for Windows: Right click on the message and select Properties. Choose the Details tab and select the Message Source Button. Copy the headers and send them along with the body of the email.

Microsoft Outlook: Click the View menu and select Options. You should see a pop up window "Message options" or similar. Notice the box called Internet headers near the bottom of the window. This box contains the full headers. To extract the contents, put your mouse pointer in the box and right-click then choose Select All. All the text in the box will then be highlighted.

Right-click in the box again and this time choose Copy to copy the selected contents to the clipboard. You can then paste the full headers to an email you may be forwarding.

Gmail:  (Thanks T.W.) "It took me a little while to work it out, one needs to click the "down arrow" next to the "Reply" indicator at the top-right of the message pane and select "Show Original", a new window page opens with all the header details. You then need to cut/copy all the text and paste it into your forwarding email." 

Netscape Messenger 4.7 - 6: Open the email; go to the view menu; pull the 'Headers' menu over and click on 'all'. Highlight the message and headers displayed in the email and copy them into the email you send to us.

Netscape Messenger 6.2 and higher: Go to Netscape Messenger Inbox. Select View - Headers - All. Highlight the message and headers displayed in the email and copy them into the email you send to us.

Pegasus: Users of the excellent Pegasus for Windows will probably not need me to remind them of the Raw View tab and the option to include headers in the Reply and Forward dialogues.

Incredimail: In your mail program double click the email you would like to view, when it is open click on the FILE menu and choose PROPERTIES. When in the properties menu click on the DETAILS tab to view the Full Headers .

Yahoo! Mail:
1. Open the message in question.
2. In the top-right corner of the message, click the link/pull-down menu "Standard Header."
3. Select "Full Header". A pop-up window will appear with complete message headers.
4. Copy the contents of that entire screen
5. Click "Forward" on the message in question.
6. Paste the copied full headers into the body of the message above the actual email message.

Yahoo! Mail Classic:
1. Open the message in question.
2. In the bottom-right corner of the message, click the link "Full Headers."
3. The screen will refresh and will display the complete headers above the message itself.
4. Copy the entire Full Header section.
5. Click "Forward".
6. Paste the entire Full Headers into the body of the message above the actual email message.

Hotmail: First, configure your options: On the upper right "Options | Help" links, click on "Options." Click on the "Mail Display Settings" link, find the item "Message Headers." Choose "Advanced" and click the "OK" button.

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