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Google / Gmail - enabling Internet fraud criminals.

 Google - profit over protection of the innocent.

Gmail - joining Western Union as a favourite tool of the fraud criminals!

(October 2010. This is the first draft of a note designed to alert everyone to the Gmail problem. We will add to it in the light of feedback - and try to decide on the most suitable headline ...)

We analyse the many fraud reports we receive every day and have become very concerned about the number of fraud criminals using Gmail accounts. Our figures for the first half of 2010 indicate that Gmail may well overtake Yahoo as the criminals' first choice of an e-mail address.

Why do the fraud criminals like Gmail?  Fraudsters enjoy the anonymity offered by free webmail accounts, but in the case of Gmail they enjoy another level of privacy - it is not possible to establish the geographic origin of Gmail messages. In most cases e-mail headers contain information which reveals the geographic origin but Google took a decision to conceal this information. The criminals love this, but they also know that Google has an ineffective abuse reporting system. They know that this will allow them to keep in contact with their vulnerable victims, and to have plenty of time to groom them before demanding money.

Gmail will not accept e-mailed abuse reports! Over the years we have mailed thousands of abuse reports to Google, but have received no useful feedback. We assumed that Google would live up to its promise to do no evil and therefore process abuse reports in a timely fashion. However, it seems we were mistaken. It now seems that Gmail / Google will not accept e-mailed abuse reports! Incredibly, Gmail is RFC ignorant! The relevant Internet RFC makes it plain that those who offer a service capable of abuse must offer an abuse@  address so that everyone can make reports quickly and easily. Google decided not to accept e-mailed reports and insists that we all use a Google web form!

Gmail's web form not fit for purpose! We have experimented with the relevant form ( ) and found that it is not fit for purpose. The form's page starts with "I would like to report a Gmail user who has sent messages that violate the Gmail Program Policies and/or Terms of Use." This is ridiculous, since in most cases we are trying to report cases where the criminals are using another mail service provider to send their fraud mail, but including a Gmail address for replies within the body of the mail (an example here). It is obvious that the average person trying to report a typical case of Gmail drop-box abuse would assume that the form was only suitable for reporting cases where the offending mail actually originated with Gmail - this is often not the case.

Does anyone have the time? Gmail's web form has eight sections. Those who are not put off by the opening message have to fill out sections for contact details, mail headers, subject line of the fraud mail, content and additional information! We encourage readers to try completing the form and to let us know how much time they wasted on it.

Why does Google choose to ignore e-mailed abuse reports?
They are too penny-pinching to spend money on staff to deal with their fraud abuse problem! They want us to do the work for them. It is very well known that attempts to automate the processing of fraud reports is doomed to failure. The criminals are very quick to exploit weaknesses in such systems and vulnerable Web users suffer the consequences. Actually, we all suffer the consequences. Even if we have the experience to identify fraud mail, we will still be exposed to floods of it, courtesy of companies like Google. The fraudsters will continue to target us all, so long as companies like Google value profit over everything.

Please let us know. If you have suffered losses as a result of the criminal use of a Gmail (or Googlemail) account, please give us the details. If you have your own experiences of Gmail's cavalier attitude to abuse handling, we would like to hear from you.


A typical Gmail drop-box:

* "Note that this ATM CARD of your's have been activated and a security pin
code number will be issued to you from this Bank as soon as you receive
your Card for a safer withrawal.Please contact the ATM CARD payment
department Manager Mr.Frank Williams. by sending your informations to him
for an immediate response.Contacts of Mr.Frank Williams. are as below;

Mr.Frank Williams. Director of ATM payment department Diamond Bank Plc.
Email: Office Telephone


We send many reports of abuse to Gmail, but the company does not react quickly (if at all) so we now need to publish the Gmail addresses we know to be used by the fraud criminals:

All these from the first six months of 2011. The list below demonstrates the serious threat posed by criminal abuse of Gmail / Google services. The list is made from Gmail accounts reported to us - but there must be many more.

Inter Switch Verve Limited,  Kelly Roland International Funds  Princess Stafi Karom <>.  Prof Nnamdi Mbutu  Barrister Ellis David Bryan
<>.  Zainur Binta Zakaria Advocate & solicitor  Peter Elsworth  Jim Ovia  GOD'S TIME TRAVEL CONSULTANCY  <>. James Mwangi  SEN. ANYIM PIUS ANYIM  Jerome & Jane Odinga  Boon Chen Ken
<>.,  Dayco Heritage Inc. <>.  Hashim al-Adly  Clarence Brennan <>.  Miguel Fonseca FLASH LLC Company,  <>. .  Barr.Bernard Liew Kin Loog <>. <>.  <>.  Miranda van den Munckhof  Dr.Tobias Keo Prince Jakovi  Robby Kelly <>.  mary mbogo <>.,  hongleong bank.  <>.  CREDIT FINANCE S. A.  Global Trust Private Investment Company (GTPIC)  <>.  Fredok Loan Services <>. .  Tony Ngomi  CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA <>.  < >.  <>.  <>. Joshua Bender, DR.DOUGLASS ILLECHI, .  Inter Switch Verve Limited .  <>.  BARRISTER FRANKLIN KALU <>.  Margaret Forest  SAM JERRY PTY LTD Place de la Gare 4 1260 Nyon Switzerland TEL NUM +41 22 990 2554  <>.  Clark Private Lending Firm  Ibrahim Aboubakar  Laboso <>.  LAZARE EGOUNLETY  ANTOLIN OMONWALE Mystery Shoppers Inc <>.  Savills Private Finance  <>.  SCHENGEN Limited  Mohammad Wasem  Fredrick Vandermerw  Omaru Ahmed  Barrister Adam Morris  Amal Al Hammadi  MOHAMMAD HASSAN, ASHMAWI GENERAL BANK  DR WILSON BROWN .  <>.  FEDRICK LENON  <>.  <>.  Global Agency and Trust Services division of World Bank, . Dr Kenneth Bryan <>. Robert Dobrow <>.  Barrister Efe Benson  <>.  CREDIT FINANCE S. A., Herman Huberson <>.  <>.

MENSSAH ATTA, speed diplomatic,  Joe Haper, COIN SECURITY COMPANY  <>.  DR. GOODLUCK EBELLE JONATHAN, PRESIDENT FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA,  Martin Sand <>.  Marina Ivanov  Dr B Shan <>.  Pegina Kipkalya  Suji Suruji,  Eastern Art Group Ltd.  <>. Dagogo Koffi, Internal Revenue Service <>.  KIBAKI  YEBOAH <>.  Mallam Hassan Ahmed, <>.  RONLA MARTIN General Agyemang Kwameh  James Lugard <>.  <>.  smiley willson <>. DALAMI MUSA <>.  Dave Balkisson Hospital,  <>.  Jackson Bala <>. 

Barrister Collins Okai <>. Princess Diana Gideon Apotik <>.  <>. mar zuma  <>.  Barrister Anthony Komla Jerry Edafe & Princess Edafe  Rahmanne Salif  <>. Jelena Bogdanovic .  Central Bank of Nigeria, rachidi charles <>.  Anita Adama  Sister Patricia Douglas David Chalimo <>.  Pamela Financial  Samuel Ashitey Adjei, Eco Bank Ghana Limited, 19 Seventh Avenue, North Ridge, Accra,  Brittany A Cotton. Dr.Ballo Bruno <>. <>. McDERMOTT INTERNATIONAL Patricia Wagner . <>., MAMUDA DIALLO. Hellen Ngozi Attorney Edward Adrien (SAN)  Jim Ovia, ZENITH BANK NIGERIA PLC, Dr Zubaru Zalani, Captain Richard Phillips <>.  Patek Trading Company, Andrea Jerry, Intercontinental Bank McDERMOTT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED,(MALAYSIA) Lady Rose  Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Assan Ibrahim  Kimberly Bradley  Dr. Jerry Mark office , TOYOTA Claims, Dr. Paul .D. Kofi, Ghana, Unimax Services <>.  Assan Ibrahim Albert Jalloh  Louis Torrence, <>.  Mou Xinsheng <>. Dr. JOHN KOJO <>. BANK OF GHANA  Moore Saint  Barrister FOLA WILLIAMS, Dr. Wilson Wath,  Iris Richter-Addo. <>. Dr. Albert Cole (RCA)  Haniza Ahmad Senator Uche Chukwumerije REV DR HAN ANTONIO SGS FINANCE & SECURITY FIRM <>. Christabel Brown  Mike Barry FBI <>.

Uthman Ahd  Nancy Ismaila <>, Henry Richard  <>. ahmed dowell <>.  REV MARK AFAM  Chankok Choy  UN Financial Services Paul Harvey <>.,  CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA. Miyoko Kazuo <>.  Honeywell International Inc  FEDELITY BANK PLC  DR BENJAMIN DERRICK  George Morgan, Nimrod Ltd <>.  Jackson Bala DR SIMA LEE  UKBenin Lotto  KENNETH RONALD Nancy Ismaila

Compass Solutions Ltd,  Ahmed Kazim <>.
Boga Antoinette Nimrod Ltd Inc,  INTERCONTINENTAL LOAN COMPANY LIMITED, Sgt Perry Rice, FEDERAL MINISTRY OF FINANCE, Nigeria Frank Smith  DAVID SIDWELL Dr. Olusegun Olutoyin Aganga <>. OFFICE OF THE SENATE PRESIDENT, NIGERIA <>. Sarah Adelfa  Lee Tang  Ken Cole,  ADAMS BAYO, Andy Chang  Barr, Edward Ortiz Pablo  Lieut. Gen. Stephen .I. Addo,  Ahmed Ibrihim  David Paul DR RICHARD GLISTER . Linda Bruno <>.  Dany Ibrahim,  DR LARRY WOOVER . FANI ZULU STARCOMS LOAN SERVICES  Dr. P.A. Kuranchie, National Investment Bank

Barr, Edward Ortiz Pablo Dave Lumka, Zimbabwe, Botha Biko <>.  FINANCIAL SECURE TRUST, DR. JAMES TODD,  YASMIN MOHAMMED <>.  Jude Miller PAULINE DOUGLAS <>. BARR. EDWARD.KEN Barr, Edward Ortiz Pablo, Aishah Ayob  ARC.ESOETOK IKPONG ETTEH  Dr Garry Mills  Susan Kipkalya Kones <>. <>.  ADAMS BAYO ENGR.OLUFEMI MICHAEL Intercontinental Bank Plc

John Smitt <>.  ZENITH BANK  Compore Zongo <>. <>.  Dr Michael Holmes <>.  BARRISTER, JOSE LUIS DESPACHO DE ABOGADO PLAZA MAYOR,1,BJ,28911 MADRID-SPAIN  Association of International Automobile Manufacturers, Inc. AIAM, 2111 Wilson Boulevard, Yasmin Mohammed <>. Laszlo Bock  Toyota International Awareness Promotion, Gabriel Darcy <>. MOBILE AWARDS PROF. RASAK BELLO  Rafik Jihad  Dr. David Mark   Dr.Tutu Amed,  khalifa khaldoon <>. Chief Raymond P Douglas  REV. Fr. SIMON WALCOTT  Robin Marcus  Sir Alex Carvalho
 Microsoft Promotion Award Team,  Laszlo Bock .  <>. Barr, Edward Ortiz Pablo  Alex Dike  BEN INVESTMENT GROUP U.K,  Olivia Grasia. DAILY TRUST SECURITY COMPANY, REPUBLIC OF BENIN,  Michael Bode. DAVID WU DR LARRY WOOVER,  ADAMS BAYO, National Bank Plc,  Dr.Sanusi Lamido Sanusi John Luck   JOHN SCOTT,  Barrister peter phumza  George Nduka  Fatima Abacha Simbiatu <>. DAVID DIAZ  Ru Van Huffman  Anita Thompson <>. Dr.Jerry Cool <>.  MRS ZULU, REV. Fr. SIMON WALCOTT Daniella Angbozan  ZENITH BANK COMPENSATION UNIT  Nnanna Law Firm  Ru Van Huffman Laszlo Bock  Sidia Abuo  Princess Stafi Karom Hon. Swift John, Aishah Noora Rahim  UNIVERSAL PRAVITE LOAN LENDING FINANCIAL COMPANY PVT LTD, 64, Newton street portmouth CHRIST MORE  Lady Sandra Cole GOLDEN CASKET LOTTERY INC P.O. BOX, 1897, Dublin,  Dr. Ben Bruce <>. <>. Robert Mueller JOAKIN COMPENSATION HOUSE, REV. Fr. SIMON WALCOTT, missmakena kipkalya <>. BARRISTER SCOTT C. SMITH   Dr. AHMED HAROUN First National Bank (FNB) UNITED NATION OFFICE, 12 TAFAWA BELEWA SQUARE ABUJA NIGERIA, SUITE 395 MAITAMA ABUJA,  Prince Nana  Sami Abu <>.  INFINITY FINANCE <>.  Mohammed Othman ULRIKE <>.  BARRISTER FRED  <>. 
G. Wellington, Chevron,  BOGANNI TOBACCO, HARARE, ZIMBABWE Capt Manchester,  Glamour Investment Group  FIDELITY BANK PLC  Hafiz Abubakar Ringim <>.  Dr. AHMED HAROUN First National Bank (FNB)
BENNEDIT MOORE MARTINS  EBay Secret Shopper INFINITY FINANCE <>.  John Zuma  Microsoft Award <>.  allassan issa

Rene Jackson  garry barry <>. Obiuwevbi Oghenegare, DHL Nigeria DR SIMA LEE  Common Wealth Lottery Games claims. <>. Gift Romero  Kwesi Bonsu  Edward Dennis  Pablo William Capt Manchester,  Barrister Mark Davies  Johnson Bradson John England  carter man <>.  Mustafa Investment Holdings co. philip Greg  GENERAL PETER ODOH  Attorney Andrew .J. Thompson Joe Roland Makena Kipkalya Zidane Mane <>. Mustafa Investment Holdings co,  Rita Rahim Dr. Jerry Mark   Mary-Ann Ferguson, Unclaimed Funds Reconciliation Committee,  Dr. Jerry Mark . ADAMS BAYO Laurie Davidoff Dr. Jim Spelling alam salman <>. Adams Weyne <>. Hill Colin Neil Alh Ibrahim Dankwambo <>.  Barrister Christo Vicente Lopez Sese Zugulu  Pisrut Phummirat Lexus Motor Company Lottery Sgt. Billy Monroe Ingle JR Miss Ami Kipkalya Kones  loan services <>., Khaldoon Khalifa. Oumar Ibrahima Toure,  US AMBASSADOR OFFICE 11 GARIK ROAD LAGOS LAGOS, NIGERIA Rubina Hussein Kwesi Bonsu Rama Djirama <>.  Prince Kene , Nigeria ,  Alam Salman  Salim Kabore., Adams Wayne. Bello Sibande  Ahmed Al Sultan, BARR. JAMES ALVARADO  Kwesi Bonsu Floyd Zinck  Idris Uman LARRY K. MORRIS Dr. Alex Conor  Gift Stevens <>. 


Claims Office  BARR. JAMES ALVARADO,  PARKS FINANCIAL INCORPORATION H7BWP Sandholm,Bridge End Rd Suffolk, IP28 8LQ Red Lodge Bury St,Yorkshire ENGLAND Dr Parks Hyde,  Perry Candy Loan Firm <>,  Kwesi Bonsu, Ghana,  Dr. Ahmed Majid  Johnson Tetteh  ST. FRANCIS Financial Investments (Loan Services), Barrister Paul Andrews, Richard Hook <>. Ru Van Huffman . . Barr. Charles Hills Dr. Vladislav Putin, DR SIMA LEE, Shell Petroleum Development Lotto. Johnson Tetteh Free Lotto Company REV KELVIN ROYCE Central Bank of England Gen. Jorge Arroyo,  CREDIT FINANCE.  Themba Sisilu Haji Akim <> BARR. JAMES ALVARADO.  

Churchill Express, 121-141 Westbourne Terrace Paddington, London W2 6JR,
karim Bukare  <>. <>.  REV KELVIN KING Nichola Budhan  <>.  JAMES WHITE FINANCIAL INVESTMENT Ben Smith <>. Webmail Account Service Team Management michiganupgradeteam@gmail.  NICHOLA ANDREA BUDHAN  ROYAL FOUNDATION OF ST.KATHARINE  <>. <>.  General Koffi Williams  Dr.Segun Aganga  McDERMOTT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED,(MALAYSIA)  Aisha Hamza <>. Brian Quellette <>. <>. Kelly James  Nikolay Sintsov  ZENITH BANK  Dr.David Felix  Kenneth O. Sckowlend  BARRISTER RICHARD PARKER Biba Lorna Laboso,  <>.  ZENITH BANK GHANA  <>.  Jordan bank <>. <>.  KABBAR JUBRIL ADDO .  TONY DEYOGO COIN FINANCE SECURITY COMPANY Mohamed Waleed  DAVID JOE
Seif al-Islam Gaddafi  Hon.Gerrard Smith,
PAUL LOAN FIRM, Plot 45 Wale Street Fct Abuja, Nigeria <>.
Hon.Gerrard Smith, Marco Greensmith, Eastern Art Group Ltd Company,


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