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 Who benefits from Internet fraud? The criminals usually remain anonymous but here we can identify some of the companies which take a cut.

Following the money.

Scenario 1. An American victim sends money to Nigeria.





Scenario 2. An American victim sends money to the United Kingdom.


1 Victims are often asked to contact the fraud criminals on  +44 70... telephone numbers. These are call-forwarding numbers which allow the criminals to pretend to be located anywhere other than Nigeria. The supply of these numbers to the fraud criminals is dominated by two UK companies, Magrathea Telecoms Ltd. and Open Telecoms Intl. Ltd. The victim pays his/her telcoms supplier but the revenue is split between the local supplier and the UK companies.

2 The criminals usually demand that money is sent to them via the Western Union cash transfer service. The agency office used will retain a percentage of the fee charged to the victim and a percentage will find its way to the Western Union company, based in Colorado, USA.

3 The victim's cash is sent to Nigeria. It is collected at Western Union agencies such as these: First Bank Of Nigeria - Ilora, Skye Bank - Ikeja Plaza Branch, Lagos. 

4 We can assume that Western Union benefits again and that Nigeria makes a big contribution to the company's income. 

5 The fraud criminals in Nigeria send their mail from Internet cafes. There are many of these, especially in Lagos. Demand is so high that many operate for 24 hrs. Their bandwith will have been supplied by companies like Gilat Satcom of Israel which has an office in Lagos, Nigeria. 


Scenario 2. The victim sends money to the UK

2* As well as the percentage mentioned in 2 (above) Western Union will benefit from the transactions which take place in Britain.   

3 The money arrives in the UK, usually to be collected by a foreign criminal who will keep a percentage.

3* The remaining funds will then be sent to the originator of the fraud in Nigeria.  











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